How to minimize tenant turnover using online property management tools

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Tenant turnover happens when the current tenants move out of a rental property and the property is now vacant and it needs to be prepared for new tenants to move in. They may also wonder what’s wrong with the property if tenants keep moving out.

Top 5 Property Management Mistakes


Property management can be a rewarding investment, but all too often property owners don’t realize how complex this investment can be. Property management often involves detailed agreements and a diverse clientele, which means that there is a lot of room for error.


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Real Property Management Canada appoints Carla Browne as president

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The original post can be found at the following URL: Real Property Management Canada appoints Carla Browne as president. Carla Browne has been appointed president of Real Property Management Canada.

Switching Property Management Software? Tips for a Smooth Transition


One key way to future-proof your property management business is to use the right technology. Is it time to explore new property management technologies? . The post Switching Property Management Software?

Top Tech for Landlords and Property Managers in 2021


In the past, property management hasn’t been a particularly tech-savvy industry, but modern technology is helping virtually every sector increase speed and efficiency. The post Top Tech for Landlords and Property Managers in 2021 appeared first on GeekEstate Blog.

Rental Property Management Tips: Renewal Incentives Tenants Actually Want


Quality tenants—those who pay on time, take care of the property, and follow the rules of their lease—are a rental property manager ‘s dream. I will keep a less-than-ideal tenant to avoid the hassle of finding a new one, while my property sits empty—not making me money.

10 Property Management Tips For Landlords

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Whether you’re a seasoned real estate professional, or new to the industry, whether you’re using a rental as a primary form of income, or simply a passive revenue stream, property management is a serious business and should be treated as such.

5 Pros And 3 Cons Of Professional Property Management

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But before getting to this point, you need to decide how to carry out the daily running of your property. The two options here are to self-manage and oversee everything from searching for tenants, handling tenant contracts, collecting rent, and overseeing repairs and maintenance.

Expert Tactics to Drive Profits & Create Value in Property Management

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Being a property manager is a hustle. We speak with experts about where in a property manager’s operation they can find quick, easy-to-apply improvements that boost profits. I work in our Investment Management Group at AppFolio. Property Management Software

How Property Managers are Adjusting to the “New Normal”

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2020 has been a tough year for property owners and managers. But little has been done to help landlords and property management companies – most of which are small businesses, themselves. But this does not mean that effective property management is impossible.

Professional Property Manager or DIY Property Management

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An excellent property manager can be an important asset to your property investing team - so choosing the correct one is a crucial decision that you need to research thoroughly. Managing your Portfolio

Albert Langbid wins rising star award at Real Property Management

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The original post can be found at the following URL: Albert Langbid wins rising star award at Real Property Management. The original post can be found at the following URL: Albert Langbid wins rising star award at Real Property Management.

Top Property Management Accounting Challenges & How to Solve for Them

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How does your property management company stay compliant and efficient when it comes to accounting and reporting? As a previous

What are the benefits of using a property management team

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Being a property owner comes with its advantages, but it can also come with a lot of stress and headaches. It’s no surprise that many owners turn to a property management company to handle their vacancies, tenants, finances, maintenance, and much more.

Data Storage and Security for Property Managers


The property management industry has benefited greatly from today’s technological advancements – developments in automation and cloud-based computing have paved the way for property managers, landlords and investors to streamline operations and maximize profits.

COVID Resources for Property Managers


Property managers are juggling financial hardship from tenants and new guidance on how to operate their properties due to COVID-19. COVID Resources for Property Managers Property Manager Guidance COVID Resources and Guidance [&hellip

Five Ways to Boost Employee Retention in Property Management

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It’s one of the property management industry’s most pressing pain points. . While the average turnover rate across all industries stands at 22% , the property management industry has a turnover rate of 32.7%. . So what can be leaders and managers do to improve retention?

Check Your Property Management Business for These 6 Hidden Inefficiencies

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How much longer do you think your current technology solution will be able to keep up with your property management

Real Estate: Should You Double as Property Manager & Primary Contractor?

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And while this is great for the real estate business (and for eager seller’s), some property managers are having a hard time trying to keep up. But what about those property managers who also act as primary contractors? Contractors don’t typically manage properties.

Data-Driven Property Management: Using Insights to Boost Productivity

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Even at a time when companies generate more data than ever, many property management companies struggle to access the data

Best Property Management Experts in Texas

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Property management is an excellent way to maintain your rental property’s status quo. In case your property is vacant, they will ensure that it gets rented with an appropriate tenant. Benefits of a Property Management Company. Better Property Reviews.

Pandemic Instigated Changes to Property Management That Are Here to Stay

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Property management hasn’t been spared when it comes to these changes. Today we’re looking at changes to property management that are looking to be with us for years to come. Property managers were identified as essential workers during the onset of the pandemic.

Rising Talent in Property Management: An Interview with Tony Johnson

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Tony (Anthony) Johnson, CAM, CAPS, is a Regional Director for Henssler Property Management based at Lockheed Square Apartments in Kennesaw

How one property management firm is welcoming workers back

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The original post can be found at the following URL: How one property management firm is welcoming workers back. The original post can be found at the following URL: How one property management firm is welcoming workers back.

‘Hospitality’ is the Buzzword for Property Managers in 2021

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As 2021 continues to unfold there are a few things property managers should keep in mind. Property managers play a crucial role in the housing market, and by putting a focus on hospitality, they can begin to organically improve the industry.

New Data Reveals How U.S. Property Managers can Better Meet Their Residents’ Expectations

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The one commonality between the various real estate markets across our nation is that everywhere, things have changed significantly in

Property Management in 2020: How to Creatively Use the Chaos to Come Out Ahead

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The property management industry has been rapidly disrupted in 2020 in a way no one could have anticipated. One of the most hands-on aspects of property management, leasing has been greatly impacted by social distancing requirements in the past year.

Real Property Management Revolution named brand’s Franchise of the Year

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The original post can be found at the following URL: Real Property Management Revolution named brand’s Franchise of the Year. Real Property Management recently announced its Franchise of the Year for 2020 – owner Pierre Gagnon of Real Property Management Revolution in Montreal.

4 Growing Property Management Businesses Share Their Secrets to Success

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Effectively managing a growing property management business requires a lot of patience, flexibility, and perseverance. With dispersed properties and staff

Rental Property Management Tips For Homeowner Passive Income

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Setting up your home as a rental property can certainly generate decent monthly passive income. That is if you do rental property management right. Read on to learn some important rental property management tips. It’s Time To Get Your Rental Property On The Market.

The Single-Family Rental Property Manager


Onerent offers contactless rentals and property management for over $1.4 billion in residential rental properties, managing 7-10% of single-family rentals in 7 major west coast markets; serving over 10,000 homeowners and 50,000 renters in our five years since founding.

Building a Mission-Driven Property Management Community

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In that way, property managers broker our connection to a better future. On this episode of The Top Floor , we explore how real estate management companies are primed to have an extraordinary impact on their residents, teams, and communities at large. .

The Notorious POD Ep 20: Scott Brady on Integrated Brokerage + Property Management

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As the country steadily moves towards #RenterNation, the future of brokerage may be in a combined horizontally integrated company that offers services in property management, leasing, and property sales.

4 Services You Will Need for Property Management


By Lizzie Weakley Owning or managing a rental property is a major responsibility. A property manager may want to consider outsourcing important tasks such as these: Interior Painting You can paint a rental property as needed on your own time when […].

Maximize Your Time, Maximize Your Impact: Property Management Leadership Insights

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Across all industries, a new work paradigm is emerging in 2021 — and it calls for a new style of

8 Signs You Should Hire a Property Manager

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First, you go out and find that perfect rental property. But there are many tasks that a professional property manager will allow you to take care of other things while they handle your property for you. Signs You Should Hire a Property Manager.

Multifamily Experts Weigh in on the Future of Property Management Post-COVID

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After Moderna and Pfizer announced results from a large-scale clinical test showing as high as a 94% success rate for a COVID-19 vaccine, experts in the multifamily industry have begun to consider what property management will look like when the pandemic threat eventually subsides.