7 Key Things About Seller Disclosures Every Homebuyer Should Know


You go to investigate the root cause of the water intrusion and discover something worse than wet carpet: evidence that the seller likely knew about the issue and told you nothing (nada! These disclosures usually must be made upfront and in writing. Full disclosure.

What should sellers disclose? Top 10 disclosure musts


In an effort to protect buyers, Realtor associations across the country are rolling out increasingly strict disclosure guidelines. Smart listing agents will pay attention and help sellers disclose everything.


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Seller disclosures. In many states, seller disclosure forms are required to complete a real estate transaction. Each state has different requirements , but basically the seller is required to tell the buyer of any known problems with the house.

Disastrous Disclosures

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Agents need to know and plan for what’s required of them with regard to natural disaster disclosures. Disclosure do’s and don’ts. Generally, the only information that doesn’t have to be disclosed is information about which sellers are ignorant. “A

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Selling Disclosures. One way this happens is through selling disclosures that must be presented to the buyer before the transaction closes.

6 Tips for Taking the Flood Insurance Risk Out of Home Closings

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– Lawsuits triggered by lack of disclosure are more and more common and affect E&O insurance claims and create liability for the real estate broker. Disclosure: Some states require a seller disclosure that includes information about past flood damage; however, many do not.

Selling Your Home? Here’s 5 Questions Your Real Estate Agent Can’t Answer


For instance, while real estate agents are experts on local housing markets, they do not have a license to answer questions about legal and financial issues that affect sellers. In most states, sellers are required to disclose any known material defects of their home to buyers.

Here’s How You Can Make an Offer On a House Without a Realtor® in 9 Steps


Having a mortgage preapproval letter before making an offer on a house will show the seller that you’re a serious buyer. Once you know what the seller wants, you’ll better understand whether you should offer more or less than the asking price. Who is the seller?

Ask Brian: Home Buyer Beware

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Now, the new owner is suing the real estate agent and seller for fraud by questioning if the garage was legally converted into a living space because it is not up to code. That implies the seller, agent, and buyer don’t agree on the facts.

What Are You Required to Disclose When You Sell Your Home?


When you set out to sell a house, most states require you to make certain “disclosures.” Disclosures refer to any “material defects” in the home, and in many states you will be held liable if you don’t tell the buyer about them upfront. Idaho: Property Condition Disclosure Form.

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If you want to buy a house in Arlington, you’ll have to factor in a higher cost of living and housing prices in this seller’s market, where the average listing sells in several days. Minimal seller disclosures. Offer a rent-back clause to the seller.

Find Your Slice of Paradise: How to Buy a House in Miami Beach


Miami is known for hurricanes, and Sidorevskaya recommends that buyers should always have a seller disclosure to state if they’ve experienced flooding or mold.

Proactive Sales: Answer Buyer Questions With a Perfect Listing Information Package


Sedillo’s sellers didn’t want the future buyers to be alarmed if they noticed water collecting in the yard, so she encouraged her clients to write a letter explaining that a solution was already in place. Finally, she asks her sellers to write a letter to the future buyer.

How to Sell Your Home for More Money: 7 Ways to Maximize Value


Crazily enough, 77% of sellers hire the first agent they meet with, according to 2020 data from the National Association of Realtors, and 67% of sellers go with an agent just because a friend or family member referred them.

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell in 30 Days: A Foolproof Playbook


A lot of times, sellers think, based on home shows, that they should do this or that. Hudson explains how her team helps sellers prepare for the listing photos: “We have a photo prep list that we send to our clients. Day 27: Fill out required seller paperwork.