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The 2021 housing market will be stronger than 2020

Housing Wire

Jeff Tucker Zillow Senior Economist. This is the fourth installment of our economist Q&A series, as we work to answer the top 2021 housing market questions. Every Tuesday in December, HousingWire interviewed a top economist in the HW+ Slack channel.

Why Selling Your House on Your Own in 2021 Is a Mistake

Keeping Current Matters

There are many benefits to working with a real estate professional when selling your house. During challenging times, like what we face today, it becomes even more important to have an expert you trust to help guide you through the process.

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Living with Florida Manatees: Fun Facts About Our Beloved “Ocean Potatoes”

Waterfront Properties

Also known as an “ocean potato” or “sea cow”, the beloved Florida manatee is a gentle giant you’ll see calmly cruising throughout Jupiter Intracoastal waters.


The Best 37 Real Estate Memes of 2020

Lighter Side of Real Estate

There’s a lot of 2020 we all want to put behind us and forget. Being a real estate agent isn’t easy in a normal year, but being one during a pandemic? Well, that takes someone who can change and go with the flow in the blink of an eye. But one thing that didn’t change is the need to laugh.

How record-low mortgage rates changed everything in 2020

Housing Wire

While the United States may not have been prepared to combat a deadly virus, a quick and robust response from the Federal Reserve , along with changing consumer preferences, created a perfect storm that resulted in a record year for the housing and mortgage industries.

Why It’s Important to Price Your House Right Today

Keeping Current Matters

Even in today’s sellers’ market , setting the right price for your house is one of the most valuable things you can do. According to the U.S. Economic Outlook by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), existing home prices nationwide are forecasted to increase by 4.5% in 2021.

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20 Best Cities To Invest In Real Estate In 2021

Norada Real Estate

Real estate remains an appealing asset class for investors because of the opportunity to earn recurrent income from rentals. If the market dynamics are optimal, your monthly rental income can fully offset the expenses associated with servicing your mortgage.

U.S. home prices hit 14-year high in October

Housing Wire

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index covering home prices of all nine U.S. census divisions, reported an 8.4% increase in October from a year ago, and a 7% increase from September. The National Index is now up 24.5% from its former high in July 2006.

Four Expert Views on the 2021 Housing Market

Keeping Current Matters

The housing market was a shining star in 2020, fueling the economic turnaround throughout the country. As we look forward to 2021, can we expect real estate to continue showing such promise? Here’s what four experts have to say about the year ahead.

Real Estate Sales Soar In Every City, As Bank of Canada Juices The Market

Better Dwelling

Canada’s markets have been flooded with cheap money, causing a buying frenzy across the country. Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) data shows record real estate sales in November. Unlike previous boom-time periods, the rise in home sales wasn’t confined to a few hot markets.

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5 Markets Buyers Are Moving to in 2021

RIS Media

The pandemic has brought on a surge of migrations—and not just from the couch to the fridge. In fact, according to recent surveys from the Pew Research Center , a whopping 22 percent of Americans said they’d either moved or know someone who did during the pandemic.

What to expect from the 2021 housing market

Housing Wire

Although I had pockets of joy in 2020, these moments were subsumed in a haze of stress, uncertainty and fear for our country. And, at times, I have found it difficult to keep these emotions from clouding my economic thinking.

More Generations Are Living under One Roof This Year

Keeping Current Matters

This year challenged us to reprioritize everything – from the way we use our time to where we work, how we socialize and gather together, and our needs at home. For many, this also meant making decisions about how to best support and engage with our extended families, near and far.


6 Long-standing Decor Trends That Won’t Stand the Test of Time in 2021

Lighter Side of Real Estate

Looking to start the new year in a home that feels fresh and modern? Before you embrace 2021’s decor trends, you may have to remove some items that make your rooms look a little outdated. Wondering where to begin?

How the mortgage interest deduction helps homeowners

The Morgtage Report

The mortgage interest deduction is a tax break for those who itemize their deductions on a Schedule A. Here's how the mortgage interest deduction helps you. About Mortgages Homeownership Topics Housing Mortgage mortgage interest deduction mortgage rates Real Estate michele lerner

Pending home sales continue to slip as 2021 approaches

Housing Wire

pending home sales slid for the third consecutive month in November, dropping 2.6% year-over-year, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors. Year-over-year, contract signings increased by 16.4%.

Sales 279

10 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

American Lifestyle

The post 10 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Boost Your Home’s Value appeared first on American Lifestyle Magazine.

Reverse Mortgage: The Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages

Maximum Exposure Real Estate

What is a Reverse Mortgage Do you know what a reverse mortgage is and how it works? How about the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage? If you have no idea, you’re not alone. Tons of people have no idea how a reverse mortgage works.

What is PITI? Mortgage payments explained

The Morgtage Report

PITI stands for Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance: the 4 parts of your monthly mortgage payment. Find out why your PITI payment matters. About Mortgages Buying a home Escrow Hazard Insurance Homeowners Insurance Mortgage Payment PITI Real Estate Taxes

Low mortgage rates impact on the housing market

Housing Wire

Frank Nothaft Executive and Chief Economist at CoreLogic. This is the third installment of our economist Q&A series of the top housing market forecasts for 2021 that focus on everything from home sales to mortgage rates.

The Essential Real Estate Website Launch Checklist: With Pro Tips

Jason Fox

The Essential Real Estate Website Launch Checklist: With Pro Tips. We've Got Your Real Estate Website Covered in One Complete List that Covers Everything from Testing, to WordPress, and Content. You've put a lot of time into developing your new real estate website and now you are ready to launch.

Canadian Seniors Racked Up $408 Million More In Reverse Mortgage Debt This Year

Better Dwelling

Canadian seniors are still withdrawing home equity at a brisk pace over the past few months. Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) filings show reverse mortgage debt hit a new record in October. Growth of reverse mortgage debt picked up from previous months as well.

How much money do you need to buy a house?

The Morgtage Report

Today's mortgage programs have reduced the amount of money you need to buy a home. Here's how much you will likely pay in upfront home-buying costs. About Mortgages Buying a home Closing Costs dan rafter Housing Mortgage mortgage rates Real Estate

Mortgage rates remain at record-low levels

Housing Wire

After falling to the lowest rate in Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey’s near 50-year-history last week, the average U.S. mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed loan remained at a survey-low 2.67% this week.

Get SMART with Your New Year’s Resolutions

American Lifestyle

The post Get SMART with Your New Year’s Resolutions appeared first on American Lifestyle Magazine. 12-Direct General Health New Year’s 12-Direct January Achieve Goals Inspiration January List Measurable New Year New Year's Relevant Resolution Smart Specific Success Time Tips


12 New Year’s Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier Home in 2021


Let’s be honest: 2020 was a struggle. We spent more time in our homes than ever — working, video chatting, exercising, posting pandemic memes. And in that time we noticed a thing or two we’d like to change about our 24/7 living space.

What are mortgage discount points and how do they work?

The Morgtage Report

Mortgage points let you 'buy down' your interest rate. Learn how mortgage discount points work and when you should pay for them. About Mortgages Discount Points Housing Mortgage mortgage rates Refinance

Will hybrid appraisals become the new normal?

Housing Wire

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced Monday it is requesting input on the appraisal policies, practices and processes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, especially as it relates to the GSEs’ appraisal modernization efforts. The Request for Input (RFI) – open to comment until Feb.

#293: The One Question That Makes Everything Easier, with Geoff Woods

Afford Anything

Are you ready to say goodbye to bad habits from 2020 and say hello to habits that will actually guide you toward the person you want to become? If so, a simple framework for building better habits is only a few minutes away.

2021 New-Agent Recruiting

RIS Media

Four Prime Recruiting Targets for New Agents in the Coming Year. 2021 is looking like it could be another banner year for real estate activity. Danielle Hale, chief economist, is predicting that sales will be up 7 percent next year, with prices rising another 5.7 percent.