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Unwrapping what to expect in your home inspection, appraisal and closing

Housing Wire

What’s the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal? Before you get overwhelmed, take comfort that critical milestones of home inspection, appraisal and closing processes are all great ways to get more acquainted with your prospective new home. Home Inspection. Have you budgeted for closing costs?

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Home Inspections: Checklist of What to Know and Inspect

Realty Biz

Checklist When Getting a Home Inspection. When you are buying a home, the home inspection can be an exciting time. Home inspections can help you confirm you’ve made a good home buying decision or give you a list of issues to raise with the seller. Keep in mind that home inspections are not passed or failed.


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Appraising New Construction: Guidance for Follow-Up Inspections


Not only will you conduct an extensive lot inspection before construction starts, but you may also need to visit the property during construction—to assess progress and detail when work is complete. You will also need to conduct a final inspection. Inspection during construction. Final inspection. Don’t be lenient.

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How a Home Inspection Works When It’s Your House in the Hot Seat


You’ve done the work to get your home ready to sell — repainted rooms a neutral color and taken care of minor repairs, hired a great real estate agent , staged it to perfection , kept it clean for open houses and home tours — and now you’ve accepted an offer. Up next: The home inspection. What is a home inspection?

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Staging for Real Estate Agents

Easy Agent Pro

Both of these involve staging to make the home look as attractive as possible for potential buyers. Learn to be as successful as possible at home staging so you can have your best summer season yet. Introduction Summer staging involves setting a house up to be attractive to potential buyers with elements of summer.

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After the Home Inspection, What’s Next for Sellers?


Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing a home, you’re probably going to have to endure a home inspection. It can necessitate a lot of preparation and cause a certain amount of anxiety, but a home inspection is an important part of the process when you’re selling a home. But what’s inspected? Prepare for an inspection.

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Feng Shui Staging Tips

RIS Media

If you’re looking to spice up staging strategies for your listings, you might consider incorporating some Feng Shui techniques. In the case of home systems and appliances, taking care of needed repairs or replacements now could potentially expedite the home inspection portion of a real estate transaction.

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