How to help homeowners when they file bankruptcy


For many homeowners, bankruptcy may be a much smarter choice than facing foreclosure. Agent Sponsored bankruptcy BK Global foreclosure How to help homeowners when they file bankruptcy short sale

Why This Is Not Like 2008 Again

Keeping Current Matters

Lehman Brothers) and many more into bankruptcy. Not all of the $700 billion was used, but the important point is that the government did not act with equal fervor to help flailing homeowners, millions of whom lost their homes to foreclosures and short sales.


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How does the FHFA 7% loan cap on GSEs affect originators?

Housing Wire

Portfolio Select is a good option for those just two years out of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu. As you probably know by now, the Federal Housing and Finance Agency has limited GSEs to a 7% cap on loan purchases for second home and investment properties.

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Crossing the Divide

The Residential Specialist

But it’s not material to the sale and probably should not be disclosed. After all, clients are motivated to move, and the sale could result in two separate buyers. For her part, Hoffman focuses on the sale for her clients and does not get involved in becoming their buyers’ agent. “I

What Is an Alt-A Mortgage?

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After a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale, a prospective homebuyer may have to wait a period of time before taking out a new prime mortgage. Lenders often grant mortgages to borrowers who fall short or who are marginal in one area but who are well qualified in other ways.

17 Home Closing Delays and How You Can Avoid Them


There’s a house for sale that you want to buy. Because the entire sale hinges on securing this loan, it is a top criteria for closing, and it’s also the most common reason for a delay in the closing process. Home sale contingency. Short sale.