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Can we still avoid a recession?

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Economic reports over the Thanksgiving holiday paint a complicated picture of what’s happening, and where we are on recession watch. The big economic surprise was the strength of Black Friday sales, where consumers spent a record $9.12 billion online.

Your House Could Be the #1 Item on a Homebuyer’s Wish List During the Holidays

Keeping Current Matters

Each year, homeowners planning to make a move are faced with a decision: sell their house during the holidays or wait. For Sellers Housing Market Updates Millennials


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Questions To Ask Before Buying A Condominium

Maximum Exposure Real Estate

Top Questions to Ask When Buying a Condominium. The questions to ask when buying a condo found below are something every buyer should consider when purchasing this type of housing. I would be willing to bet that many of these questions are topics that many buyers would have ever thought to ask.


Declining Trend of Two-Story Foyer

Eyes on Housing

Information obtained from the US Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC) and tabulated by NAHB, shows the share of new homes with a two-story foyer decreased in 2021. For 2021, most new single-family homes were built without a two-story foyer nationally and regionally.

Rise of The Apps: Building Your Dream Tech Stack For Real Estate Success

Speaker: Trey Willard, Realtor/Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

In this webinar, Keller Williams Team Leader Trey Willard will teach you how to create a winning tech stack, and how to leverage apps for real estate success.

JPMorgan Chase gets into the DSCR MBS game

Housing Wire

JPMorgan Chase will soon be issuing its first non-prime MBS secured exclusively by investor loans that are underwritten based on rental income. JPMorgan Mortgage Trust 2022-DSC1 is secured by 980 debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans with a balance of $308.2

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Selling A House With Mold: What Does Black Mold Look Like?

Maximum Exposure Real Estate

How to Sell a House With Mold I am selling my home and found mold! Now what? What to do about selling a house with mold is a question real estate agents get quite a bit. The potential is there for mold to be found in almost every home. Where there is any amount of […].

Home Prices Continue to Decline in September

Eyes on Housing

Home prices declined for the third straight month in September as the housing market continues to cool. In September, all 20 metro areas experienced negative home price appreciation. The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S.

Homepoint offers $500 credit on appraisals for primary homes

Housing Wire

Pure wholesale lender Homepoint will provide a $500 credit on appraisal costs for borrowers buying primary homes that are designated as Fannie Mae HomePath properties, the company announced on Monday. .

Why There Won’t Be a Flood of Foreclosures Coming to the Housing Market

Keeping Current Matters

With the rapid shift that’s happened in the housing market this year, some people are raising concerns that we’re destined for a repeat of the crash we saw in 2008. Distressed Properties For Buyers For Sellers Foreclosures Content Hub

Real Estate Solutions: How to Crush Your Sales Goals and Fuel Your Pipeline

Speaker: Mary Maloney, Founder & Team Leader at Hometown Realty

In this webinar, Mary Maloney will demonstrate a methodology that will help you create a pipeline with continuous prospects.

Inventory Watch


After staying around 400 since the middle of September, the number of active listings finally plunged by 6% as the holiday season finally set in. Yet, the number of pendings rose by 9%! There were also more new pendings than new listings this past week.


Construction Job Openings Peaked for Cycle?

Eyes on Housing

The count of open, unfilled jobs for the overall economy declined in October, falling from 10.7 million open positions to 10.3 million. This represents a small decrease from a year ago (11.1 million), a sign the labor market is slowing in response to tighter monetary policy.

Mortgage demand dropped last week despite a decline in rates

Housing Wire

Mortgage rates dropped last week, but it wasn’t enough to spur mortgage demand. The market composite index, a measure of mortgage loan application volume, declined 0.8% for the week ending November 25 after rising 2.2% from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Recession-proof jobs for 2023

Realty Biz

We live in a world filled with uncertainties, and we never know what the future holds. Choosing a career path or starting a new one might get quite challenging. At the moment, everybody is discussing the possibility of a recession, which will most probably have a significant impact on our lives.

The Complete Realtor: Tools to Successfully Manage Your Personal Life, Career, and Health

Speaker: Marki Lemons Ryhal, REALTOR, Keynote Speaker, 4X International Best Selling Author, and Podcaster at ReMarkiTable, LLC

In this webinar, Marki Lemons Ryhal will teach you how you can pivot and succeed as a real estate agent in the face of adversity!

Slowing in San Diego


Our friends at JB have been on the forefront of market tracking for years now. They have staff that travels around the country to gather data from builders in particular, and have built a tremendous network.

Analyst Logan Mohtashami’s 2023 housing market outlook

Real Trends

Today’s RealTrending features HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami. Logan digs into the housing market data on pricing, days on market, inventory and demographics to give real estate professionals a real-time look at what’s happening today and how that will play out in the market in 2023.

Government to backstop mortgages over $1 million in 2023

Housing Wire

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) on Tuesday announced that the baseline conforming loan limit for 2023 will be $726,200, an increase of 12.21%, or $79,000, compared to 2022. .

What's Next for Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate?

Realty Biz

Artificial intelligence has grown in magnitude since the first program was written in 1951. Modern iterations of AI are what allow things like social media monitoring, self-driving cars, and smart assistants to function.

Database Restoration: How to Revive Dead Leads and Generate New Ones

Speaker: Rivers Pearce, CEO of W8LESS

In this session Rivers Pierce, CEO of W8LESS, will teach you how winning agents restore and revive their database to continue to gain market share!

Rates Are Steady


Will the 30-yr jumbo rate stay in the 5s? Here’s what MND says: Excitement, volatility, non-stop action… concepts that have absolutely nothing to do with mortgage rate movement over the course of the past two weeks.

6 of the Top We Buy Houses for Cash Companies in Dallas


Disclaimer: This post is meant to be used for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Links and mentions of Dallas area companies in this post do not constitute an endorsement.

BEC accounted for $2.4 billion in claimed losses in 2021

Housing Wire

In mid-November, the Federal Bureau of Investigations released its 2022 Congressional report on business email compromise (BEC) and real estate wire fraud. According to the report, in 2021, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received BEC-related complaints with claimed losses exceeding $2.4

Title 311

Social Media Marketing to Millennials — Building Relationships

Realty Biz

Take a moment to consider where the online marketing world is at today for real estate. Much of the older generation continue struggling with social media marketing while the millennial generation insists businesses first build a relationship before trying to make a sale (or real estate purchase).

The Real Estate Pulse: Analyzing the 2022 Housing Market

Speaker: Grier Allen, CEO and Co-Founder of BoomTown

In this session, Grier Allen, CEO and Co-Founder of BoomTown, will breakdown the top housing trends for 2022, and help you navigate the constant changes in the market so that you can achieve success!

What Is A Listing “Strategy” In This Market?

Toronto Realty Blog

TorontoRealtyBlog. This fall has been a mixed bag, to say the least. We’ve had listings that have received multiple offers and we’ve had listings that have sat on the market.

Coldwell Banker Around the World: November 2022

Coldwell Banker

Discover the colors of Provence among the legendary lavender fields. Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of this vibrant village and taste the finest wines. It’s time to travel to the fanciest destination in the French Riviera – Saint-Tropez!


Lenders aren’t getting déjà vu with the current downturn, so what’s different?

Housing Wire

Many lenders are not getting a sense of déjà vu with the current mortgage industry downturn, according to mortgage advisory firm Stratmor Group. “This one feels different,” a recent Stratmor report states, citing executives in the mortgage industry. .

Banks 307

Rent Manager Checklist: How to Upgrade Your Rental Value for 2023

Realty Biz

Real estate is a very competitive industry, so you must put in hard work. You'll also need to make intelligent choices if you plan to increase your rent.

Become THE Social-Savvy Agent With This Free eBook

Close more deals from social media leads in 2022! This three-chapter eBook covers the fundamentals of building a digital strategy. You’ll hear from top industry experts and get exclusive insights into how you can become the social-savvy agent. Get your copy today!