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Two-Thirds of Homes Started in 2020 are in Community Associations

Eyes on Housing

According to data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC), 67.1 percent of single-family homes started in 2020 were built within a community or homeowners association.

Community Associations in New Homes Started

Eye on Housing

According to data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC), 62.0 percent of all homes started in 2019 were built within a community or homeowners association.


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The Treasury’s $10B Homeowners Assistance Fund

Housing Wire

The Homeowners Assistance Fund (HAF) can help with that. In March, Congress allocated $10 billion in funds to prevent homeowners from falling behind on their mortgage, losing utility services, or being displaced.

Looking for a Place To Call Home? Consider a Condominium.

Keeping Current Matters

It’s no secret that one of the top stories in today’s real estate market is low housing supply and high buyer demand. Let’s explore the main perks to find out if a condo is a good fit for you.

Seeking Greener Pastures

The Residential Specialist

Being at home more often also spurred homeowners to either renovate their homes or relocate somewhere with more space. Even as states open back up, many homeowners will still enjoy time at home. Acres of one’s own. A burgeoning market in the western U.S.,

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Ways Real Estate Agents Can Aid Homebuyers

Realty Biz

Homeowners don’t just pay their house payment and utilities every month. They have to pay property taxes, homeowners insurance and maintenance costs. Depending on the property, there may be Homeowners Association or HOA dues you have to pay, as well.

Are HOA Properties Right for Investors?

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Homeowners associations (HOA) are self-governing bodies that oversee and manage a residential community. Homeowners within the boundaries of the HOA automatically become dues-paying members and cannot opt-out of the HOA.

Streamline Your HOA Management With Software

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If you’ve recently joined the board and started to lead your homeowners association, you’ve undoubtedly grown familiar with the challenges and hurdles involved in keeping everything operating efficiently. Part of the HOA board’s job is collecting and processing those payments.

Mistakes New Investors Should Avoid with a Turnkey Rental Property

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It’s a no hassles investment model. Is it in a homeowners association community? At the least, you should always know what’s going on with the property even when everything is going well.

Ask Brian: How Do I Deal with Bad Neighbors?

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There’s nothing much worse than living in this type of neighborhood when you have nightmare neighbors. Sometimes you need to take legal action but most of the time it’s best to begin with a friendly conversation. Your local animal control might help with the neighbor’s cats.

What is a Mother-in-Law Suite, And Does it Add Property Value?


The suite is either connected to or built on the same lot as a home that’s occupied by other family members. Let’s look at each option a little closer. What is a Mother-in-Law Suite? A mother-in-law suite is a residence or addition built for an in-law or relatives.

8 Questions About HOA Dues (And Their Answers)


When you’re searching for a house, it’s not uncommon to find a few neighborhoods that could potentially be “the one.” That’s why we’re answering the most common homebuyer questions about HOA dues and what you can really expect in return for your hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in fees.

How To Get in Line for Homeowner Assistance Funds

Getty Images States are gearing up to distribute nearly $10 billion in aid for homeowners who have been hard hit during the pandemic. So how can struggling homeowners get in line for the cash? The Homeowner Assistance Fund, created by the latest COVID-19 relief package, provides allocations to states, U.S. territories and tribes with the aim of staving off mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures, utility shut-offs and other issues for vulnerable homeowners.

Georgia Sellers: Here’s a Round Up of Your Closing Costs


Whether you’re selling a modern condo in Atlanta’s Midtown or a century-old property in Savannah’s Historic District, you need to know the closing costs sellers are responsible for in Georgia. HomeLight’s recent study analyzing closing costs for 30 metro areas across the U.S.

Mortgage Rates + You’re Monthly Bottom Line

The Living Room

In our example, let’s say you’re looking to take out a home loan for $200,000. In this example, 1 percent difference in mortgage rate results in a monthly payment that’s close to $100 higher. Hi Folks, Ready to buy and want to know if now is a good time?

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Closing On a House? Here’s Your Checklist to Stay On Track


Negotiations and inspections may be nearly finished, but now there’s a laundry list of things to do, and even more to keep track of. That’s why we’ve prepared a comprehensive checklist for closing on a house for you to refer to during these final days before your new home is officially yours.

Selling a House in Delaware? You’re on the Hook for These 9 Closing Costs and More


In Delaware, sellers typically pay 6% to 10% of the home’s sale price in closing costs. It’s customary for the seller to pay for closing costs like title search, title insurance, and transfer taxes. It’s customary for the buyer and seller to split the cost of transfer taxes.

SOS: I’m Selling My Home, But Junk in My Neighbor’s Yard is Turning Off Buyers


Your home’s curb appeal is incredible, no, even immaculate. You’ve done everything in your power to craft the perfect curb appeal, but there’s still one problem buyers can’t see past: the junk in your neighbor’s yard.

Looking to be a Landlord? 6 Ways to Invest in Rental Property


For many homeowners, once they buy their first house, it’s not uncommon to think about continuing to invest in real estate , creating a portfolio of properties that generate an ongoing passive income. But let’s face it: Investing in rental property is a lot easier said than done.

How Long Does a Short Sale Take? What to Expect When You’re Buying Short


As a quick refresher; a short sale is when a homeowner has fallen behind on their mortgage payments and is approaching foreclosure. In a short sale, the homeowner owes more on the mortgage than the house is currently worth, and the bank has agreed to accept a lower price to satisfy the debt.

So Long, Buggy Nights: Here’s the Cost to Add a Screened-In Porch


It’s 300 square feet without bugs,” says James Moylan of Design Builders, Inc., What’s more, the addition of a screened-in porch can also make your home more marketable. government websites, specialty associations, vendor sites, and a 90,000+ local contractor network.

How to Get Rid of An HOA When You And Everyone Else Wants A Change


If your home is part of a homeowners association (HOA), it’s almost certain that you knew about the organization prior to purchasing the property. But, buyer beware, it’s rare for an HOA to be dissolved, and the process can be very time-consuming and expensive. “I

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2020 in Review: A Year of Changes & Opportunities for the Real Estate Industry

App Folio

In addition to these thought leaders, we also sat down with experts from AppFolio’s team. Sean: You’re listening to The Top Floor, a podcast featuring critical conversations around property management, community associations, and real estate investing. Community Association Management.

Flood Plains, High Winds, and Leased Land: Your Guide to Buying a House in Palm Springs


It’s a hub for modern architecture, and some of the best known mid-century modern architects have built homes here. It’s a hot place to buy a home almost anytime, but buying a house in Palm Springs isn’t as easy as booking your next nine on the golf course.

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Home Buyers During Covid Say It Takes a Village To Find a House

That’s great for families with children, but maybe not for empty-nesters. million, the highest level since February 2006, the National Association of Realtors reported. Jason Henry for The Wall Street Journal Before Covid, Masood Qazi didn’t spend much time in his San Jose, Calif.,

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How to Calculate a Mortgage Payment When You’ve Never Made One


It’s no secret that there’s lots to consider before buying a house, but one of the trickiest points for first-time buyers is often figuring out how to calculate a mortgage payment. It’s important to note that mortgages, similar to car loans, are amortized,” says Helali.

The Taxman Cometh

Luxury Real Estate Blog

Photo Credit: Basin Recreation Compared to states with the highest property taxes , including New Jersey, Illinois and New Hampshire, Utah’s property taxes are relatively low, though they vary depending on whether a property is a primary or secondary residence.

How Much House Can You Buy Without Going Broke? Here’s How to Determine Your Buyer’s Budget


You can also check out HomeLight’s affordability calculator , which can help you settle on a price range that works for you. Consider whether you’re employed full-time or part-time and whether that’s likely to change in the future. Step 3: See what’s possible.

What is a Loft Apartment? A Modern Trend with Industrial Roots


That’s not quite as attractive. Wide-open living spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows give renters plenty of room to breathe while providing homeowners with an ample canvas to unleash their inner decorator. It’s designed for artisans and entrepreneurs who work from home.

5 Easy Ways to Impress New Florida Homebuyers

Boom Town

Florida’s population grows by almost 1,000 people every day. With the bulk of population growth stemming from new residents moving into the state, there’s a lot of opportunity for savvy agents to help new homebuyers find their happily-ever-after. It’s a fantastic way to build your brand and position yourself as a trustworthy source of knowledge. Help New Florida Homebuyers Understand Florida’s Current Market Conditions. It’s not enough to just have a pretty website.