A real estate agent’s guide to long-term success

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In today’s fast-paced market, it’s easy for real estate agents to get caught up in scoring quick wins instead of developing a long-term strategy that guarantees sustainable success. That way, real estate agents can close sales without losing any potential leads.

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Lawsuit claims Compass defrauds agents

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Compass defrauded its real estate agents out of millions of dollars in sales commissions and broke pledges to give agents shares of stock, according to a new lawsuit that seeks class-action status. One program has agents buying stock at the “preferred” price of $154 a share.

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Agents fight misconceptions to win deals for military veteran clients

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After completing countless Veterans Administration (VA) mortgage loan transactions over the years, Chris Pascoe, a Marine veteran turned RE/MAX agent, has developed something of a system. First, he has his clients lender call the listing agent.

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Are homebuilders burning bridges with real estate agents?

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Real estate agent Alanna Strei’s client wanted to check out “Tesoro Vista Del Sur,” 134 newly built townhouses in the Ocean View Hills area of San Diego. Do you need an agent when you have 10 buyers for every home?” Agents don’t want to hear that.

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What Agents Should Be Doing Every Day to Succeed With Leads

Top agents do this every day to succeed.do you? It’s all about the follow-up. Top agents shared their perfected processes, and we compiled it into a super easy visual to-do list for Real Estate lead follow up that wins. Get the list now!

DropOffer wants real estate agents to go off-market

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Low inventory means fewer choices for homebuyers, but for years enterprising real estate agents have worked around tight market conditions by searching for off-market homes that fit their clients’ specifications. Housing market inventory is low right now. Historically low.

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Stellar MLS to launch new agent platform

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The nation’s third largest MLS, with over 70,000 agents in Florida and Puerto Rico, Stellar MLS announced Tuesday that it is partnering with Remine and MoxiWorks to launch a new platform for real estate professionals. Agent Florida MoxiWorks Multiple Listing Service Puerto Rico Stellar MLS

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Where real estate agents fit into Zillow’s grand vision

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Zillow, for years, made money selling leads to real estate agents, a practice that agents like Herrera already felt ambivalent toward. The post Where real estate agents fit into Zillow’s grand vision appeared first on HousingWire.

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Redfin’s listings to disclose agent commissions

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The commission gobbled up by a homebuyer’s real estate agent will now be posted on Redfin’s listings. Under that deal, the MLS operator/lobbying group for real estate agents agreed that they could no longer keep Redfin and other websites from posting an agent’s commission fee.

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How is the housing market impacting real estate agents?

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A real estate agent at Compass Florida in Coconut Grove, Schechter has 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, so he’s familiar with its cyclical ups and downs. But what about real estate agents? The post How is the housing market impacting real estate agents?

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eXp Realty almost doubles agent count

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the holding company for eXp Realty announced that it has exceeded 60,000 agents globally. This represents a year-over-year increase of 85% when compared to 32,403 agents in July 2020. “Obviously, domestically in the US, we’ve got a pretty good percentage of the agent base.

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In defense of the individual real estate agent

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I saw a social media post recently by our local ‘mega-agent’ entitled: “Breaking News: Individual Real Estate agents added to Endangered Professions List!”. The individual agent is on life support, it exclaims. The individual agent. The mega-agent.

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New program puts Black real estate agents at forefront

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The National Association of Real Estate Brokers has announced the creation of its “Black Real Estate Agent” program to provide financial, educational, and career support for aspiring Black real estate agents.

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Real estate agents hold breath on commission disclosure

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But the session did not reach a looming inflection point for real estate agents: Whether they must tell homebuyers what commission percentage they stand to make. At issue is unprecedented transparency required out of real estate agents.

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Keller Williams-owned app Smarter Agent to shut down

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Keller Williams -owned Smarter Agent , a Philadelphia-based startup that allows agents to create their own branded apps, will be shutting down its dedicated app. Inman News first reported that Smarter Agent would be shutting down.

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OJO Labs rolls out agent referral network

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OJO Labs has launched the OJO Select Network, an agent referral program that matches top performing agents with ready homebuyers or sellers based on an understanding of the agent’s skill set and the consumer’s needs. Select Network gives agents access to new leads, ready homebuyers who are kept engaged until they’re ready to work with an agent and custom consumer insights. The post OJO Labs rolls out agent referral network appeared first on HousingWire.

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Why there are so few real estate agents of color

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Shawneequa Badger, leads an agent team at Corcoran Living in Oakland. Amy Kong of Trust Real Estate hosts open houses where people ask, “Where is the agent?”. These are instances of racism experienced by Hispanic, Black and Asian real estate agents.

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First American fined $1 million for illegal perks to agents

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will pay a $1 million fine for improper benefits given to California real estate agents. The majority of the group’s 600 members were real estate agents who belonged to chapters in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys, officials said. First American Title Co.

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Ben Caballero heads RealTrends’ 2020 top agent list

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Most of the highest producing real estate agents in the country belong to an established, national brokerage. Heading the RealTrends’ top 1,000 agents list – as he has for most years since 2013 – is Ben Caballero, of Dallas-based HomesUSA.

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Compass acquisition could worry some California agents

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Compass announced Monday that it has reached an agreement to buy San Francisco-based real estate transaction platform Glide , a deal that some California real estate agents may feel uneasy about. The post Compass acquisition could worry some California agents appeared first on HousingWire.

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Top five questions to ask a potential real estate agent

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In today’s red-hot market, you need a real estate agent who can get creative, play hardball in negotiations, and help you stand out from the pack in a bidding war. And not everyone — even an agent recommended to you by a friend or loved one — is up to the task.

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In today’s hot housing market, how are real estate agents staying competitive?

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Or is being a real estate agent just a side hustle for you – something you do in your spare time? So, if you’re planning to be a real estate agent long-term, it’s probably a good idea to run your business like, well, a business, especially in today’s highly competitive housing market.

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Need a real estate agent? Here’s how to pick the right one

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That’s what real estate agents are here for. Almost 90% of buyers recently used a real estate agent or broker to purchase their home, according to the National Association of Realtors. A real estate agent is a licensed professional who can guide you through the homebuying process.

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2021 will be the year of the tech-enabled agent

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With the right tech stack, agents and brokers have access to rich market insights at their fingertips, the ability to provide virtual home tours…and a deeper understanding of what consumers really want in a home.”. Instead, the need for a great agent is stronger than ever.

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Seattle tops list of best metros for real estate agents

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cities determined that Seattle is the top market for real estate agents to currently work in, and Corpus Christi, Texas, was deemed the worst. Of note, the 37th-ranked city for real estate agents to work in — Missoula, Montana — was the top-ranked market for real estate market health.

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‘Help, I’m a new agent!’


Agent Sponsored help I'm a new agent!’ ivre new agentsIf you’re coming into a new business, the feeling of drowning and not knowing where to turn can be overwhelming. The good news is, it does not have to be that way.

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Can eXp actually hit 500,000 agents?


EXp founder Glenn Sanford said his company should have half a million agents in five years. We asked some experts if that was realistic.

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Publicizing The Listing Agent


The old rule was that any agent could advertise any MLS listing via the IDX, as long as the listing agent’s name and brokerage was displayed.

Top 10 newbie agent behaviors that frustrate listing agents


It's a marriage made somewhere other than heaven: seasoned listing agents coupled with brand new buyer's agents. Here is a list of rookie behaviors that cause experienced listing agents' toenails to curl.

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A coastal exodus? These Century 21 San Francisco agents don’t think so

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Although many in the real estate industry say that San Franciscans are relocating to places more inland , some Century 21 agents in the San Francisco and Bay Area beg to differ. These Century 21 San Francisco agents don’t think so appeared first on HousingWire.

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10 expensive mistakes new agents make


As tempting as it is to throw money at everything, spoil your favorite clients or lease that luxury car, as a new agent, you have to be mindful of making mistakes that can lead to expensive consequences.

Listing Agent, Selling Agent, Seller’s Agent: What’s the Difference?


Keeping track of the differences between a listing agent, selling agent, seller’s agent, and even buyer’s agent can be a bit challenging, so learning to quickly recognize what these terms refer to in real estate can help you move forward confidently with buying or selling your home.

No seasonal slowdown this year as real estate agents report a busier-than-usual fall

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The post No seasonal slowdown this year as real estate agents report a busier-than-usual fall appeared first on HousingWire. Housing Market Real Estate COVID-19 pandemic Fall homebuying home sellers homebuyers Homebuying season Real estate agents summer homebuying

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When it comes to home sales, August is the new May, keeping agents busy into the fall

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Rather than a typically busy spring home-buying season , the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the bulk of home-buying this year into the summer months, and real estate agents are busier than ever. Now, agents are showing and selling nonstop.

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[PULSE] Are potential new agents holding off on entering the market?

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An analysis of recent real estate licensing trends released by Agent Advice this week reveals that licensing rates are beginning to recover from a precipitous drop caused by COVID-19 in March and April. The post [PULSE] Are potential new agents holding off on entering the market?

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Two home offices? Real estate agents dish on the latest must-have amenities

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But the agent with TeamBarham, Keller Williams Homewood didn’t expect the grub question. As Americans ditch urban cores for roomier abodes in the suburbs, real estate agents say the list of must-haves has changed: buyers are looking for pools, home offices and makeshift learning centers.

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Exclusive: how Stewart Title’s strategy delivers value for agents


Agent Sponsored Exclusive: how Stewart Title's strategy delivers value for agents stewart titleToday, we look at the progress the company has made over the past year on its “journey to become the premier title services company.”.

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