Opendoor debuts cash-backed offers


Buyers will need to get pre-qualified with Opendoor Home Loans or another mortgage company. Then, Opendoor will pair the buyer with a real estate professional in their market.

iBuying bloodbath drags on as losses mount

Realty Biz

So-called iBuying companies continue to rack up major losses, with the two largest companies in the industry, Opendoor and Zillow, losing a combined $607 million from their business of buying up homes and selling them in 2020.


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Cash offer startup raises 90M in debt and equity

Housing Wire

Similar to iBuying firm Opendoor , startup Ribbon and a host of other new companies, provides cash to buyers so they can submit a competitive offer, or buy a new property prior to selling their existing home.

Equity 307

HomeLight secures $363M to reimagine real estate

Housing Wire

HomeLight’s tech lives amid the iBuyer realm with the likes of other heavy hitters Zillow and Opendoor. It also allows sellers access to a network of pre-approved buyers to expedite the process.

Ex-Zillow execs promise revolution in lending

Housing Wire

To provide that competitive edge, Tomo claims to issue mortgage pre-approvals within hours – not days – and cut closing times to 21 days (the industry average is 47 days). history, follows a pre-seed round of $40 million.

Opendoor says it will help buyers make cash offers

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iBuying company Opendoor is responding to a slump in its business by helping customers who need to secure financing to buy a home make cash-backed offers that can improve the chances of their bid on a home being accepted.

Tempted by a Cash Offer for Your Home? Dissect It With This Guide


Your sale is more likely to close and close faster with a cash offer than with an offer that hinges on a mortgage approval. iBuyers. iBuyers , or “instant buyers,” are direct real estate buyers who purchase homes at scale.

Real Estate in the Digital Age: 3 Ways You Can Sell Your Home Online


Whether you sell your house to a cash buyer like an iBuyer or list your home on the market, you’ll encounter digital processes at almost every phase of the sale. While others, like iBuyers , buy well-maintained homes for just slightly below market value.

Starting from Scratch: What to Do When Your Real Estate Listing Agreement Expires


iBuyers (or internet buyers), buy-and-hold investors, and flippers offer to quickly purchase your home with cash, closing within weeks or even days. Just enter your address, and we’ll gather offers from our network of hundreds of pre-approved real estate cash buyers or investors.

Reality Check: 9 Things to Expect When Selling Your Home


Your buyer’s loan approval is often the closing step that takes the longest. To avoid repair negotiations, some sellers conduct a pre-listing inspection to get ahead of issues and make repairs in advance. Buying your first home was full of surprises.

3 Effective Options for Selling Your House Without a Realtor


According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2020, only 8% of sellers sold their home For Sale By Owner , and less than 2% of sellers sold their home to a home buying company or iBuyer. Thinking about selling your home without a Realtor®?

Moving for the Military? Your Guide to Selling a House Under PCS Pressure


High-tech players — called iBuyers — have cropped up in recent years. Unlike flippers, iBuyers purchase homes in fairly good condition at a high volume, turn them around quickly, and aim to offer a seamless home-selling experience online with easy-to-use digital platforms.

HomeLight Trade-In: Why Homeowners and Agents Love Real Estate’s “Easy Button”


So, it has allowed my sellers/buyers to get approved, and then go out and find the home that they’re in love with and be able to write a very strong offer, not contingent on the sale of their house, and win. Because we’ve got a lot of iBuys out there.