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Unlike other HousingWire awards, Finance Leaders focuses specifically on corporate finance, secondary marketing, capital markets or strategic finance executives within mortgage banking or a real estate brokerage only.

Here are the 2021 HW Finance Leaders

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HousingWire’s Finance Leader award recognizes outstanding performers in the finance space. Those rates resulted in record-setting volume for real estate and mortgage companies, and a whole new set of challenges for their finance leaders. Executive Director, Capital Markets.


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Senate Finance Committee unanimously approves Yellen

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By a unanimous 26-0 vote, the Senate Finance Committee approved Janet Yellen’s nomination to become U.S. As Federal Reserve Chair, Yellen worked to bring stability to the economic market in the wake of the housing crisis of 2008.

Finance of America to acquire Parkside’s wholesale biz

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Finance of America intends to acquire Parkside Lending ‘s third-party origination channel operation for $40 million, the publicly traded lender and servicer announced Tuesday. The post Finance of America to acquire Parkside’s wholesale biz appeared first on HousingWire.

Finance of America unveils hybrid reverse mortgage product

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Finance of America Reverse will soon debut a hybrid product that combines elements of a reverse mortgage with a forward mortgage. Join expert panelists to review current MSR market trends and strategies to optimize your portfolio.

Finance of America Chief Product Officer: reverse mortgages ‘important’ to diverse product range

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Kathryn Amor, chief product officer at Finance of America Companies, spoke during the event’s mortgage purchase market panel about what Finance of America Reverse (FAR) beings to the table for the larger parent company. Reverse mortgages and the purchase market.

People movers:, Opendoor, Finance of America and FormFree

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Jim Anderson is joining Finance of America Mortgage , a national, full-service mortgage banker as chief marketing officer, bringing more than 20 years of marketing experience to the company.

OJO Labs acquires personal finance platform Digs

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OJO Labs announced its first foray into fintech on Thursday with its acquisition of Digs, a personal finance platform. The post OJO Labs acquires personal finance platform Digs appeared first on HousingWire. Housing Market Real Estate Digs end-to-end real estate financial assistance homebuyers OJO LabsDigs is an FDIC-insured platform that helps consumers set and track savings goals, learn about the buying process, and understand credit.

Finance of America’s TPO Two-X Flex suite allows brokers to help borrowers who don’t fit conventional products

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Now, the focus is on the hot purchase market, and brokers are looking for solutions outside the conventional conforming product box to assist their client base. That’s where Finance of America Mortgage (FAM) TPO’s Two-X Flex suite of proprietary jumbo and non-QM products comes into the picture. Our products empower brokers to assist more people who would otherwise be shut out of the traditional purchase market,” said Nectar Kalajian, senior vice president, channel leader, TPO.

Financeable Fixer

The Living Room

This home was marketed as a “financeable fixer” “It’s just been lived in” is how we all felt once walking in. In this market this is what’s necessary and as you can see it worked out for the best. Alexis and Donny. You are the best!

Finance of America debuts refi-ADU product

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Finance of America Mortgage (FAM), the multichannel lender, announced today that it is offering a refi product for homeowners with accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Most homeowners finance ADUs through home equity loans, cash-out refinancings and construction/renovation loans.

Finance leader at Guaranteed Rate says “don’t fade the fed”

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Over the past six months, mergers and acquisitions, huge financing rounds and public offerings have dominated headlines across the real estate and housing finance sector.

Conventional and FHA Mortgages Finance 90% of New Home Sales in Q1 2021

Eye on Housing

NAHB analysis of the most recent Quarterly Sales by Price and Financing published by the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that conventional loans financed the largest share of new home sales since 2018.

As The Housing Market Boom Continues, What Lies Ahead For The Home Financing Market?

Realty Biz

All eyes are on the housing market as everyone waits to see whether the boom will crash anytime soon. With younger homeowners grappling with increasing credit card and student loan debts, many of them are turning to external financing to achieve their homeownership dream.

Share of Non-Conventional Financing Hold Steady in 2020

Eyes on Housing

NAHB analysis of the 2020 Census Bureau Survey of Construction (SOC) data shows that, nationwide, the share of non-conventional financing for new home sales accounted for 34.4% of the market, while conventional financing dominated the market at 65.6%. of the market share.

Share of Non-Conventional Financing Increased in 2019

Eye on Housing

NAHB analysis of the 2019 Census Bureau Survey of Construction (SOC) data shows that, nationwide, the share of non-conventional financing for new home sales accounted for 35.0% of the market, while conventional financing dominated the market at 65.0%. of the market share.

Originators gear up for the purchase market

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Lenders will have to “manage expenses and improve customer service in a purchase market,” Tom Wind, executive vice president of consumer lending with U.S. Marina Walsh, vice president of industry analysis at the MBA, said that as production volume slumps and the market shifts toward fewer re?nances

#318: Ask Paula – How to Think About Finances at the 30,000-Foot Level

Afford Anything

There are no manual trades, picking stocks, or watching the stock market every day with Wealthfront. Episodes Personal Finance 101 ask paula backdoor roth conversion extra savings joe saul-sehy retirement planning sep IRA tax planning taxable brokerage accounts

Hard Money Loans – When a Real Estate Investment Needs Fast Financing

Realty Biz

As an investor, you should know your local market inside out. What’s different for hard money lenders is they often lend money outside of their local market. It will be based on what the market values the property at.

Ask Brian: Seller-Financing Can Be a Lucrative Investing Business

Realty Biz

Seller financing is often associated with ‘For Sale by Owner’ or a one-off business deal when an investor has difficulty selling a property for some reason. Usually, these houses are in disrepair and won’t sell on the retail market. Ask Brian financing

The Five biggest drawbacks of a Lender-Financed Offer

CT Homes

In this post, we’ll cover the main contingencies lender-financed offers typically have, and what the main drawbacks of such offers are. The most common contingency issue when dealing with “financed” buyers is getting final mortgage approval with the buyer’s lender.

Working with buyers in the nation’s hottest housing market

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Austin, Texas might be the hottest housing market in the country. 1 city in population growth for the last eight years and it was the hottest job market in 2019 and 2020, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is just a super tight housing market.

Top markets for affordable renovated housing inventory

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times the median income in the surrounding Census tract, according to the analysis, which incorporated tract-level median income data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). Top Markets for Renovated Inventory. Skyrocketing U.S.

PIMCO warns releasing Fannie, Freddie could imperil housing finance

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or PIMCO, one of the biggest buyers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage-backed securities, warned on Monday that ending the federal conservatorship of the GSEs without Congressional input would constrict housing-finance credit and boost mortgage rates.

Regardless of price, Austin homes still flying off the market

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Austin is still the nation’s hottest housing market, as tech workers continue to flock to the Lone Star State’s capital. Homes are staying on the market an average of 24 days, Redfin reported. The jumbo market for brokers is back in a huge way.

UWM is bullish on the resurgent private-label market

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Pontiac, Michigan-based United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) capitalized on a booming private-label market in 2021 by sponsoring its inaugural securities transaction this past May, a prime jumbo deal involving 508 mortgages with an aggregate principal balance of $351.9

7 Money and Personal Finance Lessons 2020 Taught Us


2020 has had a severe impact on the job market, resulting in unemployment and even bankruptcy for many people. In fact, it was not uncommon for many people to do a 180° turn in terms of career choice, depending on what the job market dictated. Image: lovelyday12 /

June jobs report is great news for the housing market

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The gains were so great that some housing industry economists believe construction job gains could relieve housing market supply constraints. job market was 9.5 In today’s housing market, lenders need to make sure they’re staying competitive. Hiring in the U.S.

The secondary market is primed to rise in 2022

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Projecting the outlook for the housing market in the coming year, including prospects for the secondary market for mortgage-backed securities, can be an exercise in crystal-ball gazing, but one indicator key to bringing clarity to that crystal ball is the direction of interest rates.

Doug Duncan to speak at Engage Marketing June 17

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That information is still critical this year, that’s why we’ve invited Doug Duncan , senior vice president and chief economist at Fannie Mae , to speak at HousingWire’s virtual Engage Marketing event on June 17.

The emerging ESG market is a diamond in the rough

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Digital mortgage platform MAXEX , backed by investment from financial-services giant JPMorgan , sees a bright future in the ESG market. Securities and Exchange Commission also has its eye on the ESG market.

VA hikes appraisal fees, turn-times in select markets

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The Department of Veterans Affairs will raise appraisal fees and lengthen allowable turnaround times in select markets across the country in response to high demand for appraisals. The post VA hikes appraisal fees, turn-times in select markets appeared first on HousingWire.

Should You Consider Contract for Deed Financing in 2021?

C4D Crew

Worse, with COVID-19, a weakening stock market, an uncertain future, and post-election trauma, lenders are clinging to tight underwriting standards. If you have a low credit score combined with some serious recent credit dings, conventional financing could be very difficult to obtain.

3 solutions to a gridlocked housing market

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Competition for home buyers is tougher than ever right now, as tightened housing stock supply continues to plague the housing market. In addition to low inventory, the massive competition in the market has led to an increase in home prices.

Chopra warns of post-COVID housing market fallout

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In his confirmation hearing Tuesday before the Senate Banking Committee , Chopra, President Joe Biden’s choice for director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau , emphasized that the CFPB has to be ready for housing market fallout due to the pandemic.

Luxury housing market inspires ‘total frenzy’ in vacation boom towns

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And while real estate agents repping luxury homes aren’t seeing as many bidding wars as they did this summer , their respective housing markets are still crazy right now. Miami Realtor Ines Flax, with One Sotheby’s International , said her housing market is heating up this winter.

The mortgage market moves to purchase

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While we are still seeing a strong refinance market, including the continued growth of cash-out refinances, the traditional summer purchase market is clearly evident in the data,” Joe Tyrrell, President of ICE Mortgage Technology, said in a statement that accompanied the report.