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As mortgage rates decline, the mantra is ‘no buyers left behind’ 

Housing Wire

As mortgage rates continue to decline, Chad Earnest’s mantra with his referral partners in 2023 is “no buyer left behind.” The Montgomery, Texas-based area manager, who moved from AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation to Cardinal Financial Company in November, launched in mid-2022 a platform to help their referral partners succeed.

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Home Price Appreciation Is as Simple as Supply and Demand

Keeping Current Matters

Today, prices are driven by the simple concept of supply and demand. Pricing of any item is determined by how many items are available compared to how many people want to buy that item. As a result, the strong year-over-year home price appreciation is simple to explain. The best examples are Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. However, this may be changing.

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Demand for mortgages is on the rise as rates fall

Housing Wire

Meanwhile, the demand for refinance index, which dropped 86.2% year over year, increased 1.5% from the prior week. Mortgage rates, which were trending up with the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike, started to fall following lower-than-expected consumer price growth in October. At its recent peak about a month ago, rates reached 7.16%.

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A refi wave is years away as mortgage rates settle at 7%

Housing Wire

We may be going from the highest year on record to the worst year on record within 12 months, essentially. – Top nonbank Mortgage exec. “Despite strong wage and job growth in September, prospective homebuyers remain reluctant to jump into the housing market.” ” Refis will not save you. . trillion in 2022 and $1.3

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Real Estate Solutions: How to Crush Your Sales Goals and Fuel Your Pipeline

Speaker: Mary Maloney, Founder & Team Leader at Hometown Realty

The sales cycle in real estate is frequently measured at 3+ months. During this time, real estate agents frequently lose contact with clients and miss out on opportunities because they fail to follow up and provide value to the client. She will discuss: A systematic approach to developing, nurturing, and converting prospects.

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How To Sell A House As-Is

Realty Biz

Selling a house as-is means selling the property without making any repairs or improvements. With all its flaws, the buyer takes the property and is responsible for any repairs or upgrades needed. The seller does not have to make any repairs before the sale, but certain disclosures are still made to the buyer. Keep reading to learn more.

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Two Options for Selling a House ‘As Is’ in Georgia


Looking to sell a house “as is” in Georgia? Whether you’ve got a fixer-upper or recently inherited a relative’s home, sometimes the goal is to skip repairs, get a fair offer, and move on. Top-performing Georgia real estate agent Teresa Cowart works with 77% more single-family homes than the average agent in her Richmond Hill market.

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The Secret to Building Successful Digital Sales Programs in 2022 and Beyond

Speaker: Jordi Gili, International Speaker, Managing Director at Execus, Professor Geneva Business School

As we kick off 2022, companies are giving more attention to their Digital/Social Sales Programs. While companies are enabling their sales professionals with coaching and a variety of digital tools to connect with potential customers, they're experiencing fluctuating KPIs. Sales and corporate strategy alignment. Consistent reporting.

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#Trending: How to Leverage Instagram’s Algorithm to Build Your Pipeline

Speaker: Eric Simon, Founder of The Broke Agent Media | Matt Lionetti, Real Estate Salesperson at The Agency

Social Media is one of the most efficient sales tools an agent can use! It has the potential to produce high-quality leads and foster client relationships when used effectively. As new social media tactics flood the market, agents are being inundated with the various apps and trends that could lead to their success.

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Database Restoration: How to Revive Dead Leads and Generate New Ones

Speaker: Rivers Pearce, CEO of W8LESS

Successful real estate professionals know that the most powerful tool in their business (aside from their stellar personality, of course) is maintaining a robust database of past, current, and prospective clients. However, keeping your contacts in a spreadsheet, or worse, sitting in your iPhone, simply won’t cut it in today’s world.

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Get More Referrals from Staying Top of Mind with Your Own Magazine!

Staying top of mind with your sphere is a proven way to gain referrals. Your own branded publication will be received as a gift to your top clients, and creates an easy opportunity for you to follow up and ask for referrals. Get your free magazine sample today!

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The #1 Reason Why Sales Coaching is Critical to Your 2022 Sales Success

Speaker: Tim Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Leadership Associates

In this era of social media, traditional ways of selling are not as effective as they used to be. As prospects become more proficient on social media, many organizations struggle to keep up, not knowing how to navigate the new digital landscape. In the webinar you will learn: The importance of sales coaching. How to achieve leadership buy-in.

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Millennials are Determined and Prices are Soaring: The Step-by-Step Formula for Closing More Sales to Millennial Buyers Fast!

Speaker: Paul Moya - CEO, Millennial Labs, and The Go-To Performance Marketing Strategist and Realtor Coach for the Best in the World

Today’s real estate market is at the crossroads between Millennials becoming the biggest segment of home buyers across the country and social media becoming the most important platform to attract potential buyers. Pre-pandemic strategies focused on random Facebook posts, videos, and referrals for business, but these are a thing of the past.