Why investors make the best clients — and how to land them


From having recurring business to fostering industry connections, working with real estate investors has its perks. Agent Brokerage Investing Select Service homebuying homeselling industry connections investing investor clients investors negotiation negotiator Recurring business

How Sotheby’s reaches foreign property investors

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The original post can be found at the following URL: How Sotheby’s reaches foreign property investors. The original post can be found at the following URL: How Sotheby’s reaches foreign property investors.

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Just Sold! Investor’s Dream

The Living Room

Investor’s Dream appeared first on Living Room Realty. I just helped my clients sell this well-maintained, professionally managed duplex will have 3 br and 2 1/2 bathrooms on EACH side. I’d love to help you find your ideal investment! The post Just Sold!

Why Canada’s Condo “Insurance Crisis” Should Make Investors Nervous

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Canadian condo investors are facing another risk – rising insurance premiums. The post Why Canada’s Condo “Insurance Crisis” Should Make Investors Nervous appeared first on Better Dwelling.

Propy gets cash infusion from ‘legendary investor’


Venture capitalist Tim Draper, an early backer of Tesla and Skype, has invested an undisclosed amount in the blockchain transaction startup. He will also get a seat on Propy's board and offer strategic input.

Investors wait to capitalize on pandemic-related foreclosures

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Investors are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a surge in repossessed homes as millions of homeowners are believed to have fallen behind on their mortgage repayments, putting them at risk of losing their homes once moratoriums end. The Wall Street Journal says that investors are expecting a “potential bonanza” of distressed properties to be auctioned off, in addition to the emergence of a new wave of renters.

Thinking Through the IPOB-Opendoor Investor Call

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The post Thinking Through the IPOB-Opendoor Investor Call appeared first on NotoriousROB. This content is behind fabulous velvet ropes for Notorious VIP Subscribers only. Please login or sign up. Thank you!

Investors turn to farmland as “safe haven”

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With those gains, investors who’ve been buying rural real estate farmland in recent years are likely to be reaping the rewards of their endeavor. Other investors are now turning to farmland as a safe haven during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will the Federal Budget Help Property Investors?

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There’s been plenty of attention on this week’s Federal Budget after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg put a clear focus on creating jobs and lifting the economy out of recession. However, was there enough in the budget to help property markets? Research

How Commercial Real Estate Investors Are Weighing Climate Change When Planning Future Business Strategies

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The report found that even though flood and fire insurance can offset some short-term exposure to climate-related losses, those policies alone will not protect commercial real estate investors. “No investor can afford to put their head in the sand,” Block says.

Post-pandemic, which foreign investors will be first to return?


Inman recently spoke with industry expert Edward Mermelstein about how the pandemic changed the foreign investment market, where he thinks the first post-COVID investors will come from and why he's feeling optimistic.

RE/MAX to investors: COVID-19 accelerated tech transformation


The pandemic also underscored how agents remain the most important part of the transaction, Chief Customer Officer Nick Bailey told investors Friday morning.

6 Tips For First Time Real Estate Investors

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The post 6 Tips For First Time Real Estate Investors appeared first on I Am 1 Percent. With the real estate market regaining some of its prestige over the past few years, many entrepreneurs are turning to the industry as a viable investment opportunity. Although the inherent risks are still there, the potential for a strong return. Read more. Real Estate homeownership insurance investment real estate investing rental

The Best Ways to Invest in Real Estate Shared by 3 Full-Time Investors


To help you decide the best way to make money in real estate that suits you, we’ve interviewed full-time real estate investors and agents who have shared their experiences and tips with us. Fix-and-flip investors. Buy-and-hold investors.

Investor Financing Heats Up

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But, investors continue to find deals and set records while increasingly tapping the debt markets to finance their flips. The new lenders in the space have made financing more competitive, leading to better interest rates for real estate investors seeking financing for their deals. “I Natural disasters provide an opportunity for real estate investors to buy housing economically and flip it for profit while improving severely damaged neighborhoods in the process.

Just Sold! First Time Buyer or Investor Ready!

The Living Room

First Time Buyer or Investor Ready! 12600 SE Freeman Way #105. Milwaukie, OR 97222. Spacious ground floor unit with distinct upgrades: flooring, stainless steel appliances, electric water heater, custom vinyl windows, and shades.

What investors need to know about predictive cleaning amid COVID


Technology experts share how property owners are using sensor-enabled predictive cleaning to streamline resources and enhance safety amid COVID.

Stone Point Capital takes over as Lone Wolf’s lead investor

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The original post can be found at the following URL: Stone Point Capital takes over as Lone Wolf’s lead investor. Stone Point Capital LLC, based in Greenwich, CT is now the lead investor in Lone Wolf Technologies of Cambridge, Ont.

Five tax strategies for real estate investors

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The new federal tax law, which took effect with the current tax-filing season, provides real estate investors with some additional tax benefits that didn’t exist before, but it could also create confusion. Section 1031 of the IRS tax code allows a real estate investor to defer paying capital gains taxes on an investment property upon its sale if a “like kind” property is bought with the profit from the sale.

The impact of COVID-19 on small landlords: How to lower the risks

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That means that small landlords – the mom-and-pop investors who own single-family homes for rent or perhaps a small apartment building – are not reflected in NMHC’s statistics. Mom-and-pop investors are especially vulnerable if their tenants fail to pay rent.

Lone Wolf Technologies plans to accelerate growth with investment from Stone Point Capital

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Stone Point will become Lone Wolf’s lead institutional investor, powering the next phase of its growth and expanding its product offering, the company said. Fintech Real Estate Tech Brokers investors Lone Wolf Technologies real estate tech Stone Point Capital

Why Agents Make the Best Real Estate Investors—Even During the Pandemic

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If you still need more convincing, here are the top reasons why agents make the best investors—even during the pandemic. An agent can understand a seller’s wants and needs more easily than a regular buyer or investor. What many amateur investors don’t realize is that buying, selling, or renting a property really is a group project. One of the biggest challenges for investors just starting out is building up a network of partners they can depend on.

FTC seeks to add 2 investors as defendants in real estate training scheme


Well-known real estate investors Dean Graziosi and Scott Yancey are suspected of promoting sham coaching and training seminars.

Ask Brian: What is the Best Marketing Strategy for a Beginning Real Estate Investor?

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What do you think is a good marketing strategy for a beginning investor? Several studies show that over 90% of all buyers (retail and investors) begin their search for a house online. Many investors swear by direct mail. But don’t network only with real estate investors.

6 pro tips for first-time real estate investors looking to make a change


The real estate industry has remained remarkably stable during the pandemic, prompting some Americans to turn to investing.

Mobile-home parks are a sound investment, especially during a pandemic


Mobile-home parks have long been touted as a recession-proof sector of real estate, and investors say they continue to be a wise choice during the nation's current economic turmoil.

Billionaire real estate tech investor behind Lone Wolf settles with DOJ


Robert Smith, CEO of Vista Equity Partners, will pay back taxes owed on offshore assets totaling $140 million. Vista has a majority stake in Lone Wolf Technologies. Regulations Select Technology department of justice doj lone wolf robert smith tax investigation Vista Equity Partners

1031 Exchange Rules For Investors: How To Do A 1031 Exchange In 2020?

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There are many investors who would like to do a 1031 exchange. Although, a 1031 exchange process is complex it is one of the best tax advantages real estate investors have at their disposal. The post 1031 Exchange Rules For Investors: How To Do A 1031 Exchange In 2020?

The Rise of the Mid-Tier Investor

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One that we find especially interesting is the growth of the middle tier — real estate investors whose property holdings are larger than the small investors that own one or maybe just a few buy-and-hold investment properties but are still much smaller than institutional investors. Over the years, the single-family rental market has been dominated by “mom-and-pop” investors who own one or two investment properties and this is still the case today.

Brownstoner Podcast: Meridian’s Adam Hess Predicts What’s Next for Brooklyn Investors


A former attorney, he lives in Brooklyn and serves on the board of the Brooklyn… Read More > The post Brownstoner Podcast: Meridian’s Adam Hess Predicts What’s Next for Brooklyn Investors appeared first on Brownstoner.

REX Homes Secures New Round of Investment from Consumer Brand Investor Lion Capital

REX Homes

REX Homes, the real estate technology company delivering a full-service online marketplace for residential real estate buyers and sellers and the lowest transaction costs in the industry, today announced a significant minority investment from Lion Capital. Featured REX News

The first affordable housing REIT is here, and it’s Black-owned

The American Genius for Real Estate

Real Estate Brokerage affordable housing black owned real estate investors Real Estate News reit(BROKERAGE) The first affordable housing REIT is here – and it’s founded by two of the largest Black-owned firms in the country.

A Solution For Fix-and-Flip Investors Facing Today's Tightening Housing Supply

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Patch of Land's CMO, Robert Greenberg, is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and recently shared his thoughts on new development opportunities for Fix and Flip investors. With a tightening housing supply, and increased demand, what are investors to do? See what Robert has to say on why real estate investors are starting to look at new construction as an alternative to renovating properties. So, what’s an investor to do?

Home price gains continue to climb in third quarter


A new report from Attom Data Solutions found that 77 percent of metros analyzed posted double-digit annual home price gains and 86 percent saw profit margins increase.

How to take advantage of your parking lot during the pandemic


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