UWM now offering ultra-low mortgage rates on FHA loans

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Ahead of its initial public offering slated for mid-December, United Wholesale Mortgage is offering mortgage rates below 2% on FHA loans through its Conquest Program. on FHA loans, the company announced in a statement on Wednesday.

HUD extends COVID-19 forbearance for FHA loans

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Department of Housing and Urban Development on Tuesday extended COVID-19 foreclosure and forbearance moratoriums for FHA and USDA loans to June 30, 2021. This announcement follows FHFA action last week to extend moratoriums for loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The U.S.


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Share of New Home Sales Backed by FHA Loans Reaches 14-Year Low

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Census Bureau reveals that the four-quarter moving average (MA) share of new home sales financed through FHA was 11.0% Conventional loans financed 74.8% NAHB analysis of the most recent Quarterly Sales by Price and Financing published by the U.S.

How much money do I need for an FHA loan? (Calculator)

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How much money do you need to get an FHA loan? FHA Home Buying First-Time Home Buyers FHA loan FHA loan closing costs FHA loan down paymentThat will depend on several factors. But this article will give you a rough idea.

Should You Get an FHA Loan?

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Among the many mortgage options buyers have, the FHA loan is one of the most popular. Read on for a complete rundown of what an FHA loan is, how you qualify for one, and how an FHA loan compares to a conventional home loan. What Is an FHA loan?

FHA loans: FHA rates and requirements for 2020

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FHA loans are easier to qualify for than many other mortgages. FHA rates are low, but come with mortgage insurance. See current FHA rates and requirements. FHA Home Buying FHA loan FHA Mortgage MIP Mortgage mortgage rates U.S.

FHA loan requirements: Six facts you might not know

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FHA loan requirements are more lenient than most other loan programs. FHA Home Buying FHA Housing Mortgage mortgage rates Real EstateThat means you can buy or refinance a house more easily. Here's how.

How to Get Approved for an FHA Loan


The FHA is now a go-to-place for moderate-to-low income workers with good credit histories. The post How to Get Approved for an FHA Loan appeared first on RISMedia's Housecall. Featured Industry Insights FHA loans home loans mortgage

FHA loan limits increase for single-family and multifamily loans

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Current FHA loan limits for every U.S. Check your local FHA loan limit for 1-unit, 2-unit, 3-unit, and 4-unit homes. FHA Home Buying Mortgage News FHA Housing Loan Limits Mortgage mortgage ratescounty.

How to get an FHA loan: FHA requirements and tips (Podcast)

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Learn about FHA loan requirements, and get tips from a mortgage expert on how to qualify for the FHA program. FHA Home Buying

FHA for first-time home buyers: Why use an FHA loan?

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Explore benefits of the FHA loan for first-time home buyers, including low down payments and flexible loan requirements. FHA Home Buying First-Time Home Buyers FHA Housing Mortgage mortgage rates Real Estate

FHA Loans and Down Payment Assistance: Making Homebuying Affordable


The Federal Housing Administration (also known as the FHA) is an agency of the U.S. The FHA doesn’t lend money itself. The FHA backing lets lenders offer easier credit terms than non-FHA loans. FHA loans are especially important for first-time buyers.

How to apply for an FHA loan: Process and requirements to qualify

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Learn how to apply for an FHA loan and get approved. This guide covers the FHA loan application process, required documents, and guidelines to qualify. Buying a home FHA Home Buying First-Time Home Buyers

7 Things Sellers Need to Know About FHA Loans When Fielding Offers


You’ve just received the first offer on your home — and it’s backed by an FHA loan. So what do you need to know about FHA loans as a seller? Today, FHA loans represent a fair share of the mortgage market; in 2018, the FHA insured 12.1%

What’s My Home Shopping Budget with an FHA Loan? How to Figure it Out


You’re getting ready to start shopping for a house, and you’re pretty certain you want to go with an FHA loan. The Federal Housing Administration backs loans with less strict credit requirements and low down payment options to help families become homeowners.

FHA unveils 40-year loan modification option

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The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is moving to expand its COVID-19 loss mitigation “waterfall” by introducing a 40-year loan modification option and is asking the mortgage industry for input. FHA’s 40-year loan modification option has been in the works for quite some time.

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Industry supports FHA’s 40-year loan term option — with caveats

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The deadline for the mortgage industry to chime in on the Federal Housing Administration ‘s (FHA) proposed 40-year loan modification rule was at the end of May. An FHA spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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DACA home loans — FHA will now approve home loans for ‘Dreamers.’ Here’s how to get approved

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Thanks to a new policy, FHA is now accepting DACA home loans. Learn about the pros and cons of FHA loans and whether you qualify for financing.

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Mortgage applications are up, on the strength of FHA refis

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The trade group estimates the average contract 30-year fixed-rate mortgage for conforming loans ($548,250 or less) decreased to 3.30%, one basis point down from the previous week. For jumbo mortgage loans (greater than $548,250), rates rose to 3.33% from 3.27% the week prior.

Some mortgage companies expanding despite challenges

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Led by Irma DeLoen, Geneva Financial’s Chicago branch will offer products including conventional and government loans, such as loans from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Affairs and U.S. Rely Home Loans has plans to expand into Florida and Arizona.

20 state attorneys general take aim at mortgage servicers

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Some Federal Housing Administration -approved mortgage servicers have routinely flouted the agency’s loan modification program, according to Washington, D.C. The loan modification options allowed eligible borrowers to reduce their principal and interest payments by 25%.

VA-like housing bill proposed for first responders, teachers

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New legislation would extend a benefit similar to Veterans Affairs loans to first responders and teachers who buy homes. Mortgages would be subject to FHA loan limits. Loan officers, too, sometimes have reservations about government-financed loans.

Real estate agents brace for the potential demise of FHA & VA loans

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An anti-trust lawsuit is scheduled for trial in 2023 that could impact how real estate agents receive compensation, affecting FHA & VA loans. The post Real estate agents brace for the potential demise of FHA & VA loans appeared first on The American Genius Real Estate.

Auctions see high owner-occupancy rates for foreclosed homes

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This narrative was once again repeated in the HousingWire article announcing the FHA first-look program: “Typically, FHA-insured foreclosed properties are snatched up by large investors and turned into rental properties.”.

RenoFi targets homeowners who don’t qualify for HELOCs

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Renovation financing startup RenoFi now offers a fixed-rate home renovation loan, which allows homeowners to borrow as much as 90% of their home’s after-renovation value — a move to target homeowners who don’t qualify for a home equity line of credit (HELOCs).

Mortgage applications for new homes down in September

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New home sales purchase activity was weaker in September, and the average loan size rose to another record high, as homebuilders continue to grapple with rising building materials costs and labor shortages. When looking at loans by product type, conventional loans made up 75.1%

Refinance wave boosts mortgage applications 3.8%

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percent last week, but rates for 15-year fixed-rate loans, FHA loans and jumbo loans all fell to new MBA survey lows.”. Here is a more detailed breakdown of this week’s mortgage application data: The FHA’s share of mortgage apps fell to 11.1%

Mortgage applications rebound following drop in rates

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“Borrowers acted on the decrease in rates for most loan types, with both conventional and government refinance applications showing gains,” Kan. The FHA share of total mortgage applications increased to 11.3% After six consecutive weeks of dips , mortgage applications rose 8.6%

New-year optimism reflected in mortgage applications jump

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“Both conventional and government refinance applications increased, with applications for government loans having their strongest week since June 2012.”. The FHA share of total applications decreased to 9.6% Mortgage applications jumped 16.7% after a 4.2%

Mortgage applications dip as home prices climb

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The FHA share of total mortgage applications remained unchanged at 11.7% Mortgage FHA loan Joel Kan Mortgage Bankers Association mortgage rates 2021 refinance applications VA loan

Mortgage applications are thinning as summer approaches

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The average loan size on a purchase application edged down to $407,000, below the record $418,000 set in February — but still far above 2020’s average of $353,900.” The FHA share of total mortgage applications decreased to 9.5%

Mortgage applications decrease 4%

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The FHA share of total mortgage applications decreased to 9.1% Mortgage Real Estate 15-year, fixed-rate mortgage 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage FHA loan mortgage applications mortgage rates 2021 VA loan

Mortgage applications jump as rates fall to 2.96%

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“Additionally, refinance loan balances increased for the fourth straight week, an indication that higher-balance borrowers acted to take quick advantage of lower rates.” The FHA share of total mortgage applications decreased to 9.9%

After record fall of 18%, forbearances rose slightly last week

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Although portfolio-held and private labeled security loans led the record decline the week prior, those same loans took the lion’s share of last week’s increase – rising by nearly 8,000, the report said.

Mortgage applications fall for fourth week

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The FHA share of total mortgage applications decreased to 11.3% Mortgage Mortgage Rates FHA loan low inventory mortgage applications Mortgage Bankers Association MORTGAGE RATES purchase activity VA loan