Mortgage Tech Demo Day: Altisource

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Altisource® is a leading and trusted provider of innovative solutions for servicers, originators and investors in the real estate and mortgage industries. The post Mortgage Tech Demo Day: Altisource appeared first on HousingWire. Altisource.

Mortgage Tech Demo Day: Title Leader

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Title Leader. Title Leader is designed specifically for default services law firms, whether you have a captive title company or not. We’re a workflow automation platform AND a national title search vendor. Industry-first automation of the 11, mandatory steps of the title-search handling process… AND you gain access to our search-fulfillment partner, which serves all national title insurance underwriters.

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How one mortgage fulfillment service increases efficiencies while minimizing risks

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HousingWire recently spoke with Brian Simon, president of Trelix Mortgage Fulfillment Services, about how Trelix helps its clients work more efficiently while still maintaining compliance and performing due diligence. Our team seamlessly integrates with the client’s mortgage operations.

Closing costs: Here’s how much money you really need to buy a house

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Mortgage Broker Fee . Closing costs include a commission fee that brokers charge at the end, of the mortgage process, which is why homeowners are encouraged to shop around for the right mortgage broker. Here’s what to expect in the mortgage application process.

What to Know About Reverse Mortgages

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What is a Reverse Mortgage? Are you wondering if a reverse mortgage might be right for your present circumstances? If you own a lot of equity in your home, and if you are aged 62 or above, you could benefit from a reverse mortgage. What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Buying a House? Here Are the Mortgage Fees You’ll Pay


Mortgages are some of the most complicated loans that you can get, and they include a number of associated fees. While a good lender, mortgage broker, or real estate agent will explain mortgage fees to you before the closing , many borrowers still find themselves surprised at the total cost.

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Purchase market will highlight closing process problems

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The closing process, that time between underwriting approval and the actual closing, is the mortgage industry’s not-so-secret Achilles’ heel. But the fact is that it takes an average of 47 days to close a mortgage (according to Ellie Mae as of September 2020 ). Let’s admit it.

What Is Title Insurance? Peace of Mind When Buying a Home

barisonal/ Buying a home often entails also buying various types of insurance to protect your property, and one type you might need to get is called title insurance. So what is title insurance? When you buy a home, you “take title” to it and establish legal ownership.

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Get the edge you need in today’s world with innovative origination solutions

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Trelix helps increase mortgage fulfillment productivity and customer satisfaction by helping companies adjust to constantly fluctuating business demands with a global supplemental team of skilled mortgage associates.

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15 Homebuying Terms You Should Know When Searching for Your New Home

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If you’re searching for your first new home, you will likely hear many words that you’ve never heard before. Here are 15 homebuying terms you should become familiar with before you start your home search: . Mortgage interest rate : The price of borrowing money.

What Is Title Insurance, and How Much Does Title Insurance Cost?

barisonal/ Buying a home often entails also buying various types of insurance to protect your property, and one type you might need to get is called title insurance. When you buy a home, you “take title” to it and establish legal ownership. What is title insurance?

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Does a Down Payment Cover Closing Costs?

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That amount will depend on your mortgage lender’s requirements and your financial circumstances. If you put down less than 20% of the purchase price, you will probably have to buy mortgage insurance. The rest of the purchase price can be covered by a mortgage. .

Tips for Buying a Foreclosure Property


If your ability to afford the mortgage payments on the home you want to buy is causing you concern, buying a foreclosure home may make a lot of sense. This should show you how much you can afford to spend on mortgage payments and reveal how much a bank is likely to lend to you.

Selling FSBO? Tally Your Closing Costs Without a Realtor


Mandatory costs include a long list of fees and taxes from involved parties such as the local and state government and mortgage lenders. Title fees : These fees include a title search to verify that the seller owns the property, and without any conflicting liens.

When to Walk Away From a House You Wanted to Buy

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A title search can reveal a variety of issues that may create financial or legal problems. You may be unable to proceed with the purchase if you can’t get a mortgage. You think that you have found the perfect house, but you may have to walk away for some reason.

5 Ways in Which Having a Lien on Your Property Can Impact Selling It


They can be voluntary liens, such as a second mortgage, or involuntary, such as missing a mortgage or taxes payment. Delays and difficulties that can arise with obtaining a mortgage loan can also prompt buyers to negotiate the price, as can the condition of your home.

Think The Cash Closing Process Is Always Fast? 11 Delays Buyers Should Watch Out For


With a mortgage, there are all kinds of things that can go wrong to delay closing — financing issues and appraisals coming in low are two of the most common. The title isn’t clear. However important title searches are, they can reveal issues that delay closing.

17 Home Closing Delays and How You Can Avoid Them


For most buyers, financing a home through a bank or lender with a mortgage loan is necessary to purchase the property. The best way to help avoid mortgage loan setbacks is to get preapproved for one before even submitting an offer. Problems with the title.

Everything You Need to Know About Closing Costs


Even as you dream about color schemes, furniture placement, and what the ideal layout of your new home will be like, you’re probably also keeping a close eye on interest rates and what your future mortgage payment will be. To secure a mortgage , the lender requires an appraisal.

10 First-Time Home Buyer Blunders To Avoid

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If you haven’t actually qualified for financing, you should hold off on going to look at houses with a real estate agent (or even going to open houses), since there’s no guarantee that a mortgage company can lend you the money. Try to mislead the mortgage company.

5 Ways to Save on Title Insurance

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(TNS)—Title insurance gives you financial protection in case someone claims to have partial ownership of your home after you purchase and close on the property. But title search companies do not claim to be perfect and someone may still make a claim to the property after you have bought it.

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The Five biggest drawbacks of a Lender-Financed Offer

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The most common contingency issue when dealing with “financed” buyers is getting final mortgage approval with the buyer’s lender. A full priced offer with a 60-day mortgage contingency sounds attractive on the surface, but this may not always be the case. Getting from the loan application to closing has multiple steps including the appraisal, application review, title search, homeowner’s insurance, condition review and closing document distribution.

6 Hidden Costs of Selling Your Home

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Traditionally, you’ll split some costs with the buyer — including title insurance. Before your closing, a title company will run a title search of your property, and whether the buyer or seller pays varies state to state. Congratulations on deciding to sell your home!

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What Does Contingent Mean in Real Estate Sales

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When you begin an online search for a home, you may find some sale statuses you don’t fully understand. The Mortgage Financing Contingency. Even if the buyer has pre-approval for a mortgage, things can still go wrong when they apply for the loan.

Inherited a House and Want to Sell it? Follow These 10 Steps


Or perhaps you love the house, but you can’t afford to pay the outstanding mortgage. Know where the mortgage stands. As the new owner of the house, you must fully understand the status of the mortgage. Time is of the essence where mortgage issues are concerned,” Basu comments.

Don’t Wait—Automate!

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After a contract has been secured for the purchase or sale of a property, the process of finalizing the transaction begins, including property inspection, appraisal, loan approval, title search and closing, just to name the major steps. Because you’re only seeing houses you can afford, you’re eliminating this huge amount of time between starting your search online, meeting with a lender, and then going out and seeing houses.”.

Buying a Foreclosure at a Home Auction? Here’s How Much You’ll Probably Spend


The lender that’s trying to collect on the defaulted mortgage will order an appraisal on the home to determine its worth. An auction price will depend partly on what the owner still owed on the previous owner’s mortgage. Those other claims might include: A second mortgage on the home.

Eliminating Stringent Contingencies: How to Make a Contingent Offer Stronger


Choosing a qualified agent and searching for the perfect home in terms of ideal size, location, price, and condition can already feel like a journey, but making an offer on a property is when the challenge really begins. When you use a mortgage to buy a home, your lender will need to order an independent appraisal to evaluate what it’s worth. Unless you’re paying cash for a house, your best course of action is to include a pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender with your offer.

Buying Your House With Cold, Hard Cash? Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide


Buying a house with cash has plenty of benefits — for one thing, you’ll be mortgage-free, which means you won’t be beholden to a monthly mortgage payment (sounds pretty nice!). Take part in title research.

10 Things to Know About the ‘Sale Pending’ Phase, aka House Closing Limbo


Title work reveals unresolved issues. Once you’ve gotten through your inspection contingency and the buyers have their mortgage commitment in place, you probably won’t hear a lot on how the sale process is progressing, but it IS progressing. “It’s

How to Clear a Tax Lien Against Your House So You Can Sell It


Tax liens are discoverable during a title search — even if the lien data isn’t an exact match. Tax liens will be discovered during a title examination. In Georgia, the liens can be found in the Georgia Property Records Search.

Can You Sell a House With a Lis Pendens or Pending Lawsuit?


You’d like to sell off a piece of real estate, but you’re severely behind on your mortgage payments, owe a bunch of property taxes to the county, or find yourself in the midst of a heated divorce. A mortgage foreclosure action is the most common reason for a lis pendens.

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How To Find Investment Properties For Sale?

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How To Find Investment Properties For Sale: Search For Off-Market Deals. When you search a site like, you’ll be searching the MLS. The problem with the MLS is that every potential buyer is searching there. You can search their inventory for deals.

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1031 Exchange Rules For Investors: How To Do A 1031 Exchange In 2020?

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You'll get the title transferred to you when the first property sells. Fortunately, this gives you several months to negotiate the purchase price, arrange for the seller to make repairs, and perform a proper title search.