These markets are attracting the most out-of-state real estate investors

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Many real estate investors were serendipitously ahead of this shift even before the pandemic started, driven by both affordability and an affinity for overlooked markets. The post These markets are attracting the most out-of-state real estate investors appeared first on HousingWire.

Investors turn their eyes to affordable housing opportunities

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As the pandemic shifts from crisis to chronic, investors, community leaders and housing advocates say they intend to make the most of the chance to permanently elevate the case for affordable housing even as economic metrics are starting to shift.


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CoreLogic responds to investor groups’ initiation of written consent process

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17 to replace three of the 12 current directors with the investment groups’ nominees, but the two investor group have said they need a “safeguard” to make sure the process moves forward. The investors dropped their takeover bid on Nov.

Ultra simple shortcut to attract new (or more) real estate investors

The American Genius for Real Estate

(REAL ESTATE BIG DATA) Without having to spend any money, this shortcut can attract more business to boost your bottom line with real estate investors - a win-win for the nation. Real Estate Big Data real estate investors Real Estate News rpr

How the bond market continues to impact mortgage originators and investors

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HousingWire recently sat down with Scott Happ, president of Secondary Marketing Technologies for Black Knight, to discuss the impact this has on mortgage originators and investors. HW: How does this, in turn, impact mortgage originators and investors?

Investors are bulk buying inner city condos on the cheap

Realty Biz

While the suburbs are making a comeback with homebuyers as seek out more space for themselves during the pandmic, investors are playing a longer-term game, betting on condos and a return to the city when the pandemic subsides.

Choosing a hard money lender? 5 questions investors should ask


With these questions under your belt, as a real estate investor, you’ll be ready to enlist the help of the right hard money lender. Agent Brokerage Investing Select Service hard money hard-money lenders investing investors lender loans Real Estate Investing Victoria Kennedy

Why investors make the best clients — and how to land them


From having recurring business to fostering industry connections, working with real estate investors has its perks. Agent Brokerage Investing Select Service homebuying homeselling industry connections investing investor clients investors negotiation negotiator Recurring business

First-time investor? 5 things to consider before starting

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Professional investors spend years tracking the behavior of the markets. The post First-time investor? US Real Estate invest investing investors

How investors can make the most of Airbnb’s new flexible dates feature


News Brief Property Portfolio Select airbnb airbnb investors competitive price COVID-19 pandemic flexibility long-term rentals property portfolio short-term rental short-term rental market travel work from home

How Sotheby’s reaches foreign property investors

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The original post can be found at the following URL: How Sotheby’s reaches foreign property investors. The original post can be found at the following URL: How Sotheby’s reaches foreign property investors.

Top 6 Traits of a Successful Real Estate Investors

Agent Drive

Investing in the real estate industry has always been one of the most appealing options for investors. Most successful investors always have real estate investments in their portfolios. The post Top 6 Traits of a Successful Real Estate Investors appeared first on AgentDrive.

4 Bookkeeping Tips for Real Estate Investors

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Staying on top of things and implementing a good system for bookkeeping can help investors understand their return on investment (ROI). The post 4 Bookkeeping Tips for Real Estate Investors appeared first on RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News.

How to Become an Agent for Investors

Real Trends

This post will demonstrate the advantages of working with property investors and show you how to get these buyers into your client base.

Doorvest’s unique investor assistance model is modernizing fix-and-flip


News Brief Property Portfolio Select Technology Doorvest first time investors flipping homes leasing Real Estate Investing residential home investing single family investing

Why real estate investors should consider a blanket mortgage

The Mortgage Report

A blanket mortgage lets real estate investors buy multiple properties with one loan. Find out how a blanket loan works, plus pros and cons.

11 Types of Real Estate Investments for Aspiring Investors


While homeownership is a common starting point for many hopeful investors, there are myriad types of real estate investments worth having on your residential radar. You’ll need to be an accredited investor , but you can start investing with as little as $1,000.

Which of these investors fared better?

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The original post can be found at the following URL: Which of these investors fared better? Once upon a time, in a neighbourhood not so far far away, there lived two investors that chose differently. The following content may have been republished here without the author's permission.

Just Sold! Investor’s Dream

The Living Room

Investor’s Dream appeared first on Living Room Realty. I just helped my clients sell this well-maintained, professionally managed duplex will have 3 br and 2 1/2 bathrooms on EACH side. I’d love to help you find your ideal investment! The post Just Sold!

Why 2021 Will Be a Boon for Rural Land Investors

Real Trends

Businesses, investors, and just ordinary citizens looked for certainties in a year in which everything seemed to unwind and spin out of control faster than ever before. 2020 was a trying year for everybody.

Land 60

What A Novice Investor Needs To Know About Investing In Land For The First Time

Realty Biz

If you prefer long-term returns as a land investor that helps to narrow your potential income stream choices when investing. With the exemption, investors and landowners can end up paying less than $200 in property taxes annually. Real Estate Resource investor

Thinking Through the IPOB-Opendoor Investor Call

Notorious ROB

The post Thinking Through the IPOB-Opendoor Investor Call appeared first on NotoriousROB. This content is behind fabulous velvet ropes for Notorious VIP Subscribers only. Please login or sign up. Thank you!

Propy gets cash infusion from ‘legendary investor’


Venture capitalist Tim Draper, an early backer of Tesla and Skype, has invested an undisclosed amount in the blockchain transaction startup. He will also get a seat on Propy's board and offer strategic input.

Investors transform struggling hotels into apartments

Realty Biz

The hospitality industry has been pummeled by the COVID-19 pandemic, and investors are swooping to buy up hotels and reimagine them as rental units instead. Investors say hotels are ideal for transforming into apartments.

Investors wait to capitalize on pandemic-related foreclosures

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Investors are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a surge in repossessed homes as millions of homeowners are believed to have fallen behind on their mortgage repayments, putting them at risk of losing their homes once moratoriums end. The Wall Street Journal says that investors are expecting a “potential bonanza” of distressed properties to be auctioned off, in addition to the emergence of a new wave of renters.

How to Become the Go-To Agent for Real Estate Investors

RIS Media

Successful investors tend to buy and sell multiple properties in a short period of time—and work with the same agent to do so—meaning this could be a steady stream of income for you. Learn the language of real estate investors. Buy at wholesale and sell to another investor?

Should digital assistants have empathy? Big investors say yes

The American Genius for Real Estate

Big investors say yes appeared first on The American Genius Real Estate. (REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY) Bonding with your digital assistant might be more likely than you expect with ElliQ. The rising numbers of AI assistants have created unique interactions.

Over Two-Thirds of Toronto Real Estate Investors Plan On Listing Properties For Sale

Better Dwelling

The majority of Toronto’s real estate investors are looking to cash in. A Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) survey, conducted by Ipsos in Fall 2020, shows most investors are looking to sell in the next year.

Investors turn to farmland as “safe haven”

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With those gains, investors who’ve been buying rural real estate farmland in recent years are likely to be reaping the rewards of their endeavor. Other investors are now turning to farmland as a safe haven during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How this investor built a single-family rental empire virtually


California-based investor Katy Klesitz shares how she and her husband, Frank, have grown their out-of-state rental portfolio during the pandemic.

Medium-Size Apartment Buildings Often Better for Private Investors

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This creates two distinct disadvantages for you as an individual investor. First, most individual commercial investors often need to join a large consortium of other investors to get in on a multi-million dollar deal. Going up against institutional investors can be futile.

What Every Successful Property Investor Should Do Over Christmas

Real Estate Investar

It's tempting to throw out the property investment 'to-do' list when December comes around, with the best of intentions, to give it another go next year. If you ticked off your goals this year and grew your portfolio successfully, congratulations, it's time to put your feet up!

Ask Brian: Why Do Some Real Estate Investors Succeed and Others Fail?

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Still, I know some investors succeed, others do OK, and some fail. Why do some real estate investors succeed and others fail? But I will cover a few of the most common mistakes that beginning investors make. The investor’s return on investment is lower but the income is passive.

RE/MAX to investors: COVID-19 accelerated tech transformation


The pandemic also underscored how agents remain the most important part of the transaction, Chief Customer Officer Nick Bailey told investors Friday morning.

Taxing Times For British Property Investors in Spain

Agent Drive

As the two crises have combined over the last twelve months to create adverse investor conditions – encompassing a 25% increase in taxes, vastly reduced demand for holiday rentals and much reduced long term rental […].