Can I Sell My House with a Tenant in It?

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You might want to sell your property for sundry reasons but if you have tenants occupying your home, selling it can be a little tricky business. There are various things one has to consider such as ensuring smooth eviction by current tenants, staging your home and finding new buyers. Following tips can help you make this transition smoother, without much of a hassle. Inform your tenants. Let your tenants know that you intend to sell the home.

Inside Real Estate and Kunversion Solutions Become One!

Inside Real Estate

Today, we are excited to announce that Inside Real Estate and Kunversion solutions will become one! The two companies have […]. The post Inside Real Estate and Kunversion Solutions Become One! appeared first on Inside Real Estate | Lead Generation + Websites + CRM + Reporting + Powerful Performance. News Press Real Estate Technology Customer Updates Kunversion Product Updates Real Estate Software


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The Delicate Art of Emailing Real Estate Leads

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Email nurturing is a great way for agents to remain top-of-mind with potential homebuyers who are six or more months from entering the real estate market. Top-of-mind status is achieved by consistently delivering educational value to homebuyers through quality email content. This is important because it allows agents to be helpful over a long period of time without being salesy or pushy too early in the process.

Favorite Books

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Before I had kids I would read around 50 books a year! I have since toned-it down to around 25 a year now. Below is a very short list of my favorite books I highly recommend to just about everybody. I thought it would be easier to just make 1 list of my favorite books, than to email out recommendations individually. Read the descriptions to see if you would be interested in each book for your own individual situation. Built To Sell. This is actually my all-time favorite business book.

Millennials are Determined and Prices are Soaring: The Step-by-Step Formula for Closing More Sales to Millennial Buyers Fast!

Speaker: Paul Moya - CEO, Millennial Labs, and The Go-To Performance Marketing Strategist and Realtor Coach for the Best in the World

Join Paul Moya, CEO of Millennial Labs and the Go-To Performance Marketing Strategist and Realtor Coach for the Best in the World, as he shares insights and information about the importance of understanding a buyer and how their needs change with each generation.

The pros and cons of student accommodation in London

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Some property investors are put off student accommodation by the scare stories they read about in the media, but there are many reasons why investment in this area can lead to big rewards.& & That’s not to say it’s without its own set of risk factors, but investing in student accommodation –

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How to Keep Your Home Safe while it is on Sale?

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Selling a home isn’t essentially an unsafe process; however, it is always good to take precautionary safety measures to ensure the safety of your family and your belongings. Discussed here are a few safety tips that not only help you increase your home’s safety, but also make it more attractive to potential buyers, thereby ensuring a smooth home sale procedure. Tuck away all the valuables.

Do Solar Panels Help to Increase Home’s Value?

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Installing a solar system in home has considerable benefits such as reduction in electricity bills that makes it easier and cheaper to run the house and in turn save money, and reduction in carbon footprint resulting in pollution free environment. However, if you are thinking of installing a home solar system to increase its market value, think again! There are various complexities that go into selling or buying a house.

10 Cheap Halloween Home Decorating Ideas That You Can Easily Do-it-yourself

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Halloweens is the wonderful time to let loose your creativity and bring out the hidden talent in you. While the markets are flooded with umpteenth decor items and costly inflatable decorations, you don’t necessarily have to loosen your purse strings to give your porches’ or living room an exciting Halloween vibe. If you are planning a Halloween bash or just want to surprise your friends or neighbors with a feel of a haunted home, you can do it yourself and on a very light budget.

Home Remodeling: 5 Issues you are Likely to Face

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Remodeling is an exciting proposition for home owners as it promises them a better and livelier abode however home remodeling doesn’t always come easy. It is no doubt an expensive and time consuming exercise, but most annoyingly it is often affected by lots of unforeseen issues. Here we discuss the five most commonly reported remodeling problems and how best you can deal with them. Underestimating the cost. This is perhaps a universal problem when it comes to home remodeling.

Reimagining How Construction Companies Capture Progress Tracking

Speaker: Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Christopher Gagliardi, George Hedley, and Jason Nichols

Join our esteemed panelists for their discussion on the importance of progress tracking which ultimately touches upon every digital aspect within the construction cycle. Our thought-leaders' years of experience on the job sites can help you build a better future at your company.

Tax Benefits of Owning a Home – Save on Taxes

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Buying a new home is a dream that most of us cherish but we keep postponing the decision to do so as it poses a tremendous financial challenge. However if you look at the various tax benefits attached to investing in a home you would rather feel incentivised than challenged. The attractiveness of tax benefits will push you to seriously weigh your decision of renting a house and giving your landlord monthly sums of money against owning a house by leveraging.

Home Search: Online Vs. In-Person

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People are smitten by the idea of online shopping these days. From a pin to shoes, from dresses to jewellery, from fish to juices – we simply log in and order. So, when it comes to looking for a house it is no different. Most buyers these days first visit the popular online portals to select their dream home. There are several websites that will give you all the necessary information regarding its location, price, number of rooms, amenities and so on.

7 Signs You Need to Change Your Real Estate Agent

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As a buyer you depend a lot on your real estate agent. You trust him to show you the best properties that are well within your criteria and help you strike the best deal. You expect your agent to be responsive, alert and quick to meet your needs. However, when you hear some negative responses, you certainly feel let down and even cheated. In such situations, it is better to let your agent know of your expectations from him and if this doesn’t work don’t hesitate to look for a new one.

Bad Real Estate Agents – Top 5 Signs

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Buying or selling homes is a daunting task made easier with the guidance of a right real estate agent. However, sometimes the agents can make your work much more challenging if they do not perform their job properly. Watch out for these red flags to know it is time to hire another one: 1. Unprofessionalism. Real estate agent’s job is to help you buy/sell the house in your best interest.

Mastering the Transition from Seller Lead to Listing

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The post Mastering the Transition from Seller Lead to Listing appeared first on BoomTown! Webinars Business Strategies Lead Generation Lead Management Tactics for Agents Technology

How to Hire Marketing Staff for Real Estate

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Has anyone ever asked you who’s on your real estate team? Who helps bring in business for your brokerage? Naturally, we think of our real estate agents. They’re the people on the front-lines, selling real estate. But, too often we forget the operational side of the business. Yes, you may employ the ISAs , the listing coordinators, and other support staff. For this post, though, we’re going to focus on the one area where I feel real estate businesses need to improve the most: Marketing staff.

Top 12 Real Estate Technology Companies

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I truly believe that in the next 10 years real estate will be the major industry that gets disrupted by technology. Obviously housing conditions will fluctuate as will different markets and interest rates. The housing styles will also change like they always have. Tweet “The fact that we are still buying houses in 2016 the same way we did in 1956 is absurd.”]. ”].

What to look for in a buy-to-let investment property

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There has been plenty of coverage about incoming buy-to-let tax changes and how this is bad news for landlords and investors across the country.& & However, buy-to-let still represents a very good investment opportunity if you choose the right areas and market your property well.& & Returns and yields can still be strong if.

There has never been a better time to secure a mortgage

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According to Balgores Property Group, leading estate agents in Essex, there has never been a better time to secure a mortgage, with an increasing range of products for buyers and record low costs for two and three year fixed mortgage deals. Data from the Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) shows that the.

Planning on relocating? Here are our top moving tips for Londoners

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If you've recently bought or sold a home, or are in the latter stages of a property transaction, your thoughts are likely to have turned to moving day. & & There's no denying it, moving home is likely to be a slightly stressful experience but it needn't leave you pulling your hair out. & & To.

Could solar panels help to sell my Portsmouth and Southampton home?

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Southampton and Portsmouth are both areas where property is selling fast and for increasingly higher prices, as demand continues to grow in these areas. Even in this already buoyant market, sellers should always be open to new ways of improving their home's value and the chances of selling quickly. One way of.

Why Reading is the perfect place for fast house sales

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We’ve talked before about the increasing appeal of Reading and Maidenhead – fuelled further by the Crossrail effect – and now this popularity has been reflected in Rightmove’s latest research on the fastest selling locations in the UK. As a major commuter town, it’s no surprise that demand for property in.

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