Starting from Scratch: What to Do When Your Real Estate Listing Agreement Expires


When you signed the listing contract to put your house on the market, you had high hopes for a quick sale. And now you’ve realized that even the listing agreement with your agent has expired. How long are most listing agreements?

What to Look For in New-Construction Homes: These 5 Crucial Aspects Should Be on Your Radar

fstop123/Getty Images Few things are as exciting as purchasing a newly constructed home. There are a lot of factors that could make a brand-new home a less than ideal purchase. So, before closing on a new-construction home, here are some things you need to consider.


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Top 4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Construction Home

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Yes… Strong, the pull of new construction is. Buyers are willing to spend more money on brand new homes, compared to what the market generally seems to bear for very similar re-sale homes. There is just something so powerful about buying a home that is cosmetically on-trend, sparkly new, and touched only by the skilled hands of a construction worker! But, there are many factors to take into consideration when considering the purchase of a new home.

4 Essential Steps for Winning With Buyers and Builders

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New home construction is an appealing option for many buyers, particularly those who have grown tired of being outbid in multiple offer situations. Do not wait for buyers to mention new-home construction.

Late-July Home Sale Prices Up 11%, Largest Annual Increase Since 2014


Key takeaways for the 4-week period ending July 26: Pending home sales were up 12% year over year, an increase from the 7% year over year gains we reported for the period ending July 12. Home sale prices were up 11% year over year for the week ending July 26, the largest increase since 2014.

Can You Buy a FSBO Home With a Real Estate Agent?

Short for “for sale by owner,” these are properties that homeowners are selling on their own, typically to save money that traditionally goes toward a real estate agent’s commission. If, however, you’ve already signed a buyer’s agent agreement , that’s a different story.

What Is Buying a Foreclosure Really Like? 5 Homeowners Spill the Tea


They sold the Norwalk, Ohio, home three years after purchase for $160,000 — even though they’d intended to stay long-term, a job opportunity in Costa Rica proved too much to resist. He knew the market and what the home could capture in terms of sales price once it had been fixed up.

Tips for Negotiating After the House Inspection

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Buyers and sellers often think the negotiations are complete as soon as both parties sign the purchase agreement. The inspector’s role is to make the buyer aware of any problems that may not have been known previously so the buyer can make an informed purchase decision.

How Long Does it Take to Close on a House? 11 Steps From Your Offer to Keys in Hand


Practically speaking, you’re committed to your lender from this point forward, since there won’t be time to restart the mortgage process with a new lender and still meet the closing date shown in your purchase agreement. This includes finalizing the property you are purchasing.

Contingent vs. Pending: Real Estate Lingo Explained

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” What do they mean and how will they affect your home sale? Despite this, there can still be room to negotiate the conditions of the sale. Not all sales will have contingencies with them, but most will. The majority of homebuyers use a mortgage to finance their purchases.

Understanding What Escrow is and How it Works


Escrow starts with your purchase offer on a home and ends when you close on the house. This is a contractual agreement that begins after you close on your home and ends once you’ve paid off your mortgage or refinance with another lender. The escrow agent facilitates the sale.

The Friday Rant: Hate To Say I Told You So!

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Let’s rewind… Back in October of 2017, a pre-construction, stupidly-named “Museum FLTS,” was cancelled. I wrote about this on my blog: November 13th, 2017: “Another Pre-Construction Condo Cancelled. TorontoRealtyBlog.

What Are “Reasonable” Expectations For Final Closing?

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Did you buy a bottle of champagne for new owners and leave it with a hand-written note on the kitchen counter, after having the property professionally cleaned, despite that not being specified in the Agreement of Purchase & Sale? Your clients purchased a resale condo.

Trump Organization Considers Sale of Its Seven Springs Property

estate, according to people familiar with the matter, after years of unsuccessful development attempts that ended with an agreement to preserve part of the property. Trump representatives have had conversations with local brokers about the possibility of a sale, the people said.

Appraising Industrial and Flex Buildings: What Info Do You Need?


Here’s a breakdown of the various info and items you should obtain when appraising income-producing industrial or flex buildings, whether you’re dealing with a proposed building, an existing building, an existing building with planned construction, or a building being repositioned.

How To Buy Land: 11 Questions You Should be Asking Before You Buy


If you have dreams of finding a special piece of land and building a home perfect for you and your family, you’ll want to think about a number of things before making your purchase. To reduce the risk, some lenders may require a large down payment of up to 50 percent of the purchase price. .

Land 89

1031 Exchange Rules For Investors: How To Do A 1031 Exchange In 2020?

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But with a 1031 exchange , you get to defer paying those taxes if you reinvest the proceeds in a new property, making an “exchange” rather than a sale. This means the taxpayer doesn't receive the money from the sale of the first property. Ideally, you'd have begun the purchase process.

Heads Up Seller: You’re on the Hook for Paying Both Real Estate Agents’ Commission


of the final home sale price. While the seller is the one who technically pays commission fees, they don’t pay the commission until after they’ve received their home sale proceeds. In the end, this can bring down your sale price significantly.

Phoenix Real Estate Market & Investment Overview 2020

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It could only pause sales, which in turn created a huge pent up demand. In July & August, the Phoenix was a hot seller’s real estate market, which means there were roughly more buyers than there were active homes for sale. In July, the median sales price — up 3.3%

Las Vegas Real Estate Market 2020 Overview

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According to the association of local realtors (LVR), July had the most amount of home sales since 2017 with more than 4,000 existing homes sold. Closed sales increased by 34.9 The current local housing inventory in Las Vegas is just over a two-month supply of homes available for sale.

Boston Real Estate Market & Investment Overview 2020

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In June, the pending sales of single-family homes jumped 43.6 percent from 1,187 homes put under agreement in May, and condo pending sales climbed and even more impressive 51.7 percent from 782 units placed under agreement in May, according to GBAR.

Nashville Real Estate Market Trends & Investment Outlook

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Despite the pandemic led economic slowdown, there is healthy demand to purchase homes in the Nashville real estate market. Monthly home sales data includes the following counties in Middle Tennessee: Davidson, Cheatham, Dickson, Maury, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson.

7 Real Estate Economic Experts Share 2021 Housing Market Predictions


Nothaft opined that the shortage of homes for sale and record-low mortgage rates would drive price growth at the beginning of 2021, but added that “we do expect a moderation of home-price growth over the course of the year.”. Evangelou said that new home construction is also on the rise.

Oklahoma City Real Estate Market & Investment Overview

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The average sale price of a home in Oklahoma City was $215K last month, up 14.1% Sale-to-List Price Ratio is 100% — homes in Oklahoma City sold for approximately the asking price on average in November 2020. November 2020 Residential Sales. SALES: Sales increased 26.9

It’s Not Over: A Historical and Contemporary Look at Racial Restrictive Covenants


Let’s start by defining covenants : These are binding agreements that often dictate behavior, including the pledge to do (or not do) certain things. For just one example, consider the case of Clara Mays , a Black woman who purchased a home in February 1944 in a Washington, D.C.,

Home Inspections and Appraisals Are Totally Different. Here’s a Rundown


With their insight, we’ll shed light on how the inspection and appraisal can affect your home sale. In a home sale, it’s customary for the homebuyer to commission and pay for the home inspection. Unless the buyer pays in cash, appraisals are a required part of the home sale process.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do? The Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent


According to the National Association of Realtors®, 88% of homebuyers purchased their home in 2020 through a real estate agent , and for good reason. We constructed the go-to guide on what a real estate agent actually is and how he or she can help your homebuying experience.

Charlotte Real Estate Market & Investment Overview 2021

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Continuing the Charlotte-area housing market's hot streak, home sales and the median price paid for those homes rise in February. Until March 2020 the real estate sales were going steady in the entire Charlotte Metropolitan Statistical Area. of new listings and closes sales which dropped in the month of April. In April, the year-over-year sales in the Charlotte MSA dropped by a whopping 22.2% Inventory of homes for sale in Charlotte MSA dropped by 24.8%

@properties Launches National Franchise Program

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properties said it will offer a fresh, full-service alternative to independent broker/owners, owners with expiring franchise agreements and top-producing agent teams. 1 seller of new construction). Firm taps industry veteran Chris Lim to lead franchise division.

Naples Real Estate Market & Investment Overview 2020

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percent increase in pending sales for the month. Total sales (closed) during July increased 35.4 Data by also corroborates that in July 2020, the Naples housing market was a seller’s market, which means there were roughly more buyers than there were active homes for sale.

Best Real Estate Websites For Buyers And Sellers In 2020

Norada Real Estate® offers a comprehensive list of for-sale properties, as well as the information and tools to make informed real estate decisions. Zillow has a large database of homes for sale or rent. The buyers can bid and purchase properties using their superior technology platform.

Ask 15 Questions to renovation contractor to Prevent Fraud and Ensure Satisfaction

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Most Bathroom renovation companies in dubai owners were within the career at incomplete factor before starting their business,” Ron Hall, Sales Manager regarding Russell Roofing of Philadelphia, noted, “so they have empirical experience.”.

Be Prepared: A Homebuyer’s 194-Point Inspection Checklist


A professional inspection helps to verify that your new home is in good shape before you purchase it. Often there’s an inspection contingency that allows a buyer to back out of the purchase (within a specified time window) if they feel uncomfortable with the results of the inspection.

Beyond the Headlines: What’s Going to Solve Real Estate’s Inventory Crunch?


Right now, you are nodding your head in agreement. You know, the thinking is, as spring arrives, you start to see your neighbors put out for sale signs in yards at least in a traditional year. If they continue to increase at record levels and if the average sales price in our area has gone up 20% to 25% over 24 months and an interest rate that goes up to 5%, 5.5, We also talked a couple days ago with Lisa, Linda, and Chris about new construction.

Top Five: Real Estate Stories Of 2020!

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Hell, one of them works for me… I am insanely jealous of Chrissi and Parker, not just because of the Blue Mountains house that they purchased, but also because they had the guts to do what they did. A client of mine purchased a condo in DNA for $580,000 in October of 2019 for $550,000.

Here’s Where the Trump Family Is Shopping for Homes Right Now—and Why

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner , are one step ahead of the pack and have already purchased a plot of land on Florida’s Indian Creek Island. New construction and water access, too Ivanka and Jared have purchased Lot No.