Demystifying Property Title Search: Your Questions, Answered


Some of the elements of closing on a home can be difficult to grasp, like the property title search. Property title problems account for about 9% of closing delays , according to the National Association of Realtors. So what does a property title search entail?

Mortgage Tech Demo Day: Altisource

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They offer HomeVal, a Premium Title and Springhouse® Valuations’ Hybrid solution, providing a full suite of customizable, low cost products delivering precise title search, property photos and valuation data with greater speed and ease. Altisource.


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Mortgage Tech Demo Day: Title Leader

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Title Leader. Title Leader is designed specifically for default services law firms, whether you have a captive title company or not. We’re a workflow automation platform AND a national title search vendor. Industry-first automation of the 11, mandatory steps of the title-search handling process… AND you gain access to our search-fulfillment partner, which serves all national title insurance underwriters.

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Closing costs: Here’s how much money you really need to buy a house

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Title Search Fee. Property title searches are performed during the closing process and uncover all available information about a property. The title search fee typically ranges between $75-$200. Title Insurance.

How hybrid title and valuations help increase lending efficiency

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HW: How can integrating title and valuation data points alleviate those pain points? It combines the proven services and expertise of Premium Title and Springhouse Valuations to provide a full suite of customizable products focused on the home equity lines of credit (HELOC) market.

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Stewart continues acquisition frenzy with Signature snag

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Signature Closers provides self-service signing support for title companies and lenders via an eNotary-capable network of notary signing agents and attorneys. How hybrid title and valuations help increase lending efficiency.

What Is Title Insurance? Peace of Mind When Buying a Home

barisonal/ Buying a home often entails also buying various types of insurance to protect your property, and one type you might need to get is called title insurance. So what is title insurance? When you buy a home, you “take title” to it and establish legal ownership.

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What Is Title Insurance, and How Much Does Title Insurance Cost?

barisonal/ Buying a home often entails also buying various types of insurance to protect your property, and one type you might need to get is called title insurance. When you buy a home, you “take title” to it and establish legal ownership. What is title insurance?

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How one mortgage fulfillment service increases efficiencies while minimizing risks

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We offer a span of comprehensive product options throughout the entire loan lifecycle and help manage loans from start to finish, including title searches, processing, underwriting, closing and disposing of them and even take them into the post-closing and servicing process.

15 Homebuying Terms You Should Know When Searching for Your New Home

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If you’re searching for your first new home, you will likely hear many words that you’ve never heard before. Here are 15 homebuying terms you should become familiar with before you start your home search: .

Get the edge you need in today’s world with innovative origination solutions

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Since 2018, Premium Title has helped clients electronically close nearly 10,000 transactions. Construction Title Pro (CTPro) is a nationwide title platform built to streamline highly fragmented processes while reducing costs.

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Radian Launches Radian Ready for Digital Title Review

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recently launched a digitally enhanced title review process known as Radian Ready that provides: – Title searches powered by Radian title technology. – Title reports with curative actions and turn times. – Streamlined workflow for the transition from title production to title curative. – Radian Rapid graded title documents indicate there are items on title that are expected to be clear to close in one to five business days.

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Does a Down Payment Cover Closing Costs?

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Closing costs are a series of fees associated with your mortgage application, inspection, appraisal, title search and other services that are required as part of the homebuying process. When you buy a house, you will have to make a down payment and pay closing costs.

When to Walk Away From a House You Wanted to Buy

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A title search can reveal a variety of issues that may create financial or legal problems. You think that you have found the perfect house, but you may have to walk away for some reason.

Think The Cash Closing Process Is Always Fast? 11 Delays Buyers Should Watch Out For


The title isn’t clear. One threshold you’ll have to cross before buying a home is the title search — and you’ll likely have to do a title search whether you’re paying in cash or financing.

Selling FSBO? Tally Your Closing Costs Without a Realtor


Title fees : These fees include a title search to verify that the seller owns the property, and without any conflicting liens. Depending on the sale price and the location, title fees can range from $300 to $1,500. Title search: $300-$600.

5 Ways in Which Having a Lien on Your Property Can Impact Selling It


Even if you’re already aware of a mortgage lien, it’s always best to conduct a title search on your property prior to the sale, to make sure that there aren’t some you might have missed, such as HOA liens, sidewalk liens, and even just parking violations.

17 Home Closing Delays and How You Can Avoid Them


Problems with the title. There are many issues that can arise from a title search on a home for sale — some small, some big — that must be addressed before the property can be legally transferred to the new owner. Closing on a house seems pretty straightforward.

Everything You Need to Know About Closing Costs


You’ll see line items for costs for the title process, any county or state fees for taxes and utilities, and any interest rate points or closings costs you prepaid. . This amount covered taxes, bank fees, and third-party fees such as those charged by the title company.

Tips for Buying a Foreclosure Property


Homes purchased at auction are bought in “where is and as-is” condition, and you’ll also be responsible for any liens or title encumbrances on the property. In this case, having an attorney run a title search will be critical. Image: Andy Dean Photography /

5 Ways to Save on Title Insurance

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(TNS)—Title insurance gives you financial protection in case someone claims to have partial ownership of your home after you purchase and close on the property. But title search companies do not claim to be perfect and someone may still make a claim to the property after you have bought it.

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What to Know About Reverse Mortgages

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You may have to pay for a credit check, a recording fee, as well as title searches, and insurance as well. What is a Reverse Mortgage? Are you wondering if a reverse mortgage might be right for your present circumstances?

What is a Reverse Mortgage and How Does it Work?


Third-party Charges: Third-party costs include an appraisal, title search and insurance, surveys, inspections, recording fees, mortgage taxes, credit checks, and other fees.

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6 Hidden Costs of Selling Your Home

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Traditionally, you’ll split some costs with the buyer — including title insurance. Before your closing, a title company will run a title search of your property, and whether the buyer or seller pays varies state to state. Congratulations on deciding to sell your home!

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Heads Up Seller: You’re on the Hook for Paying Both Real Estate Agents’ Commission


A listing agent communicates with buyers to iron out the details of your deal, working out contingencies , title searches , and all the other components of the closing process while advocating on your behalf so that you end up with the best possible deal.

Buying a House? Here Are the Mortgage Fees You’ll Pay


It’s a good idea to ask about a rate lock if you expect your home search to take longer than 60 days, or if experts predict that the Federal Reserve might raise rates soon. Title-related fees. Before closing, a title company must perform a title search.

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10 First-Time Home Buyer Blunders To Avoid

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Between an accepted offer and closing, there are lots of moving parts and boxes that need to be checked: from financing, to inspections, to the title search, to seller’s circumstances—and unexpected things can happen throughout the process.

The Five biggest drawbacks of a Lender-Financed Offer

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Getting from the loan application to closing has multiple steps including the appraisal, application review, title search, homeowner’s insurance, condition review and closing document distribution. There are too many horror stories of loans getting rejected weeks into the process because of the appraisal, title or something in the tax return. All offers are not created equally.

The Proof is in the Plat Map: Your Neighborhood, Divided


Typically, a plat map can be found somewhere in the pile of papers your title company presents to you at closing. Typically, the title company will order a survey of the property at the request of the buyer.

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What Does Contingent Mean in Real Estate Sales

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When you begin an online search for a home, you may find some sale statuses you don’t fully understand. One of the standard contingencies in nearly all real estate contracts is delivering a clear title. The Definition of Contingent.

Don’t Wait—Automate!

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After a contract has been secured for the purchase or sale of a property, the process of finalizing the transaction begins, including property inspection, appraisal, loan approval, title search and closing, just to name the major steps. Because you’re only seeing houses you can afford, you’re eliminating this huge amount of time between starting your search online, meeting with a lender, and then going out and seeing houses.”.

Eliminating Stringent Contingencies: How to Make a Contingent Offer Stronger


Choosing a qualified agent and searching for the perfect home in terms of ideal size, location, price, and condition can already feel like a journey, but making an offer on a property is when the challenge really begins. Title and lien contingencies. Review the detailed settlement document provided by the closing attorney and you’ll see a line item for a property title search. Is it an understatement to say that buying a house can be a complicated process?

Buying a Foreclosure at a Home Auction? Here’s How Much You’ll Probably Spend


Before you bid, it’s a good idea to run a title search , which will give you an indication of any liens on the home. If you’re buying a house with cash , it makes sense to try to get as good a deal as you can — and that’s where auctions come in.

Inherited a House and Want to Sell it? Follow These 10 Steps


Run a title search to surface liens or judgments attached to the property, such as unpaid taxes, a home equity line of credit, or a reverse mortgage. Meyer , an attorney whose decade-long practice includes probate, real estate, and title.

10 Things to Know About the ‘Sale Pending’ Phase, aka House Closing Limbo


Title work reveals unresolved issues. There’s title work, which takes anywhere from two to five weeks. The title work period is the quietest one because there’s simply nothing to communicate when the attorneys are waiting on the title report to come back.