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Recession-Proof Ground Leases Are an Overlooked $2.5 Trillion Asset Class


Yet, there are plenty of instances in which the land and the building are owned separately, with the building owner occupying the property under a ground lease agreement with the landowner. The addressable market for ground leases in the United States totals $2.5 trillion.

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Who Manages Georgia Lakes?

Hank Miller Team

Georgia Power has similar deep interests; homes on their lakes have land leases granted to the owners. The company retains ownership of the land and leases it back to the owner of the structure. Strict to the point of owners doing nothing, even landscape clean up, without permission.


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Farmland is becoming a hot commodity as prices boom

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That has resulted in smaller farmers finding it more difficult to afford the down payment on parcels of land or compete for land leases. The Journal noted that 75% of farmland is controlled by just 13% of farmers.

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How to Handle the Weird Stuff: Appraisal Methods from an Experienced Florida Appraiser


Example: Land lease. In a large development of approximately 300 houses, four of them were on a 99-year land lease with 55 years remaining. Reason was it was the last portion of the block of land, and the owner wouldn’t sell, but did agree to the land lease.

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Lake Home

Hank Miller Team

Georgia Power has similar deep interests, homes on their lakes have land leases to the owners. They retain ownership of the land and lease it back to the owner of the structure. The Corps Of Engineers has exceptionally strict jurisdiction over the docks, shorelines and areas leading to their lakes. sadasdfasdfsadf

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Flood Plains, High Winds, and Leased Land: Your Guide to Buying a House in Palm Springs


You’ll have to navigate land leases, HOA requirements , and stiff competition from other buyers set on purchasing your picture-perfect property. If you’re taking out a loan to buy a house on leased land, lenders will require the lease to extend five years beyond the loan’s term.

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Fee Simple vs. Leasehold: Two Very Different Types of Ownership


It gives someone ownership of a home or structure on the property, but someone else owns the land itself. The leaseholder pays the fee simple owner to use the land for a set period. You might also see this called a land lease or ground lease.

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