Mon.May 09, 2022

Home Listing Prices Continue to Accelerate

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Despite the monumental shift in financial conditions that has occurred over the past four months, homes continue to sell quickly and registered their 20th week of double-digit yearly gains last week, according to®’s latest Housing Trends Report for the week ending April 30.

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Think US home prices are high? At least we aren’t Canada

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Home prices in the U.S. have been skyrocketing since 2020, however, I often like to remind people that no matter how crazy home-price growth is in America, at least we aren’t Canada.


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How Today’s Mortgage Rates Impact Your Home Purchase

Keeping Current Matters

If you’re planning to buy a home, it’s critical to understand the relationship between mortgage rates and your purchasing power. First Time Home Buyers For Buyers Interest Rates Move-Up Buyers Pricing Content Hub

FHA gives investors cold shoulder on foreclosed properties

Housing Wire

The Federal Housing Administration said that nonprofit organizations and owner-occupant buyers will have first dibs on foreclosed properties that get auctioned off through its Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) program, specifically prioritizing these groups over investors.

Kick-Off Your Summer With Never-Ending Prospects

Speaker: Kevin Smullin, Founder, 2Q Lead Generation Strategies

In this webinar, Kevin Smullen will demonstrate a methodology that will help you create a pipeline with continuous prospects.

Consumer Credit Increases in First Quarter

Eyes on Housing

In the first quarter of 2022, non-real estate secured consumer credit, per the Federal Reserve’s latest G.19 Consumer Credit report, grew at a seasonal adjusted annual rate of 9.7%, with revolving debt growing at 21.4% and nonrevolving at 6.1%. Total consumer credit currently stands at $4.5

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Getting the Listing: First Impressions and Candid Talks About Home Value and Pricing


Enjoying this episode? Be sure to follow The Walkthrough to get future episodes delivered automatically: Apple Podcasts/iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | YouTube. In today’s market, many homeowners think they can sell their home without an agent and get more money than it’s really worth.

Mortgage rate locks tumble amid sharp rate rise

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Fewer buyers rushed to lock mortgages last month amid a rapid climb in long-term mortgage rates , reflecting home affordability concerns, reports from Mortgage Capital Trading and Black Knight showed. .

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While it would be logical to think that anyone who is going to sell in 2022 would be expediting their plans due to higher mortgage rates, there still hasn’t been a big surge.

Guaranteed Rate’s Owning continues layoffs

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California-based Owning Corp., a direct-to-consumer mortgage lender acquired by Guaranteed Rate in February 2021 , is planning a workforce reduction amid higher mortgage rates and lower refinance volumes.

The Complete Realtor: Tools to Successfully Manage Your Personal Life, Career, and Health

Speaker: Marki Lemons Ryhal, REALTOR, Keynote Speaker, 4X International Best Selling Author, and Podcaster at ReMarkiTable, LLC

In this webinar, Marki Lemons Ryhal will teach you how you can pivot and succeed as a real estate agent in the face of adversity!

Beyond the Halo Effect

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Above: Christy Budnick, CEO, on stage during her Keynote Speech at Sales Convention 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky. Berkshire Hathaway ranks as one of the world’s most trusted brands. Such exalted brand status and trust can create what is known as the “halo effect.”

Finance of America cut 600 jobs in Q1

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Fast-rising interest rates hit Finance of America Companies hard in the first quarter of 2022 and the company cut almost 600 jobs compared to one year ago. .

‘The Northman’ Actor Alexander Skarsgård Lists Historic Manhattan Pad for $2.6 Million

Fancy Pants Homes

True Blood alum Alexander Skarsgård is ready to part ways with his historic East Village co-op.

CoreLogic: Jump in home-purchase closing costs outpaces refi loans

Housing Wire

Closing costs for homeowners who jumped on the refi wave in 2021 increased at less than one-third the pace of closing costs for home purchases as homebuyers had to cope with a hot market that fueled higher home-sale prices and related settlement costs.

Database Restoration: How to Revive Dead Leads and Generate New Ones

Speaker: Rivers Pearce, CEO of W8LESS

In this session Rivers Pierce, CEO of W8LESS, will teach you how winning agents restore and revive their database to continue to gain market share!

Redfin vs Zillow: Company Profiles and How They Compare


Disclaimer: Company program details can frequently change. HomeLight always advises that you check a company’s website for the most up-to-date information. Whether you want to buy or sell a home, you’ll find a wealth of helpful information online.

Title insurance industry premiums spike $7B year over year

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The American Land Title Association saw a nearly 36% year-over-year increase in title insurance premium volume in 2021 for a staggering $7 billion spike, according to the trade group’s Market Share Analysis , published Friday. The title insurance industry generated $26.2

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Conforming loan guide 2022: Requirements and loan limits

The Mortgage Report

Conforming loans are the most common type of mortgage. But what are they and how do they work? Use this conforming loan guide to learn more.

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Coldwell Banker Real Estate Reports Growth Milestones in Q1 2022, High Retention in 2021

RIS Media

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has reported that it has achieved impressive growth milestones in 2021 by renewing 101 affiliated companies with the extension of their agreements, according to a recent release. The brand extended agreements for 17 companies, accounting for more than $2.3

The Real Estate Pulse: Analyzing the 2022 Housing Market

Speaker: Grier Allen, CEO and Co-Founder of BoomTown

In this session, Grier Allen, CEO and Co-Founder of BoomTown, will breakdown the top housing trends for 2022, and help you navigate the constant changes in the market so that you can achieve success!

Mortgage and refinance rates today, May 9, 2022

The Mortgage Report

Today’s mortgage and refinance rates Average mortgage rates rose only a little last Friday. But, over the whole week, they climbed appreciably. And 2022’s clear upward trend appears to remain […]. Mortgage Rates Now

Mortgage Delinquencies Hit Lowest Level Since Q4 2019

RIS Media

The delinquency rate for mortgage loans on one-to-four-unit residential properties decreased to a seasonally adjusted rate of 4.11% of all loans outstanding at the end of the first quarter of 2022, according to the latest Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) National Delinquency Survey, released last week.

April TRREB Stats: Is The Sky Falling?

Toronto Realty Blog

TorontoRealtyBlog. There’s a reason I wrote last Monday’s blog, and no, it wasn’t “to get out ahead of the bad publicity.”

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5 Benefits of Having a Homeowners Association

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Are you considering buying into a homeowner’s association? There can be some significant benefits to purchasing a home in an HOA. Each homeowner’s experience with an HOA will vary depending on the amenities and rules that are in place in their community.

#Trending: How to Leverage Instagram’s Algorithm to Build Your Pipeline

Speaker: Eric Simon, Founder of The Broke Agent Media | Matt Lionetti, Real Estate Salesperson at The Agency

In this session, The Broke Agent and Matt Lionetti will break down the strategies they utilize to grow their Instagram accounts to over 360,000 and 40,000 followers. They will also discuss vertical video, podcasting, and the importance of producing consistent content!

Customer Testimonials: Why They Matter and How They Speak for Themselves (And For Our Brands)

Realty Biz

Most of today’s real estate agents and agencies are looking to make a quick commission and move on, but not the team at Las Vegas’ highly respected Custom Fit Real Estate.

Report Shows Refinance Closing Costs Remain at Less Than 1% of Loan Amount in 2021

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The national average closing costs for a single-family property refinance in 2021, excluding any type of recordation or other specialty tax, was $2,375, according to CoreLogic’s ClosingCorp second annual Refinance Closing Cost report for 2021 released last week.

Six Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs A Technology Overhaul In 2022

Realty Biz

The growth of technology has transformed the conventional real estate industry as clients demand smarter solutions while real estate businesses demand efficiency. The entire gamut of technologies for real estate business falls under the label of ‘PropTech’ (Property Technology).

Rising Rates Could Cost Homebuyers $100,000+ Over Life of Loans

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New data collected from LendingTree users puts a dollar amount on how rising rates can affect the cost of a mortgage. Specifically, the firm calculated the difference between average monthly mortgage payments on 30-year, fixed-rate loans in each state based on average APRs in January and April 2022.

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