Top 5 Property Management Mistakes


Property management can be a rewarding investment, but all too often property owners don’t realize how complex this investment can be. Property management often involves detailed agreements and a diverse clientele, which means that there is a lot of room for error.

How property management firms can avoid staff turnover


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Professional Property Manager or DIY Property Management

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An excellent property manager can be an important asset to your property investing team - so choosing the correct one is a crucial decision that you need to research thoroughly. Managing your Portfolio

Paperless payments pave the way ahead for property managers


Residents are looking for an easier way to pay rent, and properties are looking for a safer, more effective way to collect it. Brokerage Sponsored leasing managers multi-family Paperless payments pave the way ahead property management rentals

Rental Property Management Tips: Renewal Incentives Tenants Actually Want


Quality tenants—those who pay on time, take care of the property, and follow the rules of their lease—are a rental property manager ‘s dream. I will keep a less-than-ideal tenant to avoid the hassle of finding a new one, while my property sits empty—not making me money.

Best Property Management Experts in Texas

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Property management is an excellent way to maintain your rental property’s status quo. In case your property is vacant, they will ensure that it gets rented with an appropriate tenant. Benefits of a Property Management Company. Better Property Reviews.

Building a Mission-Driven Property Management Community

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In that way, property managers broker our connection to a better future. On this episode of The Top Floor , we explore how real estate management companies are primed to have an extraordinary impact on their residents, teams, and communities at large. .

How Property Managers are Adjusting to the “New Normal”

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2020 has been a tough year for property owners and managers. But little has been done to help landlords and property management companies – most of which are small businesses, themselves. But this does not mean that effective property management is impossible.

Adapting to COVID-19: How property managers are poised to thrive in 2021


Adaptability is at the heart of what it means to be a property manager—and this year, in the face of a pandemic and recession, property managers have rapidly shifted gears to solve problems they’ve never faced before.

The Single-Family Rental Property Manager


Onerent offers contactless rentals and property management for over $1.4 billion in residential rental properties, managing 7-10% of single-family rentals in 7 major west coast markets; serving over 10,000 homeowners and 50,000 renters in our five years since founding.

Multifamily Experts Weigh in on the Future of Property Management Post-COVID

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After Moderna and Pfizer announced results from a large-scale clinical test showing as high as a 94% success rate for a COVID-19 vaccine, experts in the multifamily industry have begun to consider what property management will look like when the pandemic threat eventually subsides.

Property Management in 2020: How to Creatively Use the Chaos to Come Out Ahead

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The property management industry has been rapidly disrupted in 2020 in a way no one could have anticipated. One of the most hands-on aspects of property management, leasing has been greatly impacted by social distancing requirements in the past year.

Common Mistakes for DIY Property Managers

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Managing your own property instead of using a professional property manager can save you 5-9% of your weekly income, but you’ll need to be aware of the legal implications, tenancy legislation and paper work to avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes.

How Online Rent Payments Benefit Property Managers & Residents

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As a property manager, you might be wasting lots of time and money every month manually collecting rent, preparing deposit slips, and making trips to the bank to deposit funds.

8 Signs You Should Hire a Property Manager

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First, you go out and find that perfect rental property. But there are many tasks that a professional property manager will allow you to take care of other things while they handle your property for you. Signs You Should Hire a Property Manager.

Best Property Management Software in 2020

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I didn’t use any property management software for about 5 years after I started investing… …and it was a huge mistake. The post Best Property Management Software in 2020 appeared first on Ideal REI.

Property Managers Discuss Rental Assistance, Industry Challenges Brought by COVID-19

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As it continues to push for nationwide rental assistance programs, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) recently welcomed representatives from the Institute of Real Estate Management to discuss how industry professionals are addressing rent abatement requests popping up across the U.S.

A Common Guide For Property Managers Charge? Fees, Costs & What To Expect

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If you are a first-time investor or not aware of valuable services provided by Property Management Company then property management fees might seem intimidating to you. It is the cost of setting up your account with the company of property management London.

Income verification startup gives property managers and tenants common ground

The American Genius for Real Estate

(REAL ESTATE MARKETING) Income verification startup, The Closing Docs, gives property managers and tenants objective communication tools during economic crisis.

How Will Rent Control Impact Property Management Companies in 2020?

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Rent control is a controversial topic in the real estate world, since market changes in this area can have a dramatic impact on both investment and property management businesses. . Regulations May Pressure Owners and Property Managers to Keep up With Rent Increase Caps.

Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Seemant Nakra from Next Brick Property Management


In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Seemant Nakra from Next Brick Property Management. Over the next five years, I have acquired several properties in MA and TX and broker licenses in WA and TX.

How Pelican Property Management Achieved New Efficiency During COVID-19

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Adjusting to the new reality of remote and virtual work has been a challenge for most property and community association management companies. And then we’d get a call from a manager saying, I put in a request and the person ignored it.

Tax Advantages of Using A Property Management Company

Tre Pryor

Owning a property that generates a steady income is an exciting idea until you run it by yourself. Every property owner who has tried to manage the properties while juggling another occupation knows how difficult it is.

Marketing Rental Properties: What Property Managers & Investors Need to Know

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Whether you are a property manager who takes care of rentals for investors, or you are a self-managing investor whose goal is portfolio diversification and asset protection among other benefits, getting into the rental property industry can be a smart move either way.

Strategies for Strengthening Your Property Management Teams While Working Remotely

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Property management businesses have quickly pivoted and instituted new processes to adapt to COVID-19 and keep their teams connected. This is a change that is likely to become permanent, and will impact the way property management companies do business.

[Survey Results] How Property Managers are Responding to COVID-19: Part 1

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COVID-19 continues to affect all facets of life for property managers, owners, and residents. To better understand how COVID-19 is impacting the real estate industry, AppFolio recently surveyed 3,533 property management professionals nationwide.

Property Management After COVID-19: What’s Changed & What’s Here to Stay

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In the wake of COVID-19, many processes and policies shifted to temporarily support property managers and residents. Here we take a detailed look back at how the real estate industry rapidly transformed, how it has surprisingly benefitted from these changes, and what the new normal could look like for property management in the coming months. Companies like Minnix Property Management have seen the value of innovative leasing technology.

How COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Property Management Industry’s Inevitable Shift Online

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Based in Lubbock, Texas, Minnix Property Management has seen their portfolio of multifamily and single family homes grow from 450 units to upwards of 3,000 in less than a decade. I’ve been with Minnix Property Management for almost 10 years now.

Amazon targets property management with Alexa for Residential

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Amazon is looking to get into property management with its new Alexa service, called Alexa for Residential. The new service is designed to help property managers set up and manage Alexa powered smart home devices throughout their rental properties and buildings.

Maintenance & Social Distancing: 5 Tips From Fellow Property Managers

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With residents in their homes, property managers have had to rethink how they handle repairs and enact new policies to keep their residents, technicians, and vendors safe. Management Company shared on what she considers to be an emergency repair: .

What Property Managers Should Know About the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

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With a national shortage of more than 7 million affordable rental homes for low-income families, there is a significant need for investors and property managers to focus their attention on new affordable housing projects that will serve those who need it most.

AppFolio Named a Leader in Property Management Software

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Every year they score property management software products based on community reviews and data from online sources and social networks. If you’re thinking about making the transition to new property management software, there couldn’t be a better time.

[Survey Results] How Property Managers are Responding to COVID-19: Part 2

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including property management. In an effort to educate and offer best practices for the real estate community, we surveyed 3,533 property management professionals across the country to find out how others are responding to the crisis.

How to Respond to (and Prevent) Horrifying Online Property Management Reviews

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It happens to even the best property managers — the occasional stinging online review. In that spirit, we’ve collected 4 negative reviews posted online for real property management companies. Review 4: A Hair-Raising Hallway Complaint — Salvaged by a Skillful Manager.

‘Alexa, show me the unit’: Amazon debuts voice assistant for property managers


As demand for all types of smart home technology heats up, Amazon is launching a way for property managers to offer Alexa-powered voice assistants to their tenants.