It’s a seller’s market: What does that mean for contingencies?

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They might ask to rent back their home for a certain amount of time, hold off the deal until they find a new home, or ask you to assume a solar panel lease or loan, if there’s one in place.

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Fortunately there was only one other offer on the table so with an offer of $300k with some free rent back for the seller, Mac had her one and only offer accepted. Mac was referred to me by one of my favorite lenders, Jennifer Leon at Umpqua Bank.

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The ONE in West Linn

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Thankfully, we negotiated with their buyer for a longer close and 30 day rent back. The Creighton’s found the ONE in West Linn! It’s no secret that the housing market in the Portland Metro area is HOT. At the end of July, the area had just 1.2 months of inventory available.

The Contingency Dance

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We priced the home well, got it market ready, and went pending for $30,000 over asking price with multiple offers and rent back. I always say that buying and selling a home at the same time is not for the faint of heart.

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Are you able to offer the seller more time to stay in the home, or suggest a rent-back agreement? With a rent-back agreement , the seller stays in the home post-closing, giving them more time and giving you leverage.). Can you offer a rent-back agreement to the seller?

20% of Winning Home Offers Waived the Inspection Contingency in June, Up From 13% Last Year


The appraisal contingency allows the buyer to cancel a deal or renegotiate the price if the appraisal comes back lower than a specified amount. More buyers are making concessions to win bidding wars amid a deepening housing shortage, record-low interest rates. In June, 19.9%

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They wrote up a great offer- their 5th- on the SE house and got into back-up position, which felt like progress! My buyers Shay and Mike contacted me in mid-April, about a month into quarantine, and a couple of weeks after my last pre-covid transaction had closed.

Epic Win on Wilshire Park Bricker

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I helped my buyers Brooke-Lynn and Ivan sell their classic mid-century in Rose City Park back in March. When they sold their home they had multiple offers and were able to get a buyer who gave them 2 months of rent-back.

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Yaaran’s clients, who were at the time living in Virginia but planning to move back to the Seattle area for a job at Amazon, found their dream home after doing a video tour on FaceTime. Fortunately, the inspection contingency enabled her to back out of the purchase.

Staying After Selling: What to Know About Use and Occupancy Agreements


On the flip side, the U&O can allow the seller to remain in the home for a certain amount of time after closing (also known as a “rent-back” agreement).

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Back in our Q2 survey, 83% of agents said bidding wars are more frequent than ever. She got her start in real estate back in 2004 and formed a small team in 2011. And just, “Hey, due to the inspection, I’m backing out.”

Everything You Need to Know About Making an Offer: 15 Tips for Homebuyers


To help you set yourself up for success, read our primer with expert-backed tips for deciding on and presenting the strongest possible offer. A financing or mortgage contingency , which states that the buyer can back out of the deal if they can’t obtain financing to complete the purchase.

Win Bidding Wars: How to Write Offers That the Seller and Listing Agent Will Love


Sarita is back with me today for part 2 of our conversation about winning bidding wars. That last one, miscellaneous bucket, that includes things like contingencies and rent backs and so forth. I’ve gonna give them free rent back.