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Negotiating short sales is a crucial skill for real estate agents


With some areas seeing rising prices and low supply, Clever's Luke Babich writes, many would-be homeowners are looking into unconventional routes to homeownership, including short sales.

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Short Sale vs Foreclosure: What’s the Difference?

CT Homes

If you find yourself in a tough financial spot, it’s crucial to understand your options, particularly when it comes to a short sale vs foreclosure. What is a Short Sale? In contrast to a foreclosure, a short sale is a process initiated by the homeowner before the mortgage defaults become unmanageable.


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Why I Should Consider a Short Sale

Realty Biz

Many more homes have been sold since then and some have even gone through short sales. But what is a short sale exactly, and how is it any different than a regular sale, bankruptcy, or foreclosure? How does a short sale affect you as a homeowner? What You Need to Know About Short Sales.

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The Basics of Short Sales for Buyers and Sellers

Short sales can save homebuyers money, but are often complex processes requiring patience and expert guidance. The post The Basics of Short Sales for Buyers and Sellers appeared first on Follow these insights to get started!

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A Seller’s Guide to Finding a Top-Notch Short Sales Realtor®


Because, there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding a short sale, a homeowner might reach out to the real estate agent who originally sold them their home. But that may not be the best choice because even if the whole experience was positive, you’re not going to get the same help that a short sales Realtor® can provide.

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What Is The Difference Between Short Sales and Foreclosures?

Mandrona Group

Homeowners who fall behind on mortgage payments have 2 main options; short sale or foreclosure. What is the difference between Short Sales and Foreclosures?

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How to buy a short sale home

The Mortgage Report

Buying a short sale home can get you a great deal. But the short sale process can be challenging. Here's what to expect when buying a short sale.