The 3-D freedom formula for personal branding


In the above session from Connect Now, Michael Carr and Tonya Eberhart of BrandFace share their exclusive 3-D Freedom Formula for personal branding, designed to help you define, develop and display a strong personal brand that sets you apart from your competitors.

Building a Brand Through Exceptional Service

RIS Media

That is a huge credit to your brand, indicating that the level of service you provide is such high quality that people are no longer asking for just a real estate agent—they’re asking for you. The same thing has happened with other popular brands.


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Develop a personal brand statement

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The original post can be found at the following URL: Develop a personal brand statement. To be clear, your brand is not your logo, or your name or your tagline. Those things represent your brand on the surface. Advice for Agents brand branding

Why Your Personal Real Estate Brand Is So Important


Your real estate brand is the combination of the qualities, values, and strengths that make you who you are as a real estate agent. When it comes to personal branding, your goal is not to create an image; it’s about building a brand that represents the real you.

Why you should stop building your own real estate brand right now


You don’t need to build your own real estate brand to be successful. One team leader outlines why conventional wisdom about brand-building is dead wrong and what agents should do instead. Agent Marketing Opinion Select Service Teams agent brand agent branding alex craig brand building

5 tips for consistent branding


Wendy Walker of Wendy Walker Fine Properties spoke with Inman about valuable branding information and the tips she's learned over the years.

Your brand is you — have you answered these critical questions?


As an agent, your brand should breed trust, speak the truth and communicate value to anyone who comes across it. So, as you're starting to build your brand, think about these five important questions.

Does Your Branding Speak for Itself?

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Unsurprisingly, your branding process plays a major role in helping you be the best and shine the brightest. Your branding lets people in your sphere know that you are still there, and you welcome their business. ” Ready to try a branding experiment?

How to build a personal brand from scratch  


To build your own personal brand, you have to understand who you are first. This is the most important step on the journey of building your brand from scratch, but there's much more to it. .

Inman Handbook: Branding your way to success


Branding includes logos, photos and plenty of other visuals. But at its core, it's really about story and identity, experts told Inman.

6 logo design trends for 2021 to boost your branding

The American Genius for Real Estate

(REAL ESTATE MARKETING) Outdated branding can be a big red flag to anyone viewing your website or social media - check these logo trends to improve yours for 2021! The post 6 logo design trends for 2021 to boost your branding appeared first on The American Genius Real Estate.

Next Level Social Media Branding Strategies

Real Trends

In the last few years, social media has become the platform of choice for brands looking to expand their reach and take their branding to a whole new level.

NextHome launches luxury brand ‘The Casan Collection’


The brand will aim "to be a new benchmark for how luxury real estate is represented, marketed, advertised and sold.".

This is the least memorable way to brand your business — don’t do it


If you want to create an effective brand, you have to make sure it's memorable and instantly sticks in people's minds. So, stop using your name, and follow these tips instead.

11 do’s and don’ts to building a rock-solid personal brand


BrandFace leaders Micheal Carr and Tonya Eberhart share the steps to creating a brand that engages consumers, sparks growth and crushes the competition. Connect Now Marketing Select agent branding BrandFace branding branding tips marketing marketing tips Michael Carr Tonya Eberhart

TRB Interviews: Staging Expert Lucie Brand!

Toronto Realty Blog

The post TRB Interviews: Staging Expert Lucie Brand! TorontoRealtyBlog. Who doesn’t love looking at “Before & After” photos, right?

How to decide your brand’s DNA as a new agent


Branding will define who you are as a professional and communicate your value to existing and potential clients. If you're a new agent, here are a few things you should be thinking about when cultivating your brand.

Crafting a better brand: Real estate taglines

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Branding. There’s almost always an urgency attached to the word; something like “Branding is critical to success,” or “Branding Is More Important Than Ever Before.”. The powers-that-be at RE/MAX , for instance, figure their brand reputation is worth $159 million and change.

How to monitor your brand without spending major coin


How do you monitor your brand? You’re a busy entrepreneur, who probably doesn’t have time to get bogged down in minutiae of scouring the internet, looking for brand mentions.

Inman announces the Inman Brand Ambassadors of 2021


The Inman Brand Ambassador Team of 2021 will have a full calendar year of community events, with their inaugural introduction Jan. 26-28 at Inman Connect. Content Marketing Events

Brand trust: The secret to building a thriving brokerage in today’s new normal


In the above session from Connect Now August, Garrett Jestice, head of marketing at Lucidpress, shows you how to empower agents to help build a brand that earns the confidence and loyalty of your audience, and in turn grows your market share.

Frontgate sheds brokerage to bring boutique brand to exclusive communities


Turns out the brokerage itself wasn’t the brand. Brokerage Sponsored boutique agency boutique brokerage compass Dana Olmes Frontgate Frontgate sheds brokerage to bring boutique brand to exclusive communities Hidden Hills Jeff Biebuyck kris vann side Side Inc

Begin your branding process with free, (mostly) non-cheesy name generator

The American Genius for Real Estate

(REAL ESTATE MARKETING) Naming your company, brand, product, or service can be incredibly difficult and intimidating. The post Begin your branding process with free, (mostly) non-cheesy name generator appeared first on The American Genius Real Estate.

Realogy’s expansion brands CMO shares how to lead with soul


Realogy expansion brands CMO Jen Marchetti shares how she juggles Better Homes and Gardens and ERA's marketing while staying compassionate and authentic.

Building Your Brand With Video Content

RIS Media

Branding your real estate business is crucial to building a business that will withstand changes in the market. Luckily, there is a highly effective and low-cost way to build your brand—via content, specifically video content.

The secret to finding your perfect brand and marketing plan


Branding and marketing become surprisingly simple and effective when you know your core values, your inherent strengths and your personal brand archetype.

Get the scoop on marketing and branding this September at Inman


September is Marketing and Branding Month at Inman. Agent Marketing Marketing & Branding Month branding marketing marketing and branding month theme-month-202009That means we’re talking to the CMOs at major brokerages.

Starting a podcast? Nail these 3 brand-building basics


Agent Brokerage Marketing Marketing & Branding Month Select Service content David Parnes James Harris launch marketing niche Planning content podcast podcasters Positively Chaotic Starting a podcast theme-month-202009

What’s in a name? It’s the key to your brand

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It’s the key to your brand. Real estate businesses that perform badly in the industry do so because they generally have an underperforming brand. Why is branding necessary? It’s the key to your brand. What's New brand branding marketing

From startup to powerhouse brokerage: How Compass built its brand


Interviews Marketing Marketing & Branding Month Profiles Select cmo compass marketing marketing month Matt Spangler real estate marketing robert reffkin

Sotheby’s International Realty® Brand Opens First Office in Paraguay

Sotheby's International Real Estate

This addition marks the brand´s first affiliated office in the country and its continued strategic growth in Latin America, bringing its office count in the region to 26 in total. BRAND NEWS Brand News Latin America New Office Paraguay Press Release South America

Become a Beacon of Light to Incorporate Personal Growth Into Your Brand

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Here’s how you can be a light in the darkness for others and make personal growth and empowerment a part of your brand. By sprinkling a motivational and upbeat spirit into your communications, it will become an integral part of your brand.

Build Exceptional Service Into Your Brand

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The post Build Exceptional Service Into Your Brand appeared first on RISMedia. Tip of the Day

Annie Switt on why ‘Keller Williams’ brand stands for agent-centric’


Interviews Marketing Marketing & Branding Month Profiles Select Theme Months Annie Switt keller williams marketing marketing and branding theme-month-202009

With app launch, MoveEasy becomes agents’ branded platform


Industry News News Brief Select Teams Technology apps branded apps homeadvisor MoveEasy moving moving apps online moving services PropTech real estate technology updates relocation technology news