Industry veterans launch Canopy in bid to shake up residential due diligence space

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Residential due diligence is an area of the mortgage ecosystem that’s overdue for disruption, according to two industry veterans who want to offer something completely different in the due diligence space through their newly launched company, Canopy.

Incenter acquires due diligence firm Edgemac

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Incenter is adding a third-party due diligence review firm to its umbrella of companies. Edgemac , which Incenter acquired at the end of last year, does due diligencing for mostly non-QM and jumbo loans, as well as private label reverse mortgages that could eventually be securitized.


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What Is Real Estate Due Diligence? Find Out What to Do Before Buying a Home

During this window of time, buyers are often told to “do their due diligence” on the home they soon hope to own. But just what is the definition of due diligence, anyway? What if I find problems during the due diligence process?

3 Properties That Need More Due Diligence Before Purchasing

Realty Biz

When you are buying a home there are three types of properties that need more research and due diligence. Types of Properties With More Required Due Diligence. The most common reasons why properties are condemned is due to a hazardous living condition.

Due Diligence For Home Buyers: What You Need to Check

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Check For Potential Issues When Buying Your First House Do you understand what’s needed for due diligence in real estate to be completed? The post Due Diligence For Home Buyers: What You Need to Check appeared first on Massachusetts Real Estate Exposure.

Do the Due: A Complete Due Diligence Guide and Checklist for Homebuyers


As a buyer, that means you have to do your due diligence from both a practical and contractual perspective. What does due diligence mean in residential real estate? That’s why we’ve put together this guide to due diligence for a homebuyer.

Startup profile: LauraMac

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Launched just this year, LauraMac provides a suite of configurable products to enable collaboration that will transform the way due diligence is performed in the mortgage industry. Fintech Magazine Secondary Market Tech Due diligence HWplus LauraMac secondary technology startup

How To Do Due Diligence on an HOA Before You Buy Into the Community—and Why It’s Crucial for Homebuyers

To protect your investment and your peace of mind, here’s how to do your due diligence. How to do due diligence on an HOA. Getty Images If you’re considering buying a home in a homeowners association , you’re in good company.

Private-label loan-vetting comes up short

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As part of that, it’s important to understand that the due-diligence reviews performed on loan pools assembled for securitizations often make use of a process called loan sampling.

Opinion: Does your title M&A strategy add up?

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It’s one thing to throw buzzwords like “due diligence” around when the time comes to build an M&A strategy, and yet, quite another to walk away with maximum ROI. Due diligence. IPO / M&A Opinion Title cybersecurity Due diligence

Title 248

SitusAMC creating safety net for the private-label market

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SitusAMC, a leading provider of services and technology to the real estate industry, controls some 60% to 70% of the due-diligence loan-review market, according to its CEO, Michael Franco. SitusAMC CEO Michael Franco.

10 Scariest Things a Home Inspector Might Find in Your House

There are three brands of electrical panels—often called fuse boxes or breaker boxes—that we always recommend replacing, due to safety issues,” explains Sisson. Buy contingencies due diligence home buying home inspectioniStock; Home inspections are scary.

Do You Have to Disclose a Death in a House?

Sell disclosure due diligence murder updatesMost sellers know that they have to disclose physical defects like a faulty foundation or mold infestation, but do you have to disclose a death in a house? The post Do You Have to Disclose a Death in a House? appeared first on Real Estate News & Insights |®.

Passive Real Estate Investing with Jim Ingersoll and Paul White

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Why “Due Diligence” is important. Passive Real Estate Investing with Jim Ingersoll and Paul White. Paul White is a Richmond, VA native and an orthodontist that found his way into passive investing in real estate.

Five things to look for when partnering with a third-party review provider

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That’s why due diligence is a critical element of every mortgage transaction. The purpose of due diligence is to protect lenders by reviewing and verifying all information provided by borrowers to eliminate fraud and other concerns.

5 Tips for Finding a Good Development Project

Real Estate Investar

Here are some factors you should consider in your research and due diligence Purchasing a good development can help you gain a positively geared property for your portfolio.

New Wave sues Sprout for defaulting on $32M purchase of mortgages

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After accepting Sprout’s written offer, the parties started the due diligence process. Court documents show that Sprout usually held back around 2% of the principal of each loan and returned the sum once due diligence was done and credit and closing documents conditions were satisfied.

Mortgage Tech Demo Day: Altisource

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Economical due diligence solutions for HELOC lenders, servicers and investors. #3. Altisource. Altisource® is a leading and trusted provider of innovative solutions for servicers, originators and investors in the real estate and mortgage industries.

New Wave sues Sprout for defaulting on $32M purchase of mortgages

Housing Wire

After accepting Sprout’s written offer, the parties started the due diligence process. Court documents show that Sprout usually held back around 2% of the principal of each loan and returned the sum once due diligence was done and credit and closing documents conditions were satisfied.

Mortgage Tech Demo Day: ICE Mortgage Technology

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New partners and enhancements launched regularly including ability to respond to conditions from Encompass, access to warehouse lending, due diligence, QC and Bid Tape services. Encompass Investor Connect.

Competition for mortgage underwriters has never been fiercer

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We’ve grown in excess of 100 employees already in two-and-a-half quarters, that’s underwriters,” said John Levonick, CEO of Charlotte-based Canopy , a third-party due-diligence (TPR) firm that started doing business in the second quarter of 2021.

Shoring up the mortgage underwriter shortfall

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The imbalance has been particularly acute for third-party due diligence (TPR) firms that employ underwriters to review and assess the quality of loan pools used as collateral in private-label securitization deals.

Covius to acquire Nationwide Title Clearing

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“Our robust solutions span origination, servicing and capital markets segments, offering loss mitigation and loan modification services, document and critical borrower communications, title and settlement services, auction and REO asset disposition, verifications and due diligence.

Title 298

North Carolina’s low home prices luring buyers

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“Plus, we’re a due diligence state, so right now if you don’t go way over listing price and offer a substantial due diligence price, there’s no point in even submitting an offer.” ” The current average due diligence is around 3.1%

Mortgage Tech Demo Day: Altisource

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Vendorly, a proprietary SAAS product developed by Altisource, is a comprehensive vendor management solution that manages vendor due diligence, document maintenance, monitoring and audits. Vendorly.

New MISMO standards are critical to a growing PLS market

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MISMO’s new standard will improve the quality and consistency of the data sent to the rating agencies, which will in turn lead to faster, more efficient, and more accurate due diligence for private label RMBS.

How hybrid title and valuations help increase lending efficiency

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HousingWire: What are some due diligence and underwriting challenges loan originators face today? Steve Greenfield: Lenders have always faced certain challenges when meeting necessary due diligence and providing accurate underwriting services.

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How one mortgage fulfillment service increases efficiencies while minimizing risks

Housing Wire

HousingWire recently spoke with Brian Simon, president of Trelix Mortgage Fulfillment Services, about how Trelix helps its clients work more efficiently while still maintaining compliance and performing due diligence.

What to Consider When Choosing a Website Vendor

Real Trends

Your brokerage will likely have an ongoing relationship with the vendor, so it's important to take the time and do the necessary due diligence before pulling the trigger. When it comes to real estate websites, it is vital to choose a vendor that fits the vision of your firm.

4 Things Everyone Needs to Know Before Purchasing Real Estate


By Lizzie Weakley If you want to buy a house in today’s competitive market, it only makes sense to do your due diligence. There are so many moving parts that come into play when buying and selling real estate, that understanding all the tenets of each step is essential.

A Seller’s Guide To When A Buyer Does and Doesn’t Get Their Earnest Money Back


In this guide, we’ll outline the scenarios where you’re vulnerable as a seller, where you’re in the right to claim the earnest money due to the buyer failing to uphold their end of the contract, and what things you can do to protect yourself against the risk of a buyer pulling out at the last moment.

Fannie Mae unveils $1.49 billion reperforming loan sale

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The sale of reperforming loans (RPLs) is being marketed in collaboration with Citigroup Global Markets , with bids due by May 3, 2022. The sale is slated to close by mid-June 2022, after due-diligence period.

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Mistakes that land salespeople in litigation

REM Online

Too many court cases involving agents are a result of one common denominator – not doing due diligence. The following content may have been republished here without the author's permission.

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The crypto-mortgage is the new kid on the block

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LauraMac is a software as a service, or SaaS, firm that provides due-diligence automation tools for the secondary market. Its technology is used by third-party due diligence firms that assess mortgage pools in securitization transactions in the private label market. .

Goldman Sachs plants its flag in the jumbo-loan gold rush

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Michael Franco, CEO of SitusAMC , which provides due-diligence services to RMBS issuers, said market dynamics have played a major role in the dominance of jumbo-loan securitizations in the private-label market this year.

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