Industry veterans launch Canopy in bid to shake up residential due diligence space

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Residential due diligence is an area of the mortgage ecosystem that’s overdue for disruption, according to two industry veterans who want to offer something completely different in the due diligence space through their newly launched company, Canopy.

Do the Due: A Complete Due Diligence Guide and Checklist for Homebuyers


As a buyer, that means you have to do your due diligence from both a practical and contractual perspective. What does due diligence mean in residential real estate? That’s why we’ve put together this guide to due diligence for a homebuyer.


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Passive Real Estate Investing with Jim Ingersoll and Paul White

Investing Now Network

Why “Due Diligence” is important. What led Paul and his son develop a software ( RealNumberz ) to keep track of multiple investments. Passive Real Estate Investing with Jim Ingersoll and Paul White.

5 Tips for Finding a Good Development Project

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Purchasing a good development can help you gain a positively geared property for your portfolio. Here are some factors you should consider in your research and due diligence

Do Real Estate Developers Make a Lot of Money?

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Real estate development is quite a bit different from traditional real estate investing. The appeal of real estate development is the potential for higher operating profits during ownership and larger capital gains upon sale. Residential Development Project Scope.

Find and Assess Subdivision and Development Sites Like a Pro [On-Demand Webinar]

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Prospecting for new, feasible development sites is hard. We aim to make identifying and assessing small scale property development opportunities as quick, painless and accurate as possible. Assess Sites - quick estimate (residual land value) and due diligence reports.

North Carolina’s low home prices luring buyers

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“Plus, we’re a due diligence state, so right now if you don’t go way over listing price and offer a substantial due diligence price, there’s no point in even submitting an offer.” ” The current average due diligence is around 3.1%

How one mortgage fulfillment service increases efficiencies while minimizing risks

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HousingWire recently spoke with Brian Simon, president of Trelix Mortgage Fulfillment Services, about how Trelix helps its clients work more efficiently while still maintaining compliance and performing due diligence.

Evolve Mortgage opens another 100 underwriting positions

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in both its frontline underwriting and due diligence/QC underwriting departments. According to Evolve, the company has developed its work-from-home business model for over 20 years and offers all current positions remotely.

Stepping up the fight against fraud in mortgage lending

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The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with skyrocketing refinance applications due to a low interest rate environment, have created a perfect storm for fraud. Wherever there is commerce, there will be fraud, and the mortgage industry is no exception.

The appraiser can’t be replaced by technology – Here’s why

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The public response to the recent Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Request for Information on appraisal-related issues was significant, with 164 unique written comments. As one might expect, the comments revealed differing opinions.

5 Major Benefits Of Purchasing Pre Construction Homes

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With pre construction homes, a sharp increase in property values is very likely since building and construction end up gentrifying neighborhoods and attract other development projects in the area, developing the area in the process as well. Home Builders/Developer's pre construction

Buying Land to Build a House

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Subdivisions: The developers of large subdivisions tend to sell directly to home builders. This is a very efficient method for these developers because the builders buy in bulk and have the financing in place. Home Builders/Developer's US Real Estate

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Inaugural REACH Canada Class Announced


Geek Estate celebrates entrepreneurship and innovation focused on real estate technology, and programs such as REACH are critical to developing a broader proptech ecosystem. Click.AI – An AI platform and workflow that provides due-diligence automation for investors.

How to Manage Buyers’ Rising Concerns About Flooding

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If a buyer is concerned about flooding, encourage them to do their due diligence and be ready to supply the best authoritative resources, including local experts like your floodplain manager, surveyors, engineers and inspectors with flood expertise.

[PULSE] Black lives, Black families and Black homeownership matter

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By learning from the lessons of the past, we’ve developed a responsible and safe method to provide much-needed down payment assistance, and I’m proud to be part of it. But despite what’s at stake for minority communities, they have so far refused to perform such basic due diligence.

Century 21 Real Estate Expands With Addition of CENTURY 21 Guyana

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Afa Jamal Zada, a real estate industry and business development specialist, signed an exclusive 25-year franchise agreement to develop the CENTURY 21 brand throughout the Republic of Guyana.

Build Your Real Estate Dream Team With Strategic Partnerships

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All you have to do is develop the right partnerships with financial or legal firms, other agents and home service providers. You can also work with lenders, mortgage brokers and moving companies to provide next-level service for clients and also develop a steady referral program.

Educate your real estate clients to make a connection that lasts

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Develop a landing page where they can sign up and then direct mail a postcard or deliver a door hanger that lists the landing page’s URL. Examples include contingencies, seasoned funds, due diligence, fixtures.

Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Bryan Chong from PocketBuildings


PocketBuildings is a platform that allows commercial real estate professionals to develop, manage, and transact faster by organizing the extensive visual content for their portfolios. This week, we interviewed Bryan Chong from PocketBuildings.

12 Of the Most Common Repairs Needed After a Home Inspection


Radon : Smokers have an increased risk of developing lung cancer. During the due diligence period (usually 10 to 14 days), the buyer can walk away from the contract if both parties cannot come to an agreement.

Just Sold: Historic Embassy Studio Condominium

The Living Room

Previously Luxury Apartments, it was converted to Condominiums in 2005 by developer Robert Ball and included the renovation of 69 units, varying from 430 square feet to 778 square feet. Embassy Condominiums. 2015 NW Flanders St #106. PORTLAND, OREGON 97209.

We Bought a House Sight Unseen—and It Turned Out To Be a Total Nightmare

Go beyond standard due diligence. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The key to success is extreme buyer due diligence,” O’Brien says.

Real people. Real relationships. Real estate.

The Residential Specialist

I’ve spent most of my years getting as much education as possible to develop a deep understanding of the processes related to my real estate services, including home inspection, appraisals and more. So, from initial walkthrough, contract terms, inspection, due diligence, etc.,

Differentiate Yourself From the Competition in 5 Steps


So, this week, take some time to develop (or re-develop) your brand, shaping and sharing your offerings in a way that speaks to your local market area and assures consumers of your unique value. Step 3: Develop your voice.

How Commercial Real Estate Investors Are Weighing Climate Change When Planning Future Business Strategies

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“I am aware that businesses are concerned about locating or staying in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Boston due to climate issues,” says RE/MAX Town & Country’s Bruce Ailion-.

What to Do If You Think Your Home May Have Asbestos

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If asbestos is damaged or disturbed and fibers are released into the air, people can inhale them and eventually develop mesothelioma, a form of cancer, or other medical conditions. Do Your Due Diligence. Many houses that were built before the 1980s contain asbestos.

Buying a House in Atlanta? Be Ready for Hot Summers and Hot Market


Many communities in Atlanta, especially in the suburbs, are subdivisions or planned unit developments. But if you change your mind after the due diligence period is over, you could lose your earnest money deposit.).

Get Your Own Slice of the Big Apple: Buying a House in Manhattan


Hiring an attorney, which is a local convention in New York , eases the burden of buyer due diligence on an entire building’s amenities, including elevator updates and hot water service. If you’re ready to buy a house in Manhattan, congratulations!

Building a House? A Simple Guide to the Home Building Process


Parcels of land designated for new construction may be available in numerous locations, including underdeveloped suburban areas, rural areas, and as a part of subdivision development.

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Can A Broker Avoid Its Duty To Physically Inspect The Property?

First Team Real Estate


What to Know About Selling a Home in a Retirement Community

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Occasionally this happens, especially when you’re moving from a single-family home into a condominium development that has a homeowners association with strict rules. Make sure you do your due diligence and don’t rush into something as vital as picking a real estate agent.

11 Types of Real Estate Investments for Aspiring Investors


While platforms such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter are typically used to assist individuals or small groups with personal causes or new business ventures, real estate crowdfunding lets you and other investors pool your resources to fund real estate developers.

Crime Impacts Property Value. These 10 Websites Help You Keep Tabs on Neighborhood Crime


While your real estate agent can tell you if your neighborhood is “ up and coming ” and help you decipher a crime report, they can’t discuss crime in-depth due to Fair Housing Law restrictions. remains higher than in any other developed nation.

How To Make Money In Real Estate And Get Rich?

Norada Real Estate

The Securities and Exchange Commission recommends against non-traded REITs due to their high fees, the challenge of liquidating them, and the risk they may become worthless. There are mutual funds that invest in real estate developers and property management firms.

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