Thu.Jun 10, 2021

Selling your home? Make sure you’re aware of hidden costs

Housing Wire

It’s no secret that buying a home takes time and money. Well, it turns out, so does selling a home. According to Zillow and Thumbtack’s Hidden Costs of Selling Analysis , the average homeowner spends over $15,000 in “hidden costs” to sell their home. .

Why This Is Not Like 2008 Again

Keeping Current Matters

During the Great Recession, just over a decade ago, the financial systems the world depended on started to collapse. It created a panic that drove some large companies out of business (ex. Lehman Brothers) and many more into bankruptcy.


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Mortgage rates slip back down to 2.96%

Housing Wire

Mortgage rates fell again last week, dropping three basis points to an average of 2.96%, according to Thursday data from Freddie Mac ‘s PMMS. Rates have now managed to stay within a five basis point range above or below 3% for nearly two months.

Consumer Prices Rising at Fastest Pace in a Decade

Eyes on Housing

Consumer prices continued to rise in May, supported by increases in housing costs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 0.6% in May on a seasonally adjusted basis, following an increase of 0.8% in April.


Fannie Mae gives go-ahead for digital verification

Housing Wire

Fannie Mae has given mortgage servicers the green light to use third-party digital vendors to verify income and asset information. Unsurprisingly, mortgage tech firms are thrilled. In a June 9 note , the government-sponsored entity told mortgage servicers they could implement the changes immediately.

Bathroom Design Ideas: What’s Your Style?


It may be a small space , but you can really pack a lot of style into a bathroom. It’s the one room where people tend to get a little daring with bold prints or beautiful tile.

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Who has the best mortgage rates? 2021 Lender rankings

The Mortgage Report

The top 25 lenders ranked for the lowest mortgage rates and fees. Plus, tips on how to find the best mortgage rates for your unique situation. Mortgage Rates Mortgage Strategy

FHFA to review exec compensation at Fannie & Freddie

Housing Wire

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is taking a look at how its compensation measures up for executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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Mobile home refinancing: Loan options and requirements

The Mortgage Report

Mobile home refinancing is possible, as long as your home meets certain requirements. Learn how to refinance a manufactured home at today's rates. Mortgage Rates Mortgage Strategy Refinance

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Judge rules for Zillow in REX antitrust lawsuit

Housing Wire

REX grabbed national attention in March when the residential real estate brokerage filed a lawsuit alleging an antitrust conspiracy between listings giant Zillow and the powerful National Association of Realtors.

MLS 208

Why Rage Gardening Is the Stress Reliever You Need Right Now

Getty Images Does the phrase “the new normal” drive you nuts? How about “these unprecedented times”? For whatever reason, these pandemic terms that we’ve all heard over and over again in these uncertain (sorry!) times are what can send me into a rage.

Here are the cities that ranked among the best and worst places to raise a family

Housing Wire

Whether moving to be near family or relocating for a job, moving is common. Take the pandemic, for instance. The housing market saw a huge spike in the number of moves as people relocated from big cities to avoid COVID-19.

Will Rising Inflation Cool Down—or Further Inflame—the Hot Housing Market? Home prices aren’t the only cost that has been soaring over the past few months. It seems like just about everything, from rental cars to puppies , has gotten more expensive—and that could help determine whether home prices have more room to rise.

How non-QM lenders can make the origination process easier for brokers

Housing Wire

There are a number of challenges affecting the non-QM market, but there are also opportunities. By partnering with a mortgage company that understands how to streamline non-Qm loans, brokers can close loans quickly and effectively.

Maternity Leave vs. Mortgage: Some Lenders Claim Women Can’t Have Both

Getty Images/ Last spring, technology executive Shayna Coche was pregnant with her first child when she and her husband, Cedric Coche , decided to refinance the mortgage on their Southern California home.

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Cash-offer giant Flyhomes nabs $150M in Series C round

Housing Wire

Flyhomes , the five-year-old real estate startup that lets people make cash offers on homes while they work to secure a mortgage, announced a Series C round of funding on Thursday totaling $150 million.

Fathom Realty


Fathom offers every agent the opportunity to not only build their personal production but to share in the success of the publicly traded company as a stock owner. Inman Expo Sponsored Fathom Realty

Chase’s Keosha Burns to speak at engage summit June 17

Housing Wire

Keosha Burns is a seasoned marketing executive who has recently taken on a new role at JPMorgan Chase: executive director, senior advisor, community and affordable lending. That combined expertise is why we invited her to speak at on the panel: Marketing to Reach a Diverse Audience.

Email marketer ActivePipe rolls out brokeragewide nurture campaigns


Helping power the new nurture service is technology ActivePipe acquired in its purchase of HomePrezzo in 2020.

California has a radical homebuying plan

Housing Wire

From the policing of an automobile’s tailpipe emissions to workplace rights for independent contractors, California has a track record of putting once marginal ideas into the American mainstream. It may do the same for government-subsidized homeownership.

Flyhomes lands $150M to bring end-to-end homebuying to more markets


Flyhomes says it's helped close $2.6 billion in home sales to date, with sales prices ranging from $150,000 to $5 million. The company provides end-to-end homebuying services through brokerage, mortgage and closing subsidiaries.

Land 93

Ivy Back on Market


Our listing in Fire Mountain is back on the market. The buyers, who according to their agent were in love with the house and the price, decided to cancel because of what they found out about the city restrictions.

After buying frenzy, demand for second homes comes down to earth


New lending restrictions and buyer preferences meant slower growth last month in mortgages for vacation homes and investment properties. Brokerage Markets & Economy Select Daryl Fairweather fannie mae freddie mac home market investment properties Redfin second homes vacation homes

Expect An Interest Rate Hike After Today’s Federal Reserve Inflation Data

Realty Biz

With the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell set to announce inflation data today, many are on the edge of their seats anticipating what may be an interest rate hike coming soon.

Why are $100M real estate teams merging with expansion teams?


Recently, we have seen more and more teams (large, successful and profitable teams) join forces, specifically with real estate businesses that offer a platform of services. Here's why.

We Ventured Down Into the Las Vegas Underground House—Who Might Buy This Place? I’ve looked at many homes and travelled to many cities, but I’ve never seen anything like the Underground House in Las Vegas. Part authentic time capsule dwelling, part Doomsday bunker, part fantasyland, it’s a unique dwelling unlike anything else in the world.

Email marketer ActivePipe rolls out brokerage-wide nurture campaigns


Helping power the new nurture service is technology ActivePipe acquired in its purchase of HomePrezzo in 2020.

Barbeque, Grilling + Outdoor Cooking

The Living Room

It’s time to cook outdoors! There are so many reasons to cook outside, whether you are grilling at home or cooking at your campsite, there are lots of fun ways to get out of the house and cook.

Offerpad is a more profitable flavor of iBuying: Mike DelPrete


Offerpad's latest financials strongly suggest that a less venture-funded, less tech-enabled, more real-estate focused and less breakneck version of iBuying can be (almost) profitable. Agent Brokerage Markets & Economy Select Service ibuyers ibuying mike delprete offerpad opendoor Zillow

How to Fireproof Your Home from Wildfires


A wildfire can pose a danger to your home, especially if you live in areas with dry, hot weather like Orange County, CA , or Clark County, NV. Weather conditions such as drought, extreme heat, high winds, and any surrounding vegetation in the environment can all impact how fast a wildfire spreads.

Inman Announces 14 Sponsors for Inman Connect June


Tallahassee, Fla. June 10, 2021) - Inman Group® announced 14 companies that will sponsor and exhibit at Inman Connect, a 3-day virtual event June 15 - 17, 2021.

Canadian Schools Will Start Teaching 14 Year Old Kids How To Apply For Mortgages

Better Dwelling

There is no better time to teach a child how to apply for a mortgage, than during a real estate bubble, amiright? The Government of Ontario released some details on the new Grade 9 curriculum.

The New Normal: What if everyone just stops paying for leads?


They used to be part of everyone’s business model but, increasingly, paid leads simply can’t compete with organic traffic and referrals. Read the latest in our New Normal series, and join us next week at Inman Connect when we take the conversation live.

Canadian Cities Plummet On The Economist’s List of Livable Cities, While US Climbs

Better Dwelling

Canada has lost the bragging rights to having some of the best cities in the world for livability. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released their Global Liveability Index for 2021. New Zealand managed to claim the top spot, with Japan and Switzerland not too far behind.