Sun.May 22, 2022

How AI is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Market

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Time marches on, and so does the sophistication of the technologies we use in our everyday lives like AI.

This Week’s Top Stories: Canadian Real Estate Has Never Been More Overvalued and Prices Are Falling

Better Dwelling

Time for your cheat sheet on this week’s most important stories. Canadian Real Estate Canadian Real Estate Prices 38% Overvalued, Largest Trend Deviation In 40 Years: BMO Canadian real estate hasn’t seen anything quite like the bubble it’s facing right now.

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More Home Buyers are Reaching for ARMs

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The demand for homes remains robust. Despite 30-year mortgages being firmly above a 5% interest rate, mortgage applications for home purchases increased 5% in mid-May. That’s not surprising because springtime is the busiest season for home purchases.

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Sotheby’s International Realty Opens First Office in Serbia

Sotheby's International Real Estate

Sotheby’s International Realty today announced the opening of KADENA Sotheby’s International Realty in Serbia, signifying the brand’s continued strength in Europe.

Rise of The Apps: Building Your Dream Tech Stack For Real Estate Success

Speaker: Trey Willard, Realtor/Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

In this webinar, Keller Williams Team Leader Trey Willard will teach you how to create a winning tech stack, and how to leverage apps for real estate success.

Should You Buy a Stale Listing? Pros and Cons of Buying a House With a High DOM

iStock; A real estate listing can tell you an awful lot about a home, beyond just the price—essential stats like the year the property was built and the price per square foot.

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5 Genius Tactics Real Estate Agents Use When They Buy Their Own Homes

Getty Images Real estate agents are walking, talking one-stop shops of great advice on how to buy a home. Yet amid the flurry of questions you might be asking in order to close your deal, you may have missed the juiciest question of all: How do real estate agents buy their own homes?

Carlsbad Entry-Level


Our new listing in NE Carlsbad with some commentary on market conditions: 2022 Bubbleinfo TV Carlsbad Frenzy Market Conditions

I Accidentally Bought a Marijuana Grow House: Why Even Weed Lovers Should Be Very Afraid

Getty Images We were so excited when we first saw it: a large, 1960s fixer-upper with plenty of parking, right on a main street in Puyallup, WA. The bank-owned house had been vacant for some time, and, sure, a few things seemed odd about it. Water was dripping through the living room ceiling.

Do Real Estate Agents Need to Work in an Office?


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have been working from home. No field is exempt – including real estate agents. Though their jobs entail showing homes and communicating with clients, they can still work comfortably from just about anywhere.

5 Data Proven Ways Agents Can Do 18% More Business

Curious as to how you could do 18% more business? How about 14 more transaction sides per year? Check out this infographic with data from a RealTrends study to learn more.

Should You Buy a House With Roof Damage? The Surprising Benefits—and Challenges

MICHELANGELOBOY/iStock For most home shoppers, any mention of roof damage is enough to send them sprinting in the opposite direction.

How to Write a House Offer Letter That Will Win Over the Sellers

t_kimura/iStock; Sergey Galushko/iStock Writing a house offer letter that knocks the seller’s socks off can help you stand out in a competitive environment.

What Does ‘Days on Market’ Mean? How Buyers Can Take Advantage

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images In the real estate game, many buyers understand that knowing a home’s days on market (DOM) is absolutely critical intel. Because the number of days a home spends on the market directly affects the price of a home.

I Bought a House With a Pool, and Wow, Was I in Over My Head!

AzmanL/iStock I live in a house with a gorgeous in-ground pool. When my husband and I bought the property in 2012, I swooned over visions of pool parties filled with floaties and endless summer fun. It’s a good thing I didn’t start sending out those pool party invitations too soon.

Real Estate Solutions: How to Crush Your Sales Goals and Fuel Your Pipeline

Speaker: Mary Maloney, Founder & Team Leader at Hometown Realty

In this webinar, Mary Maloney will demonstrate a methodology that will help you create a pipeline with continuous prospects.

13 Sale-Killing Mistakes to Avoid With Real Estate Listing Photos

Getty Images We’re fond of the analogy that shopping for real estate is a lot like online dating. The similarities are seemingly endless—you should never be too eager, and you have to remember that looks can be deceiving.

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The Sneaky Way We Won a Bidding War (and Beat 3 All-Cash Offers)

Getty Images Here’s one of my favorite stories to tell as a real estate agent, about a young family who achieved what many assume is impossible.

What Is Loan to Value Ratio? It’s the Key to Getting a Good Mortgage

StockImages_AT/iStock The loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is a crucial factor if you’re buying a home and applying for a mortgage. So what exactly is this loan-to-value ratio, or LTV?

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10 Things to Toss From Your Junk Drawer Now: How Many Are Hiding in Yours?

Ross M. Horowitz/Getty Images We all have one—a drawer that either by accident or design becomes the “junk drawer.” The one into which we throw random things that soon meld into a sea of mangled paper clips, empty tape rolls, and chip clips.

Become THE Social-Savvy Agent With This Free eBook

Close more deals from social media leads in 2022! This three-chapter eBook covers the fundamentals of building a digital strategy. You’ll hear from top industry experts and get exclusive insights into how you can become the social-savvy agent. Get your copy today!

Stucco Repair: A Quick and Easy Way to Make Your Home Look Like New

brizmaker/iStock Stucco is an extremely popular home siding because it is handsome and durable, offers texture, and is less costly than other high-end exteriors.

Junk Drawer Organization Ideas That Will Save Your Sanity

Sean De Burca/Getty Images It’s every home’s dirty little secret: that dreaded kitchen drawer crammed with junk.

Co-op vs. Condo: What’s the Difference Between These Types of Homes?

Urban dwellers and potential buyers who want to purchase a new home in a common building or community will likely consider two types of properties: co-op and condo. Although they’re similar in size and appearance, a co-op (short for “cooperative”) and a condo (short for “condominium”) are actually quite different.