Dumbo Cafe Closes as Brooklyn Roasting Company Files For Bankruptcy


Brooklyn’s namesake roasting company is another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on October 21.

Dumbo Cafe Closes as Brooklyn Roasting Company Files for Bankruptcy (Updated)


Brooklyn’s namesake roasting company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 21, but its founder said the company is only adjusting its operations and has no plans to go anywhere. “In

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Key Tips to Rally Back from COVID-19 Bankruptcy in 2020

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Previously successful people have had to declare bankruptcy, and gotten bankruptcy loans, recently because of COVID-19. Cheese to name a few have had to invoke bankruptcy protection with bankruptcy loans. . Bankruptcy Code. No Scarlet Letter for Bankruptcy Loans.

Daily Links: Clothing Retailer Century 21 Files for Bankruptcy, Will Close Stores in Brooklyn


Manhattan Crisis: What Does Our Housing Past Tell Us About Our Housing Future?

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Manhattan New York Times Charts, Maps, Images, Infographics, Video Distressed Housing Historical, Landmark, Milestone Weather & Natural Disasters 9/11 financial crisis Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy NYT Real Estate Michael KolomatskyIn this Sunday's New York Times Real Estate Section ( online now ), the Calculator column featured some data trends I've gathered during two significant prior housing market events: What Can 9/11 and the Great Recession Tell Us About Coronavirus Recovery?

Wells Fargo halts proactive COVID-19 forbearance plan following multiple lawsuits

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“The company was unable or unwilling to identify how many total consumers were affected, but did inform the Senators of a small subset, indicating that ‘(a)n internal review showed that at least 904 accounts held by customers in active bankruptcy proceedings were placed into forbearance without an affirmative request,’ and that the bank had received over 1,600 complaints about forbearance practices.”

Adopting Technology to Improve Servicing Profitability During and After the COVID-19 Crisis – Sponsored by Capacity

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Why it’s critical to automate processes associated with forbearance, loss mitigation, default management, and bankruptcy/foreclosure optimization. In this session on servicing technology, you will discover: The benefits of adopting an AI-driven process to streamline and standardize data.

Canadian Insolvencies Begin To Rise, Even With Support Measures In Place

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Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) data shows insolvencies increased in Q3 from the previous quarter. Canada is pulling all of the measures to make sure households and businesses don’t go bust, but it’s just time for some.

How A Credit Card Can Help You Become A 1 %er

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Most people have heard horror stories about how credit cards lead many people into serious debt, that can take years to get out of, or lead even lead you into bankruptcy. However, there are two sides to every story and. Read more. The post How A Credit Card Can Help You Become A 1 %er appeared first on I Am 1 Percent. Credit Cards rewards

Fed inflation plan could end rock-bottom mortgage rates

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The Federal Reserve is considering abandoning its longtime strategy of using its benchmark rate to pre-emptively prevent inflation from rising above its 2% target. That could be the death knell for rock-bottom mortgage rates.

Simplify complex lending processes with powerful analytics

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Capabilities include loss mitigation, bankruptcy, foreclosure, invoicing and claims. As a premier provider of innovative, high-performance software, data and analytics for mortgage and home equity lending and servicing, Black Knight is transforming the housing finance industry.

Las Vegas Legend Wayne Newton’s Former Ranch Now Available for $30M


Facing bankruptcy, Newton sold the property to a development company in 2010, for $19.5 After three years, the museum closed to the public and was placed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

What Does the Eviction Process Look Like?

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There are more than 4 million evictions cases filed worldwide each year. Are you being evicted, or are you a landlord who needs to evict a tenant and want to know what the eviction process looks like? There’s no need to worry because we are going to detail the process for you.

What Are the Biggest Differences Between FHA and Conventional Loans?


After a foreclosure or bankruptcy, lenders require a certain amount of time before they will consider lending to you. These periods differ for FHA and conventional loans, and depending on the type of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Wells Fargo sued for placing borrowers in forbearance without consent

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NBC News said that borrowers in Chapter 13 bankruptcy also claimed that their loans were placed in forbearance without giving consent. Wells Fargo is being sued in a class-action lawsuit that accuses the bank of putting some of its borrowers’ mortgages into forbearance without their consent.

Goldman Sachs says Democratic sweep would boost U.S. economy

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Over time, household insolvencies and business bankruptcies would rise, harming the productive capacity of the economy, and holding back wage growth.”.

Non-QM lenders are back. But will brokers pick up the phone?

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Like anything, you have that seasoned loan officer who has a stream of referral sources whether it’s a Realtor, CPA, bankruptcy attorney, etc. Mark Dodson was having a promising start to the year.

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7 Upcoming Trends That Will Impact the Real Estate Market

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Earning enough money is hard, especially with more companies declaring bankruptcies. It is almost the end of 2020, and a lot of happenings recently pose challenges in the economy. There is an evident downfall in the real estate industry.

How to Clear a Tax Lien Against Your House So You Can Sell It


If you cannot come up with the cash to cover the difference between your home sale proceeds and your debts, then filing for bankruptcy may be your only option. The house went back to the bank, she filed for bankruptcy and walked away with worse than nothing, because she was now in debt.

Wayne Gretzky Selling a $22.9M Mansion So Nice, He Bought It Twice


Dykstra wound up losing the mansion in bankruptcy proceedings in 2010. realtor.com, Andy Devlin/NHLI/Getty NHL legend Wayne Gretzky and his wife, Janet , have a soft spot for the sparkling estate they built with the help of architect Richard Landry back in 2002. They created it, sold it, and bought it again. Now they’re selling the home for a second time. It’s on the market for $22,900,000.

Fed warns of ‘tragic effects’ of COVID-19 resurgence

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Over time, household insolvencies and business bankruptcies would rise, harming the productive capacity of the economy, and holding back wage growth.”. A resurgence of COVID-19 in the winter months, as some health experts have warned might happen, would have “tragic effects” on the health of Americans and the economy, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned in a speech on Tuesday.

12 Types of Expert Witness Assignments for Appraisers


Bankruptcy. There are many types of litigation where real estate appraisers can be helpful in providing evidence to the court. Many of these will require engaging the appraiser to perform an appraisal specifically for the case.

‘Nobody Wants It’: Colorado Home at the Center of Netflix Murder Documentary Hangs in Limbo


“It’s not getting any bids because people know the sordid history of the house, and nobody wants it,” says Denver-based bankruptcy attorney Clark Dray , who works with foreclosures.

Demystifying Property Title Search: Your Questions, Answered


Bankruptcy records. Bankruptcies. Waiting for your house to close can feel like being in line at the DMV — it takes forever, and whenever you think you’ve gotten to the head of the line, there’s another delay.

Pre Approval vs Pre Qualified vs Underwritten Pre Approval: What’s It All Mean?


The lender could also request additional documents if you have special circumstances, such as a past foreclosure or bankruptcy. When you’re getting ready to start looking for homes, you’re probably dreaming about more space, a big backyard, or a garage, rather than low mortgage interest rates.

The Iconic Beverly House: where Jackie O & JFK Honeymooned, ‘The Bodyguard’ was Filmed, and where Beyonce Shot ‘Black is King’

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Ross declared bankruptcy in 2010 , which might explain why the house was listed for ‘just’ $95 million that year, however, he didn’t have any luck finding a buyer. What do JFK, Jackie O.,

Canada Sees Increased Wealth Concentration Amid COVID-19


An uptick in Canada’s home prices might seem unlikely amid the COVID-19 crisis, particularly when the economy is facing significant job losses and a record-high number of bankruptcie s. Image: Afshin Sadeghi Lavasani / Shutterstock.com.

8 Ways Agents Can Overcome Failure & Thrive in 2020

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I have had the honor of being featured on the cover of REALTOR magazine, and also the embarrassment of filing a very public bankruptcy. There was no doubt in my mind that the stress of the bankruptcy caused the conditions in my body for the virus to thrive.

Go-To Experts: Kris Lindahl Talks About the COVID-19 Wolf At the Door

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Property owners impacted by the COVID-19 housing crisis are struggling to pay mortgages, and the imminent risk of foreclosure and bankruptcy looms large over the industry. Kris Lindahl.

Dearth of Credit Starves Detroit’s Housing Market


Detroit is making a comeback after years of decline that led to a bankruptcy filing in 2013. By the time General Motors and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy reorganization during the financial crisis, many of Detroit’s blue-collar jobs were long gone.

Untangling the Real Estate Web of HBO’s ‘The Vow’: The Many Homes of the NXIVM Sex Cult


“The purpose of it is to return something to the government,” says bankruptcy attorney Ronald J.

Estate Planning And Property Management: How To Protect Your Rental Houses

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When you’re not able to keep this in place, the effects can be severe and could lead to bankruptcy. Rental properties are a very good investment.

What Does Clear to Close Mean, And How Much Longer Before I’m a Homeowner?


Bankruptcy documents. When you’re buying a house, you’re going to come across a lot of terms and phrases that’ll make you scratch your head in confusion. One of those terms is “ clear to close.”

My Forbes Column: Keeping Housing Market Results From The Public Is Never Justified: An Expansive View

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Going forward I have the following questions: Are we to anticipate a suspension of DOM anytime there is an unexpected external event that impacts the housing market (9/11, The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, Super Storm Sandy)? This piece was taken from my new Forbes column. I'm testing the platform to spread the word and you can help me by going here and then clicking "follow.". Keeping Housing Market Results From The Public Is Never Justified: An Expansive View.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Mortgage Foreclosures in 2020

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According to Veronica Baxter, an established legal assistant to Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney David Offen says,” “Under federal law, a lender or servicer cannot begin the state foreclosure process until your loan is more than 120 days past due. The pandemic has put our economy in a tailspin, and many of us are out of work.

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