Are you overpromising real estate closing times?

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This week, industry experts discuss how to navigate client and referral partner expectations and minimize closing times when factors like these begin to decelerate the buying process. You can’t say to a them, ‘Hey, we can close faster pick our offer,'” Canale said.

Snapdocs helps lenders perform digital closings at scale, shortening closings by two days on average

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Mortgage closings require tight coordination between many parties in a fragmented ecosystem, all of whom have their own systems and processes. Instead, they can completely automate the work that’s needed to prepare documents for hybrid closings or eClosings.


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With Nexus Closing from SimpleNexus, lenders can make the closing experience as digital as they want

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As homebuyers complete more of the origination process digitally, from asset verification to disclosures, they expect a similarly modern closing ceremony. Nexus Closing from SimpleNexus enables lenders to deliver mortgages that are digital from application to closing.

Purchase market will highlight closing process problems

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The closing process, that time between underwriting approval and the actual closing, is the mortgage industry’s not-so-secret Achilles’ heel. That’s not a knock on the good professionals who enact minor miracles choreographing the multi-faceted ballet that is a typical closing.

Black Knight’s Expedite Close eClosing solution uses automation to select the best way to close each loan

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More than ever, borrowers want and expect to close their loans digitally, from the initial loan application through the final review and approval of their loan package. With Expedite Close, a better way to close is here.”.

10 smart closing gift ideas that clients will never forget


Jimmy Burgess rounded up his top 10 closing gifts that are working for agents right now (No. 10 is straight from his playbook). They’re highly personalized, memorable, shareable and relationship-cementing.

Notarize and Realogy Title Group see 200% spike in RON closings

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Spurred by the impact of the coronavirus, the partnership closed more than 1,600 RON transactions in the first half of 2020, a more than 200% increase over the 500 RON transactions that they closed in all of 2019, the companies told HousingWire. “We

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States Title raises $150M for home closing tech

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Title insurance upstart States Title announced this week $150 million in debt financing from HSCM Bermuda , which will go towards developing a more modern home closing experience. As a result, State Title was able to patent technology that removed entire chunks of the closing process.

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Fraud risk factors at closing increased almost 90% last quarter

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As housing professionals navigate regulatory changes and accelerated tech adoption, wire and title fraud risk factors in mortgage and real estate closings increased almost 90% in the last quarter.

First American fined $1 million for illegal perks to agents

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will pay a $1 million fine for improper benefits given to California real estate agents. The majority of the group’s 600 members were real estate agents who belonged to chapters in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys, officials said. First American Title Co.

Agents 371

The rapid adoption of digital closings during COVID-19 shows what’s possible in the mortgage industry

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We sat down with Nancy Alley, vice president of strategic planning at Simplifile and one of HousingWire’s 2020 Women of Influence, to talk about the rapid changes in the closing process as a result of the pandemic. Yet, adoption by closing and post-closing operations lagged considerably.

Snapdocs raises $60 million to scale up its digital closing business

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million digital mortgage closings this year, more than double its volume from 2019. We’re feeling tremendous growth on the digital closing front which is really, really exciting,” Snapdocs Founder and CEO Aaron King said in a statement.

Margin compression could serve as accelerant toward digital closings

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In 2021, the potential for margin compression could serve as yet another accelerant towards digital mortgage closings as lenders seek to improve capital efficiency and offer a more competitive experience to borrowers.”. Nominations for 2021 Women of Influence close this Friday, April 23.

Digital closing firm Doma sees agents as key area for growth


Doma, which plans to go public this month on the strength of its digital title insurance, escrow and closing platform, is intent on growing its business with real estate agents.

Finalize the closing disclosure earlier in the process using this collaborative platform

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The CoreLogic Title & Closing Solution offers an enhanced workflow designed to support lenders and vendors in the title and closing process. The Title & Closing Solution syncs order management, secures vendor communication and document transfer, encourages full compliance, and ultimately enhances consumer experience in home ownership. The post Finalize the closing disclosure earlier in the process using this collaborative platform appeared first on HousingWire.

The Keys to a Quick Close: 6 Ways to Speed Up Your Client’s Closing

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As a real estate agent, there are few things more frustrating than working with a client who is knee-deep in a closing standstill. Ultimately, closing delays lose you money and keep you from focusing more time and attention on clients ready to move forward with the escrow process.

Why other agents are closing more deals than you


The number one quality of a great agent is their ability to provide exceptional customer service, making an “intangible” service into a “tangible” commodity.

Don’t Forget to Budget for Closing Costs

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Saving for a down payment is the main cost that comes to mind for many, but budgeting for the closing costs required to get a mortgage is just as important. What Are Closing Costs? According to Trulia : “ When you close on a home, a number of fees are due.

Connecticut Home Sellers Can Expect to Pay These Closing Costs


If you’re selling a home in Connecticut, you should familiarize yourself with closing costs that sellers pay to finalize the transaction. The average closing costs for home sellers fall between 6% to 10% of the home’s sale price. Some closing costs apply to nearly every home sale.

Cover Story: Growing, Connecting and Helping Agents Close More Sales

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“Our le adership team has experienced market downturns and challenges before, so we knew we wanted to do more for our agents and brokers—not less. And they worked with brokers and agents to relieve some of the financial pressure caused by the market’s pause.

Qualia integrates RON product into its platform for contactless closings

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Qualia announced Wednesday that it has extended the capabilities of its real estate closing platform with the launch of a remote online notarization product. Its goal is to enable entirely digital, contactless home closings.

The Shift to Remote Closings and Their Unexpected Benefits

RIS Media

There will no doubt be many more unexpected benefits to analyze in the coming months, but here, I’d like to share two such benefits that have come about as a result of the shift to remote closings. For people who have never bought a home before, closing can be an intimidating experience.

Virtual notary adoption surges as businesses rush to close transactions remotely

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The virtual notary services industry has become increasingly popular amid the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses have adopted remote signatures to adhere to social distancing protocols while closing on mortgages and other loans.

It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen! Avoid these post-closing problems


So, how can agents prevent them in the first place, and what can they do to avoid litigation? Running into post-closure problems is often burdensome for everyone involved in the transaction. In some cases where it morphs into a lawsuit, it can even be costly.

What to Expect from the Closing Process

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The post What to Expect from the Closing Process appeared first on American Lifestyle Magazine.

Understanding the Closing Costs Associated With a New Home Purchase

RIS Media

Items to Be Paid at Close of Escrow. – Closing/escrow/settlement fee, title insurance, notary fee, recording fee, pest inspection, home inspection, home warranty. For more information on closing costs, loans and refinancing, visit REeBroker Group Loans.

What to look for in a closing disclosure form


How long has it been since you updated your closing disclosure form? Agent Brokerage Select Service closing closing cost Closing Disclosure form Consumer Financial Protection Bureau marvin stone Prorations purchase contract transaction Transaction terms

From cold to close: How to ensure a seamless closing?


In this third and final part of the series on digital transactions, we will move past search and showings and onto the signing and closing process.

Ask Your Agent: 10 Questions for the Closing Process

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The post Ask Your Agent: 10 Questions for the Closing Process appeared first on American Lifestyle Magazine. Buying & Selling Finance Financial Advice Home Advice Home Buying Home Loan Real Estate Real Estate Agent Refinancing

In defense of the individual real estate agent

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I saw a social media post recently by our local ‘mega-agent’ entitled: “Breaking News: Individual Real Estate agents added to Endangered Professions List!”. The individual agent is on life support, it exclaims. The individual agent. The mega-agent.

Agents 382

New program puts Black real estate agents at forefront

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The National Association of Real Estate Brokers has announced the creation of its “Black Real Estate Agent” program to provide financial, educational, and career support for aspiring Black real estate agents.

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How to close any deal


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Inman Innovator Awards 2021: Nominations close this Friday


Nominations close this Friday, Aug. Agent Inman Connect Technology 2021 Inman Innovators inman events20, for the 2021 Inman Innovator Awards. The winners will be honored at Inman Connect Las Vegas in October.

What to Know About Closing on a Home


As you plan to purchase your first home, you might find that there are a few stressful aspects of the homebuying process that can make or break your purchase: One is when you first apply for a mortgage and another is when you close on a house. What Happens During Closing?

Product Demo: Get every listing to closing quickly with Curbio


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