How to protect your buyers from appraisal catastrophes


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Zavvie Releases Seller Preferences Report

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Stefan Peterson, zavvie chief data officer and co-founder, explains the impact on the typical consumer: “A Denver buyer with a traditional mortgage and a loan contingency had to make offers on an average of seven homes before winning the day.”


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11 Tips to Win a Bidding War on a House


A cash offer eliminates the need for an appraisal and bank approval for a loan, contingencies most homebuyers are required to include in an offer. Remember, this new, higher amount will increase your mortgage payments for the term of the loan. 5) Eliminate contingencies.

Tips for Negotiating After the House Inspection

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It doesn’t happen often but there can be issues that the seller’s lender will make the loan contingent upon. The seller can’t be forced to make the repair but chances are they won’t be able to sell contingent on a loan until the repair is made.