How to Spot Serious Foundation Trouble

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But unless the buyer and agent have a working knowledge of construction and a level of experience that allows them to spot signs of trouble, the buyer may be walking off a cliff. The seller may recognize the potential problems and go only with cash buyers.

Home, Sour Home: How Homebuyers Can Avoid a ‘Lemon’


Seller disclosures. In many states, seller disclosure forms are required to complete a real estate transaction. Each state has different requirements , but basically the seller is required to tell the buyer of any known problems with the house.


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What Legal Documents Will You Need for Buying a House? Here’s Your List


Seller’s disclosure. Different states have different disclosure requirements. Some states require sellers to fill out a seller disclosure statement documenting known repair needs or health and safety hazards in the home. Closing Disclosure.

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Is My House in a Flood Zone? Search FEMA Flood Map by Address and So Much More


A99 An area protected upon completion of an under-construction federal flood protection system like a dam or levee. However, there are some things to consider that make the process a little different than buying a house in a low-risk flood zone, including: Flood disclosure requirements.

Disastrous Disclosures

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Agents need to know and plan for what’s required of them with regard to natural disaster disclosures. It seems like there’s just constant construction here because of disaster relief.”. Disclosure do’s and don’ts.

What Does As-Is Mean When House Hunting? And When Should Buyers Consider an As-Is Home?


The seller likely isn’t going to make any repairs or offer credits for any issues you find, so you need to be comfortable with the work involved in this particular home. You can also ask your agent to talk to the listing agent about the seller’s reasons for wanting to move now.

As-is 98

Studying for Your Inspection: What Are Home Inspectors Not Allowed to Do?


Many licensed home inspectors have backgrounds in construction, which makes for a great inspection as this gives them the knowledge of what potential issues can look like from the builder’s point of view. The non-working system will instead be included in the seller’s disclosure.

Flood and Disaster Disclosures: Law, Precedent and Grades for All 50 States

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As more and more climate change-fueled extreme weather events—from historic hurricanes to unexpected summer downpours—affect homes, one issue anyone selling or buying a home needs to be aware of is disclosure. Georgia has no codified or statutory mandatory disclosures for flooding.

Ask Brian: Home Buyer Beware

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Now, the new owner is suing the real estate agent and seller for fraud by questioning if the garage was legally converted into a living space because it is not up to code. That implies the seller, agent, and buyer don’t agree on the facts.

Find Your Slice of Paradise: How to Buy a House in Miami Beach


The construction quality isn’t always as good these days as maybe in the olden days,” he explains. “I’d Miami is known for hurricanes, and Sidorevskaya recommends that buyers should always have a seller disclosure to state if they’ve experienced flooding or mold.