Tom Ferry and Grier Allen Fireside Chat

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“Why America’s real-estate brokers are such a rip-off” – The Economist

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The following excerpt was featured in The Economist on August 29th, 2019. To read… Real Estate Perspectives REX News


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My Brick Underground Podcast Interview: The Market Doesn't Care What You Think

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That was the theme but my interview episode was called " the state of the market. ". The indispensable NYC web site Brick Underground has been doubling down on its podcast as of late and I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak about the state of the market. It was fun and hopefully, I conveyed some helpful insights to their listeners. You can subscribe to the Brick Underground Podcast feed here. And specifically my interview here.

Five tax strategies for real estate investors

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We know that investing in real estate is a proven method to build wealth, and thankfully our country’s tax laws are generally real estate friendly. The new federal tax law, which took effect with the current tax-filing season, provides real estate investors with some additional tax benefits that didn’t exist before, but it could also create confusion. Here at Patch of Land, we don’t provide tax advice; we aren’t tax experts.

JPAR Expands Relationship with Inside Real Estate, Providing Powerful Automated Marketing Tools to Their Thousands of Agents

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DRAPER, UTAH (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 21, 2019 JP & Associates REALTORS® (JPAR), the fastest growing 100% commission brokerage & franchise network […]. The post JPAR Expands Relationship with Inside Real Estate, Providing Powerful Automated Marketing Tools to Their Thousands of Agents appeared first on Inside Real Estate | Lead Generation + Websites + CRM + Reporting + Powerful Performance. Press

14 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Smart Building Technology


CREtech and MIPIM PropTech , two of the largest conferences dedicated to real estate technology came to New York City over the past month. This year felt like a clear inflection point; the owners in attendance were no longer just the “early adopters” who are willing to take risks on technology to get ahead of the curve. Photo courtesy of CREtech. The halls were also filled with the “early majority,” many of whom have had little-to-no exposure to technology before.

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Coral Springs FL Real Estate Market Report 2nd Qtr ending 2019

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Coral Springs FL Single Family homes sales for the 2nd Qtr 2019. Home Sales in Coral Springs Florida. How did homes sell in Coral Springs FL for the 2nd Qtr ending 2019? Where has the market been…up or down or no change? I’ve been reporting all about home sales in Coral Springs for many many years trying to keep residents and visitors of Coral Springs in the know when it comes to their local Real Estate and for those wanting to move to Coral Springs too.

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Death-by-Success. How to Avoid it and Scale your Real Estate Business

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Scale. You hear it a lot, you know it’s important, actually…critical for growing successfully, but what does it actually look like in a thriving real estate business? Essentially, it boils down to systems, and whether or not your business has them. . Optimizing your Business for Success. You know that lead generation is the lifeblood of your business. You’re investing in it appropriately, and it starts to pay off. Suddenly, you’ve got a real pipeline.

Veronica Figueroa // The Figueroa Team

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Veronica Figueroa knows what she wants. She’s driven, fearless, and when she sets her sights on something – she’ll get it. It’s why the Figueroa Team has been wildly successful, becoming one of the top real estate teams in Orlando, Florida. It’s why she partnered with BoomTown back in 2012 to help grow her real estate business. It’s also why in 2017 she decided to play the field and explore other options.

3 Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Somehow it’s that time of year again! Before you know it you’ll be going full-speed ahead into 2020. While the holidays are a great time to slow down, enjoy family time, and focus on business planning… we all know there is always the opportunity to generate more business. So here are a few quick marketing ideas to capitalize on this holiday season! Host a “Holiday Party” Open House.

How to Turn One Listing Into Five Closings

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Our product tour is here! See why 40k+ agents trust us with their business. Join the Tour. The post How to Turn One Listing Into Five Closings appeared first on BoomTown! Webinars Business Strategies Real Estate Industry

How to Hire a Chief Marketing Officer

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The Easy Way to Stand Out from the Competition for Real Estate Success

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An immense amount of growth in the real estate industry over the last 5 years has heightened competition in nearly every market. Real Estate success is harder to come by when more and more people are after your clients, your listing opportunities, and your chance to grow a successful business, it’s critical to separate yourself from the pack and stand out as the expert agent. And it’s also easy.

6 Real Estate Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020

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The countdown to 2020 is officially on! That means one thing: planning season. We’re taking a look back at some interesting patterns from 2019 and discussing our top picks for real estate trends to look out for next year. Generational Shifts: “Silver Tsunami” + Welcome Gen Z. As millions of aging Americans enter their 60s and 70s, there is potential for a variety of impacts on the housing market in the coming years.

The Proposed NYC "Pied-A-Terre Tax" Looks Catastrophic to NYC Real Estate

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An earlier version of this post appeared in my weekly Housing Notes, March 15, 2019 edition. I've since added more information and insights as the situation unfolds. This proposed NYC "pied-a-terre" tax law has a name that infers it concerns " pied-a-terres " when in fact that property type is but one part of the property types that are impacted. I'm sorry about the length of this piece but please read on.

Why the Top Agents Leverage Success Metrics in a Shifting Market

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There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the shifting market, and you’ve likely been hearing steps and strategies to help you be prepared for what may come in your local market. Whether it just shifts slightly to a more balanced, normalized market, or there’s a noticeable lull in home sales… the name of the game is being fully prepared at any time with a solid business model, that’s evergreen and “shockproof,” so that your profitability doesn’t suffer.

BREAKING The New York State AMC Law Is Now In Effect

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Back on April 19th , I wrote about the New York AMC law in my Housing Notes newsletter. After years of AMCs chipping away at the public trust, the New York AMC law was designed to protect the consumer. The bill summary was: Relates to the registration of real estate appraisal management companies or an individual or business entity that provides appraisal management services to creditors or to secondary mortgage market participants including affiliates by the department of state.

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How to Follow-Up with Leads 450% More Effectively

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D o you ever feel like your follow-up process is letting leads slip through the cracks? You’ve spent money generating leads. You’ve watched them register on your website. And then … no response. No engagement. It’s frustrating to see active homebuyers leave you high and dry. Done enough times, you get fed up, right? Now, before you call it quits, let me walk you through a few “investigative” ways to improve your lead follow-up. 1 First Contact: What to Say.

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BoomTown Chosen as EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Newest Premier Partner

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CHARLESTON, S.C., October 24, 2019 — BoomTown, the leading sales and marketing platform for real estate professionals, announced today that EXIT Realty Corp. International has chosen BoomTown for its Premier Partner Program. EXIT Realty’s Ancillary Network of Approved Suppliers and Premier Partners is designed to empower its agents by providing access to solutions that help fuel growth and maximize sales.

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How You Can Add Flavor to LPMAMA so Leads Stick with You

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Imagine a slice of bread. Served plain, it doesn’t look tasty, does it? But top it with a few other ingredients and sandwich it with another slice of bread, you have a delicious meal suddenly. The same premise applies to LPMAMA in real estate. By itself, it provides agents a series of questions they can qualify leads with. However, there’s one drawback to LPMAMA’s questions. They’re very “agent-focused.”

Text Templates for Getting Homebuyers Interested

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Speed to lead is critical for turning leads into closings. And texting is one of your best tools for contacting those leads quicker and with higher response rates. In fact, by using text engagement instead of email, our clients saw a 450% increase in lead responses. A 2018 Ellie May Study shows us that texting is on the rise as a preferred method of communication from consumers. The study also confirms that texting response rates (vs. email) are higher and quicker.

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How to Leverage Low Winter Inventory to Promote Your Stale Listings

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Feeling the business lull of the winter season? Often in real estate things slow down around the holidays and we tend to focus our efforts on business planning and goal-setting. However, with low winter inventory there is actually a big gap of opportunity that you should be taking advantage of! Most sellers are under the impression that spring is the best time to list their home. Traditionally, May and June are the hottest months for new homes hitting the market.

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BoomTown Announces New Consumer-Facing Mobile App for Clients

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CHARLESTON, S.C., August 13, 2019 — BoomTown, the leading sales and marketing platform for real estate professionals, is excited to announce a consumer-facing mobile app, to help clients provide a best-in-class mobile search experience for their prospects and clients, and empower them to better serve them in the home-buying process.

Real Estate Advertising Trends You Should Be Aware of This Holiday Season

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Paid advertising is never static , as a direct result of supply and demand. Your cost-per-lead will fluctuate depending on the number of homebuyers relative to the number of advertisers in the market. Seasonality also impacts search traffic! Luckily, there are some patterns you can follow. Here are a few of the top paid advertising trends to stay aware of during the holiday season. Search Demand Dips in the Fall. We know that fewer people are searching for homes in the fall.

Don Harkins // Don Harkins Properties

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The Bottom Line: Is BoomTown Worth the Investment? BoomTown is a robust platform. It’s not just a CRM, it’s a technology partner. It’s a full-service ecosystem that streamlines your entire business. It’s also a big investment. And that can be scary for a single agent in a rapidly changing industry! Choosing the right technology partner in today’s marketplace is no easy feat. CRMs come by the dozens, each with their own toolsets (and with varying prices).

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Dollar Volume of Financed Flips Rises, but Overall Flip Activity Declines

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A more challenging fix-and-flip market appears to be emerging via the latest data from ATTOM Data Solutions, but digging into the data shows there are still some significant opportunities for experienced real estate investors. Interestingly, the total dollar volume of financed home flip purchases in 2018 was $19.9 billion, up 8 percent from $18.5 billion in 2017 — the highest dollar volume since 2007, according to ATTOM Data Solutions.

What Can Real Estate Agents Do to Improve Engagement with Leads?

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Selling real estate is a constant dance. You’ve got to find ways to attract leads, then nurture clients and close the sale…all at the same time. If you get the first part right, the rest of the sales process can go more smoothly. Here are a few tips to help you really engage leads to move them into the sales funnel. 1 Become an Indispensable Member of Your Community.

Leveraging Insights to Drive Higher Lead Conversions

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First things first, a real estate lead isn’t complicated. It’s simply the name and contact information for someone who is potentially a future client. A single email address can be a lead, a phone number, even someone who registers as Mickey Mouse (or something much more offensive). Regardless of fake names, all leads that have a legitimate way to contact them are viable. Even the address-only ones. Even the bogus names. Even the ones that say “no.”

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How Top Agents Are Winning On Social Media

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Marketing today requires a coordinated one-two punch of brand-building combined with predictable lead generation systems. Neither is enough on its own. But together, they provide the backbone of every successful team. In this webinar, we’ll focus on simple tactics you can use to increase your brand-game on social media right now… which will create better lead generation opportunities in your future. The post How Top Agents Are Winning On Social Media appeared first on BoomTown!

5 Strategies to Generate Seller Leads

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Just like with buyer leads, generating and converting seller leads is all about relationship building. The internet and digital media have drastically altered the way we interact with prospects, but the need to build relationships is as important to real estate as it ever was—it’s only the way we build relationships that’s changed. The best way to build relationships with seller leads is to increase your visibility, provide a strong value prop, and stay in consistent communication.