Top 5 Reasons Why People Sell a House As Is

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When you want to sell a house as is, that doesn’t immediately mean the house is necessarily in poor condition. ‘As is’ means you’re not making any repairs or providing any warranties. The form we use is called a Seller’s Disclosure.

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Can You Sell a House As Is Without Inspection? A Reality Check


Selling a house “as is” without inspection is the definition of driving a hard bargain. In essence, you’re asking buyers to purchase your home blind and take your word that your price is accurate. Why ‘as is’ doesn’t always mean no inspection.

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Cosmetic vs. MPR Repairs: Guidance for FHA Appraisers


FHA appraisals are not a guarantee that the property is free from defects. If you are appraising a property that needs some cosmetic repairs but meets FHA minimum property requirements (MPR) in its current condition, you should make the appraisal “as-is.”

Selling House As-Is? Do’s and Don’ts

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Are you interested in selling your house fast and in an as-is condition? If so, now is the time to take action, according to Houzeo. is currently in a […]. The post Selling House As-Is?

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How to Sell a House As Is When You’re Done Getting Nickel and Dimed


If you’re considering selling a house as is, you’ve likely sold a house before and still lose sleep over how the buyers haggled over every little imperfection. Anticipating this type of situation is what leads many sellers to say upfront, “Forget about asking me to make repairs.

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Backing to Greenspace

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Beautiful views out the back of their house and nature hikes are definitely in their future, as is being closer to their grandkids. I don’t know about you, but Coronavirus pandemic has given me an even greater appreciation of nature.

What renovations should you make before selling your home?

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A lot of buyers are shopping virtually these days, so any renovations that can make your home look better in photos is a good thing. Updating your home’s siding can add as much as $13,000 to your resale value, and replacing the windows and doors can provide a sizable boost, too.

Why Should You Consider Major Repairs When Selling Your Property?

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You can always market your property as a fixer-upper and sell it “as-is.” Out of 10 property sellers, at least 3 ask themselves if they should do major repairs before selling their homes. ” But that will limit your buyer pool.

5 Tips for Homebuyers Who Want to Make a Competitive Offer

Keeping Current Matters

Having a complete understanding of your budget and how much house you can afford is essential. The best way to know this is to reach out to your lender to get pre-approved for a loan early in the homebuying process. Don’t submit an offer that will be tossed out as soon as it’s received.

Online notarizations usher in era of trusted transactions

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A simple, ancient practice, one that often goes unnoticed despite the critical role it plays in the lives of millions of Americans, is getting modernized. The seal is completed, and your document is official. The consumer is safe and secure in their own home, as is the notary.

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How Much Work To Do on Your House Before Selling It: Will a Spruce Up Suffice?


Your older kitchen cabinets, of no bother to you for years, suddenly strike you as outdated. Oh, and that carpet is gross! In it, you’re looking at three main options: Sell as-is: Do no work or the bare minimum, and price accordingly. Sell as-is when necessary.

Just Listed! Grant Park Beauty (2844 NE 38th Ave)

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Main floor has welcoming, open living and dining rooms, with builtins and corner cabinets, and kitchen has wrap around diner nook seating, double ovens, great as is, or ready to be transformed. Roof is 5 years old. 2844 NE 38th Ave. Portland, OR 97212.

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Goal Achieved

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As is becoming more common these days, their mother moved in with them. My buyer was looking for a bigger house. They were living in a small 2 bedroom one bathroom house.

[PULSE] Even during origination surge, don’t forget to brush up on compliance

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During this particular moment, the prevailing thought is “throughput!” It’s no secret that much of our space is busy trying to push mortgage loans through the pipeline without losing them as their sales funnels overflow. Is it current? Is it continuous?

Grant Park Investment Property

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With 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and an unfinished basement, there is plenty of room here. As an investment property, it is solid enough to be rented out as is right around $3,000/month, but also has room to make improvement over the years…cut to the kitchen and bath. ??

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Armstrong House in Indiana Now Available for $1.2M

One of those rare seven— a Usonian-style home in Ogden Dunes, IN —is now on the hunt for a buyer. Known as the Andrew F.H. Armstrong House, the residence is on the market for $1,195,000. The home is only a couple of blocks from the shores of Lake Michigan.

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On Gardening: Frost Your Poinsettia for a Christmas Remembered

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(TNS)—There is an excitement in the air about Christmas this year. It seems to have a focus on tradition, on family, a return to what is important. The poinsettia is no doubt the most loved flower for the Christmas season. You know it as Diamond Frost euphorbia.

[PULSE] Black lives, Black families and Black homeownership matter

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There is a 30-point difference between white and Black homeownership rates in the U.S. Shockingly, the gap is wider than it was in 1968, when the federal government first outlawed racially based housing discrimination.

What Fixes are Mandatory After a Home Inspection?


After all, who wants to find out after moving into their dream home that the furnace is on the fritz or that termites have taken up residence in the attic? In fact, homeowners sell “handyman specials” of “fixer-uppers” all the time and are typically listed being sold “as-is.”.

The Duke Was Here: SoCal Ranch Once Owned by John Wayne Available for $8M

The vast acreage is located in a hilly Riverside County, CA, community known as Sage, just south of the city of Hemet, CA. Now this unique piece of Americana—which includes the three-bedroom, three-bathroom ranch house where the Duke actually stayed—is on the market for $8 million.

3 Tips to Get a Difficult Listing Sold

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If they want to sell their home as-is without making any updates, they may have to lower the price after 30 days on market. ” Furthermore, she suggests saying things like, “This is the initial list price,” and, “We have an ambitious list price.”

Priscilla Presley Lists Longtime Beverly Hills Home for $16M

The European-style villa is available for the first time in over 45 years, according to the listing, and has been “lovingly maintained by the current owner.”. The listing describes the gated property as a “secluded resort hideaway” that is “so rare today.”

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The Chelsea Flea Market Comes Back on September 12


The hunt is back on, now with snacks. Good news, as-is. Starting next week, there’ll be food for sale at the market from several Smorgasburg vendors, which is pretty clearly an improvement. Universal Images Group via Getty.

Risks equal Rewards

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This home sold for $55k over the listed price “as is” Before listing a home, I have a candid conversation with the seller about what it’ll take to get the home sold. This is why you hire a professional to sell your home!

4 Tips for a Fire-Resistant Home

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to ensure that your next residence is flame-resistant. . Similarly, steel is a practical choice for your home’s exterior and garage doors. . As is the case with the roof, gutters are a common place for embers to land.

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Living with Pets? Here’s How to Keep Allergies Under Control


Homes can harbor various types of allergens , such as dust mites, mold spores, or pollen, and your allergies might be triggered by a combination of them. The best way to keep pet allergies under control is to designate areas in your home where your pets are not allowed.

Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Home With Only 2 Owners for Sale in Illinois

Goldman tells us, “We look at this home as much as a piece of art as a home to purchase. The family’s hope is that it goes to someone who’s preservation-minded.”. The family has been there on a daily basis, and used it as a COVID retreat,” says Goldman.

Buyers want to buy, sellers want … to not sell?

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What happens when that norm is thrown out the window? How do you move through a transaction when this is not the case? I always hope that every transaction is a win-win for both the buyers and sellers.

Tamar Braxton Buys Brand-New Modern Farmhouse in Sherman Oaks

The kitchen island has a built-in breakfast table as well as an extra sink. The home is close to the shopping and dining options that line Ventura Boulevard. ” Season 7 of the show is set to premiere in early November.

It’s Easy to Be Seen at Cully Green

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Built by Orange Splot, who is well known for their green building, use of whimsical features and lots of real wood in their buildings, Cully Green is a community of 23 homes- 22 newly built townhomes and 1 home from the 1920’s that is original to the space.

Non-QM lenders are back. But will brokers pick up the phone?

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He added: “What we’re really trying to tell them now, almost more than ever, is that the self-employed borrower hasn’t gone away. And whether you do it or someone else does it, that loan is going to get done.” James Kleimann is the mortgage editor at HousingWire.

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Popular Time Capsule Home in Palm Springs Is Available Again for $1.97M

The retro residence from 1969 is available fully furnished for $1,969,000. The result is a point of view that’s all her, Watkins adds. The pink bedroom with her enormous closet (and his smaller one) is original and fabulous! “It It is rare to find.

5 Luxury Real Estate Markets on the Rise

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As the “work from anywhere” revolution carries on, the luxury real estate market continues to see a rise in popular leisure locales where residents have seized the opportunity to buy and relocate in areas away from the urban office. Lake Muskoka is a nature lover’s paradise.

Lake Tahoe Ranch That Served as Ponderosa on ‘Bonanza’ Sells for a Record $38M

Now known as Sierra Sunset, the 24-acre property in Zephyr Cove was used as backdrop for the popular TV series “ Bonanza ,” which aired from 1959 to 1973. “The new owner is the perfect steward for this historic property.

Swanky Sunset Strip Home Once Owned by Rock Hudson Finds a Buyer

’s most cherished neighborhoods, and also offers incredible value, as it has the opportunity to be expanded upon,” added Thompson. The property covers more than a third of an acre and is within walking distance of some of the best nightlife, restaurants, and shops that L.A.