These iBuyers are coming to a market near you

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A fury of iBuyer expansion hit the industry this week, with Redfin and Opendoor announcing new locations and Offerpad announcing Thursday it will go public. RedfinNow , the iBuying platform of Redfin, has expanded into the Baltimore – Washington D.C.

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Spencer Rascoff SPAC to take iBuyer Offerpad public

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Savor the irony: A blank-check company started by Spencer Rascoff is bringing an iBuyer, Offerpad, public. The deal will provide the iBuyer with “up to $650 million in gross cash proceeds,” per the release. Under Barton, Zillow has since pivoted hard to iBuying.

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William Raveis ain’t no stinkin’ iBuyer

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But don’t confuse its new program with iBuying – they’re looking to solve the sell-before-you-buy dilemma in a different manner. The post William Raveis ain’t no stinkin’ iBuyer appeared first on HousingWire.

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iBuyer purchase volume sank 82% YoY in Q3

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iBuyer purchase volumes were significantly lower during the third quarter this year than they were pre-pandemic, according to zavvie ‘s inaugural Seller Preference Report. In Q3, iBuyer purchases dropped 82% year over year.

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iBuyers: Did COVID-19 disrupt the disruptors?

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Since the iBuying industry launched in 2014, billions of dollars have poured into companies created to disrupt the real estate industry and transform the way consumers buy and sell houses. The post iBuyers: Did COVID-19 disrupt the disruptors? iBuyers Real Estate HWplus

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Offerpad expands iBuying in Central Florida

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Lucie, Florida, as the first iBuyer in the region. This is the sixth Florida market where the company is now live since it began iBuying in Florida in 2015, operating in Citrus Ridge, Fort Pierce, Port St. iBuyers Real Estate Featured Florida iBuyer expansion OfferPad Port St.

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Zestimate to double as Zillow’s iBuying offer

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The firm’s announcement is an intriguing turn, because it folds up two company priorities into one – boosting consumer faith in the Zestimate, and highlighting Zillow Offers , the company’s instant homebuying, or ibuying, platform.

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RedfinNow expands iBuying to Sacramento, California

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Redfin’ s iBuying service RedfinNow has expanded into another new market since it resumed after pausing because of COVID-19. Last month, RedfinNow expanded to Palm Springs, California , its first new market since resuming iBuying in early May.

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Opendoor resumes iBuying in all of its markets

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The iBuyer first paused its acquisitions in March as a result of COVID-19, and has since relaunched in Phoenix , Raleigh-Durham, Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Tucson. The post Opendoor resumes iBuying in all of its markets appeared first on HousingWire.

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Spencer the iBuyer


ibuyer Realtor Why You Should List With JimSpence has gotten involved with Offerpad, joining the other disrupters who lead with lies and insults about traditional realtors. He said, “The real competition for Offerpad isn’t Zillow or Opendoor, it’s the fact that 99.5%

Zillow iBuying program brings real estate transactions in-house by licensing Zillow Homes employees

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The iBuyers are quickly becoming all-in-one-buyers. Customers in Atlanta, Phoenix and Tucson who sell their homes via the iBuying solution will work directly with licensed employees of Zillow Homes, its brokerage entity.

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Zillow and Opendoor, be transparent about iBuyer profitability: DelPrete


Our industry needs to better understand the economic equation of iBuying. Analysis Columns Data Opinion Select ibuyers ibuying mike delprete opendoor transparency ZillowMike DelPrete’s request is simple: Have an honest, upfront conversation about profitability.

iBuying bloodbath drags on as losses mount

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So-called iBuying companies continue to rack up major losses, with the two largest companies in the industry, Opendoor and Zillow, losing a combined $607 million from their business of buying up homes and selling them in 2020.

Webinar Recap: Turning iBuyers Into Leads


iBuyers continue to be a topic of conversation in real estate circles large and small throughout the U.S. While the term "iBuyer" used to be synonymous with "disruption," today, it's more about opportunity than anything else.

Many Sellers Favor ‘Buyer Match’ to iBuyers

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Over the past few years, consumers have been reading headlines about iBuyers, investors or home flippers that offer a convenient way to sell your home without the headache of listing and then negotiating for the highest possible sale price.

Opendoor and Zillow are losing tens of thousands on each iBuyer home: DelPrete


Agent Analysis Columns Data Opinion Select Teams ibuyer ibuyers ibuying mike delprete opendoor ZillowDisruption in real estate is being led by companies — and shareholders — willing to bet and lose billions of dollars.

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DelPrete: iBuyer market share plummets, slow recovery ahead


Like many businesses, iBuyers took a significant hit during the pandemic. Home purchases dropped 90 percent as the major iBuyers paused their operations, and as they come back to life, the iBuyers are rebounding cautiously and slowly, suggesting a long road to pre-pandemic levels.

IBuyers continue to see massive financial losses: DelPrete


Analysis Columns Data Mortgage & Alternative Financing Month Select Teams compass ibuyers mike delprete opendoor ZillowOpendoor’s record-low selling costs dropped from 3 percent to 2.1

How much are iBuyers paying for customer acquisition?


Over the past three years, the largest iBuyers — Opendoor, Zillow and Offerpad — have spent over $200 million advertising directly to consumers. Analysis Data Opinion Select Teams CAC costs customer acquisition cost fees ibuyers mike delprete offerpad opendoor overhead Zillow

iBuyer revenues slump amid high market demand

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iBuying companies are experiencing a slump in sales during a time when many thought the opposite might happen, as they provide a contactless way to sell a home. When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged last spring, most iBuyers, which buy and resell homes electronically, halted their businesses.

iBuyers struggle as housing market booms

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iBuying companies are seeing less business amid a booming real estate market, with homes selling in record time frames and at ever-growing prices. Many iBuyers paused their business operations in March amid fears the COVID-19 pandemic would stifle the housing market.

‘I’m not afraid of iBuyers’


Agent Sponsored 'I'm not afraid of iBuyers' advertising agent customer experience digital Home Swap HomeSwap ibuyers knock marketing real estate sphere

Offers from iBuyers are getting weaker: zavvie report


Total iBuyer purchases plummeted 82 percent year over year in Q3, according to the report. Industry News Select Technology bridge loan Home Swap ibuyer knock lane hornung offerpad opendoor Redfin zavvie Zillow

Redfin CEO reveals iBuyers paid agents less in 2020


In Atlanta, iBuyers paid buyers' agents 3 percent in 2019. Brokerage Industry News Select atlanta glenn kelman ibuyer Redfin RedfinNow Zillow Zillow OffersIn the fourth quarter of 2020, that dropped to 2.5 percent.

iBuyers still on slow road to recovery: Redfin


iBuyers purchased 0.3 Brokerage Markets & Economy Select atlanta buyer demand charlotte coronavirus pandemic hot markets ibuyers los angeles low inventory markets phoenix raleigh Redfin RedfinNow san antonio shelter in place shutdownpercent of all homes sold across 418 U.S.

Offerpad brings iBuyer, listing solutions to Denver and Nashville


Industry News Select Brian Bair denver ibuying Matthew Brohn nashville offerpadWith the expansion the real estate services company is bringing its offering to nearly 300 new ZIP codes.

Money Supply, Asset Bubble & iBuyers, Part 2: The Mortgage Play

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The post Money Supply, Asset Bubble & iBuyers, Part 2: The Mortgage Play appeared first on NotoriousROB. Futurism for Fun and Profit iBuyerThis content is behind fabulous velvet ropes for Notorious VIP Subscribers only. Please login or sign up. Thank you!

Zillow to hire agents as employees for iBuyer transactions


Zillow is set to hire real estate agents to represent it in buying and selling homes, a marked shift from the way the company has managed transactions since launching its iBuyer, Zillow Offers, in April 2018.

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iBuyers bounce back as COVID-19 continues

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The so-called iBuying industry is facing its biggest challenge yet in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has responded by purchasing fewer homes than it has done in the last three years, according to research by Redfin. As a result, iBuyers are making more competitive offers.”.

Register Now: Turning iBuyers Into Leads

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What: Many agents hear the term “iBuyer” and run the other way. The post Register Now: Turning iBuyers Into Leads appeared first on RISMedia. More and more, however, the term is shifting from one of disruption to one of opportunity.

iBuyers to Offer Broader Services

Real Trends

iBuyers want to capture more business volume. Here’s how they hope to do it. REAL Trends Newsletter Trends

What’s the future of iBuyers in light of COVID-19?


Although no one knows exactly what the future holds for real estate, things seem particularly uncertain for iBuyers. Agent Brokerage Markets & Economy Opinion Select Service bidding war Coronavirus ibuyers iBuyers during COVID-19 Luke Babich offerpad opendoor Redfin seller's market Zillo

IBuyer market share set to drop by half in 2020: DelPrete


From a transaction volume standpoint, the pandemic of 2020 was not kind to iBuyers. Overall volumes and market share are set to drop by 50 percent compared to 2019, a reflection of the iBuyer business model coming to a complete standstill followed by a slow recovery.

IBuyers are willing to lose billions to gain market share: DelPrete


With 2020 firmly behind us, the world's two largest iBuyers have released their full financial results for the year. Here’s a direct financial comparison of iBuyers Zillow versus Opendoor and an individual look at the key points of difference from 2019.

The quiet iBuyer war on real estate commissions: DelPrete


But it turns out that the biggest threat to the traditional structure might be iBuyers, which have been waging a silent, systematic war on buyer's agent commissions. Agent Analysis Data Select Teams ibuyers mike delprete offerpad opendoor Zillow