Startup profile: LauraMac

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Launched just this year, LauraMac provides a suite of configurable products to enable collaboration that will transform the way due diligence is performed in the mortgage industry. Fintech Magazine Secondary Market Tech Due diligence HWplus LauraMac secondary technology startup

Passive Real Estate Investing with Jim Ingersoll and Paul White

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Why “Due Diligence” is important. Passive Real Estate Investing with Jim Ingersoll and Paul White. Paul White is a Richmond, VA native and an orthodontist that found his way into passive investing in real estate. This podcast is a great example of how hard work can pay off and that sometimes getting from point A to point B isn’t always a straight line. In this podcast, you’ll hear about: How Paul found his way to dental school, the military then back to orthodontic school.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Website Vendor

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Your brokerage will likely have an ongoing relationship with the vendor, so it's important to take the time and do the necessary due diligence before pulling the trigger. When it comes to real estate websites, it is vital to choose a vendor that fits the vision of your firm.

How one mortgage fulfillment service increases efficiencies while minimizing risks

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HousingWire recently spoke with Brian Simon, president of Trelix Mortgage Fulfillment Services, about how Trelix helps its clients work more efficiently while still maintaining compliance and performing due diligence.

What to Consider When Choosing a Website Vendor

Real Trends

Seeing as your brokerage will likely have an ongoing relationship with the vendor, it is of utmost importance to take the time and do the necessary due diligence before pulling the trigger. When it comes to real estate websites, it is vital to choose a vendor that fits the vision of your firm. website rankings Technology website

Evolve Mortgage opens another 100 underwriting positions

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in both its frontline underwriting and due diligence/QC underwriting departments.

On a clear day you can see forever!

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Buyer to do due diligence. Views for days in this modern home, sitting on 5 pristine acres in Scappoose.

Century 21 Real Estate Expands With Addition of CENTURY 21 Guyana

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Century 21 Real Estate LLC announced its expansion into the Republic of Guyana, making CENTURY 21 Guyana the 84th country to call the CENTURY 21® brand home.

[PULSE] Black lives, Black families and Black homeownership matter

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But despite what’s at stake for minority communities, they have so far refused to perform such basic due diligence. There is a 30-point difference between white and Black homeownership rates in the U.S. today.

Second Century Ventures backs 8 Canadian real estate tech startups

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The National Association of Realtor’s strategic investment arm Second Century Ventures has announced eight startups chosen for its inaugural REACH Canada accelerator class.

Not Going Down Without A Fight

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Cas wrote an offer on a stunning condo after hours of due diligence and after the lender failed to inform us of a small stipulation that put Cas at a standstill. Some of the greatest stories have sad beginnings. And this is where we begun Cas’ home search story.

Overcoming Hurdles With Viable Solutions

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Cas wrote an offer on a condo after hours of due diligence and after the credit union failed to inform us of a small stipulation that put Cas at a standstill.

Just Sold: Historic Embassy Studio Condominium

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Ardyn was a Buyer who knew enough to be cautious and and did her share of due diligence when it came to reviewing condo docs, potential issues that may arise in an almost 100 year old building, and what that might mean for her down the line. Embassy Condominiums.

CT Homes Certified Properties: Simplifying the Home Buying Experience

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We eliminate all of the painstaking due diligence tasks and allow you to focus on what’s really important…finding your dream home. Some type of due diligence is dug up after escrow kills the deal.

12 Of the Most Common Repairs Needed After a Home Inspection


During the due diligence period (usually 10 to 14 days), the buyer can walk away from the contract if both parties cannot come to an agreement.

Buying a Foreclosure at a Home Auction? Here’s How Much You’ll Probably Spend


If the home is being foreclosed on, it’s likely because the owner couldn’t make the loan payments — not just once, but typically for about 120 consecutive days, or four months in a row — whether due to overwhelming debt, job loss, medical payments, or other reasons.

How Commercial Real Estate Investors Are Weighing Climate Change When Planning Future Business Strategies

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“I am aware that businesses are concerned about locating or staying in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Boston due to climate issues,” says RE/MAX Town & Country’s Bruce Ailion-.

How Long Does It Take to Buy a House?

Even with a pre-approval, it can still take 30 days for the lender to do its due diligence by conducting a home appraisal to make sure it’s a good investment (since after all, the lender’s money is on the line) and underwriting your mortgage.

Ask Brian: Home Buyer Beware

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As a general rule, the obligation is on the buyer to do their due diligence before closing on the purchase of a property. It’s going to be up to you, with the help of a professional home inspector, to perform a thorough due diligence.

What to Do If You Think Your Home May Have Asbestos

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Do Your Due Diligence. Many houses that were built before the 1980s contain asbestos. If asbestos is damaged or disturbed and fibers are released into the air, people can inhale them and eventually develop mesothelioma, a form of cancer, or other medical conditions.

What a Luxury Real Estate Broker Can Teach You about Selling a Home


Luxury brokers deal with people used to doing their due diligence, and word gets around about which broker just sold that $11 million property.

Real people. Real relationships. Real estate.

The Residential Specialist

So, from initial walkthrough, contract terms, inspection, due diligence, etc., I discuss offer strategy, explain earnest money, or discuss the inspection and due diligence process, financing or negotiation strategies—all so clients can understand and make sense of it,” he says. “We

Zillow: How Your Buyers Can Score Their Dream Home

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Due diligence for home improvements is also important, says Zillow. Low inventory is continuing to push housing prices up, creating a purchasing environment flooded with aggressive bidding and buying tactics.

Buying a House in Atlanta? Be Ready for Hot Summers and Hot Market


Georgia real estate contracts include a due diligence period, typically lasting between 10 and 14 days, so if you’re worried about losing out on a house in a hot market, you can make an offer and take your test drive during due diligence.

Think The Cash Closing Process Is Always Fast? 11 Delays Buyers Should Watch Out For


Real estate contract contingencies are commonly associated with getting a mortgage, as lenders tend to do their due diligence on a property before they’ll put up the money for it. Taxes are past due.

How do Foreclosure Auctions Work? How to Find Properties, Research, and Bid


The title’s been checked out, you can go inside the house and look at it and do all your due diligence. With the courthouse steps [auction], you literally do no due diligence.”. Another aspect of education is doing due diligence for the property you want to buy.

Pre Approval vs Pre Qualified vs Underwritten Pre Approval: What’s It All Mean?


They’ll perform the same due diligence on your documents as they would during underwriting the actual loan. “It When you’re getting ready to start looking for homes, you’re probably dreaming about more space, a big backyard, or a garage, rather than low mortgage interest rates.

What Can A Landlord Do To Protect Him/Herself?

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So when you, as a landlord, or an agent, receive an employment letter, you’re not only doing due diligence on the tenant, you’re doing it on the person who signed that letter. It’s due diligence. There is simply no such thing as “too much diligence.”

How to Sell your Home for Cash: The Process!

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It’s extremely important that you do your due diligence on every interested buyer that submits an offer. Throughout the country real estate is exploding. In many markets property values have taken off to levels not seen in well over a decade.

How to Renegotiate When You Buy an Investment Home

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The reality is that even if you don’t get the absolute lowest deal on the initial agreement, you then have time to do your due diligence. Due diligence is an expected time frame (30, 60, 90 days, etc) where you need to make sure that the house is in the condition that you were told. If you find that your due diligence reveals the need to renegotiate, then you will have every right and opportunity to get a better deal overall.

Is a Pandemic a Good—or Horrible—Time To Buy a Vacation Home?

Very good Realtors® will not only walk you through the financial steps to ensure a good investment, but will also do their due diligence to ensure you’re investing in the right area with growth,” Horner says.

The Story of Taylor Swift’s Holiday House — Home to “the Last Great American Dynasty”

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And since celebrity homes are in our blood, especially when they come with their own backstory , we just had to do our due diligence and look up Taylor Swift’s house (and the story behind it), and boy, is it a good one.

Differentiate Yourself From the Competition in 5 Steps


Do your due diligence to find the value proposition of competing agents, but don’t go so far that you’re obsessing over their tactics. If you’re just launching your real estate business or are thinking of rebranding, standing out is going to be your biggest challenge.

What If the Appraisal Comes In Low? 3 Stories About What Buyers Did


The couple closed in March of 2020 after pushing for a quick close due to COVID-19. They wish they’d done more due diligence on the house and have had a few surprises since moving in (such as a leaking roof).

Hit Them With Your Best Shot: How Much to Offer on a Short Sale


Just because the seller has set an asking price doesn’t mean the listing agent has done their due diligence, so it’s on you as the buyer and your agent to complete your own comprehensive research. This means a short sale could require more due diligence on the buyer’s behalf.